Old Village Restaurant

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Emma M          7/10

Just had one meal here, but if we had had an extra night, we would have returned. The meal was nice, in a pleasant garden,but the stand out part ofthe meal for me was the chocolate souffle pudding that we shared. Yum! The waiters were friendly and said hello to us as they saw us walk past on other nights.

Chanett A          10/10

click to enlargeAfter 1 week in Skala, we ended up at The Old Village many times, the service was great, the food fantastic.
The servants are really so sweet, and they love if you practise a bit from home, and know how to say "the bill", "thank you", "very nice" and so on in greek.

Jo H          10/10

Fantastic place for breakfast! Relaxing and watching Skala drift by, we travelled miles for breakfast here. You can have full English or yoghurt and fruit, everything is lovely and the service fantastic, try it!

Steve W          10/10

After getting married on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, we held our reception at the Old Village Restaurant.  Nikos and Joanna couldn't have been more accommodating, helpful and friendly.  We wanted a traditional Greek menu and got exactly what we requested.  The food was excellent, well priced and the service was fantastic. 
We can't thank Nikos, Joanna, Mama, Jorge, Yannis, Linda and all the staff of The Old Village enough.  Nothing was too much trouble for them.  Thank you guys, you were great.
Steve and Shirley Watts. 


Don't bother going here! We had the worst meal of our lives and the staff coudn't be bothered.We had the Kleftiko that was stone cold,greasy and disgusting. I know that Greek food isn't served as hot as we're used to in the UK but really this was cold! Spend your euros elsewhere!

Mel C          10/10

We just got back from Skala and I felt I had to write an amazing review about the old village. We went to a couple of other places but ended up going back many times to the Old Village. The service was outstanding, they were extremely friendly, welcoming and professional. The food was always excellent and we tried most of the greek specialities! He gave us free drinks a few times and taught us some valuable greek words! I cannot speak too highly of this restaurant and its staff!

Caroline G          10/10

I have to say the Old Village rescued our holiday last year from being a complete disaster.  We went for the October half term and found almost everything shut.  The places that were open seemed to be staffed by people who were consistently rude, unhelpful and determined to demonstrate that us tourists were in no way wanted. 

However, the Old Village was an entirely different place.  We were made to feel welcome, the menu was varied, the staff helpful and the food excellent.  We were greeted every night we went in Greek and were encouraged to respond in the same way.  We were remembered every time we visited and always made welcome.  We had such terrible experiences in the other restaurants that by the end of the week we decided to only frequent the Old Village and they never disappointed.  The owner even went as far as taking us home on the last night when there were no taxis available.  I can only say that I cannot recommend the Old Village too highly.

Gerald P          6/10

This taverna seems to have gone downhill over the years (since 2001), but it certainly has atmosphere. We didn't try it this year as we knew there was better so I can't comment on the latest situation. Hopefully they will have improved.

Robert F          1/10

would like to comment on the food but after waiting 30 mins to get served we left.

Adam W          5/10

First restaurant we went to on our first night.Food was average but service was good.We might not go back to it in the future

Neil S          10/10

Very good restaurant in all respects. Food and service good, and friendly staff too.

Jed W          3/10

We went here only one night of our stay this year.  While the staff are friendly and the welcome is pleasant the service was abysmal.  We waited nearly an hour and a half for three pizzas and pasta.

The main man would not admit that he had forgotton to place our order even after several reminders.

Nice surroundings with an interesting story but the service was the pits.  We won't go again.

Peter &jayne H          10/10

we loved the old village .the food was beautiful i had the filletsteak  it was very tender and cooked to perfection we had two meals in one week and found the waiters to be be first class my received a red rose every time we left wich i thought was a very romantic jesture recomend to ervery one good food and try the rosey wine its fab

D H           

We enjoyed our meal here we would have returned had we had more time, 7 days is not long enough to try out all the restaurants in Skala would definitely return here.   Good value, good food, good service and if you like cats then you will be at home here...

Louise S           

The Old Village (Zorbas) was a lovely restaurant, a lovely setting in the garden especially.  The cat and her kitten were quite an attraction too!  My boyfriend and I found it quiet and romantic and full of a better type of clientele (not meaning to be snobby!) than some places.  Even when they made a small error on my pizza on our second visit (they forgot to remove the mushrooms) they were great, re-made it and my boyfriend's so we could eat together and apologised and then at the end gave us a couple of lovely watermelon cocktails on the house!  Prices not any more than other places and staff very friendly.

Phil G           

We had lunch here one day and it was good.  Nothing standout to be fair, but no complaints at all, and it hit the spot :)  I suppose the fact that we only ate there once says something (when compared to Noufaro and Mi Abelli) but thats not to say we wouldn't have gone back.

Alison T           

we ate here every morning for breakfast, you can get a good selection here and is the best price on the high street 4.50 euros for the full works sausage,bacon,egg,beans,tomato,toast,mushrooms,orange juice and tea or coffee what more do you want fill up here, the service is excellent we went once and the waiter knew what we wanted the next day and would speak to you as you were walking down the road.  excellen

John M           

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We (a party of 7 of all ages from UK and Brazil ) spent 2 weeks in Skala in July 2005. We eat out every night either in Skala or elsewhere on island. We never had a bad meal or unfriendly staff anywhere BUT without doubt the The Old Village was definitely he best.

I cannot understand previous comments on price. For our large party we had quite a lot of evidence for price comparison and the Old Village was definitely about 15 to 20 euros consistently cheaper on a typical total bill of around 110 euros,  than the rest  in Skala.  The staff were absolutely great and took time to tell us about the move of the village after the earthquake and the land grant on the site of the restaurant. We even got to hear about the naming of the dish kleftico from 'stolen lamb' (kleptomania ?) during the civil war. Eat there 3 times. The garden area is very beautiful and natural.
Many thanks to all the staff. Don't know their names apart from the lovely Nectaria, but the drinks waiter and the lady owner were also wonderful. We shall be back on our next trip. We also liked Kalivo restaurant very much as the owner puts on Greek fire dancing display and gets everyone involved, even out in the street, but sorry Kalivo you can't quite match the food and service.  

Gordon W           

Just perfect in every resect - Artemis you manage the best restaurant in Skala - and there are some very good ones.

Chris S           

Just Back July 2005

We really enjoyed the visits we made to the Old Village / Zorba's, we had to wait on a table on a couple of occassions, so it was obviously popular. The pizzas are excellent, really, really the best thing they do. I had a Stiffardo, which was nice enough and a Mousaka, which to be honest was below par! Staff seem very nice, but I think the place may be ruled with an iron fist!!! Very Efficient!

Mark & ellie H           

We returned from Skala 2 weeks ago.  This was our first visit to Kefalonia.  We tried all the restaurants in skala and enjoyed some excellent meals.  However, overall, I must say that The Old Village restaurant (Zorbas) was our favourite.  We ate there several times for breakfast, lunch or dinner and found the food delicious.  The traditional dishes were superb but also, so were the continental dishes. The starter dishes were wonderful.(generous portions too)  Before our return home we decided to order the lobster for two. What can I say, the chef excelled.  The lobster was spot on.   The large platter of seafood was spectacular and came with side dishes which were wonderful.  The only advice I would give if you order this dish is to sit at a large table as there isnt't enough room on a standard one!

 The staff (Katie, Nectaria ,Nikos the barman and Costas the owner) were brilliant, very helpful, attentive and friendly and there's a nice bar and garden at the rear were you can eat or sit at the bar, chat and enjoy a drink or three!!
We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in skala and must say this restaurant/bar made our holiday even more memorable.  Thankyou to all the staff. We never return to the same destination twice but in this case we will make an exception.  See you all soon .  Yammass

Charlotte S           

Do not dis Zorbas- it is my 2nd fave resaurant (socrates being the first). We are also friends with the staff there too. they are very friendly and the food is FAB! there is also english food as well as traditional greek stuff. definatly have the moussaka- it is the best around for sure! And there is absoulutly nothing wrong with their pizzas- they are delicious!

Stu & jo            

Only came here once and did not enjoy it at all. After checking out the menu we both decided to have pizza as noticed that most meat and fish dishes had an asterix next to them stating in very small writing at the back of the menu that these were frozen. I later discovered that my squid starter had also been frozen. My greek pizza had far too much cheese on - and little else, and my boyfriend's had a strange chemical taste to it. On top of that there were far too many stray cats around our feet. Despite being our worst meal of the holiday it was one of the most expensive, definately did not pay for quality - would not recommend it.

Jason B           

Our first visit was a success and the food and service good. The second visit was a disaster. My wife discussed the menu with the waiter and opted for a recommended Greek lamb dish - it was inedible all the meat was either fat or bone at least 95% could not be eaten. We swapped meals as I will try to eat just about anything the waiter returned noticed we had swapped and asked if all was OK. I told him it was unacceptable and inedible becaaus of the aft He didn't want to know that things were wrong and left us to it We left them to as well and will never go back They let themselves down.

Andy W           

We have been going to Skala for 10 years now and The Old Village is still the best,we keet trying the other ones as reccomended by friends but always end up dissapointed.All the staff are very friendly - always have been.The service cannot be faulted and the food is very well prepared and presented.The steaks,although maybe not authentic Greek dishes are simply "to die for"