Liana Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Phil G           

We've just returned from a weel in Skala at the Liana (late May, 2006).  I'd read a lot of these comments before we left and was a little nervous about what we might find when we got there - but I have to say, it was fine.  OK, so the little hotplate is no good for cooking, but we didn't use it anyway - we ate out everynight as it was so easy to do there.  The apartment was perfectly adequate, and cleaned several times during our stay - we had no trouble with loo roll either.

If you're expecting luxury, you're not going to get it - but if you want somewhere functional then it's going to hit the spot - no kettle though, so take your own if you need tea (we took one, so it wasn't a problem)...  Skala is a nice enough resort - plenty of pools to use etc.  The only downside of the apartment was there was some road noise at night, so we often had to sleep with the balcony doors closed - there was also quite a bit of noise from local cats and dogs, who seemed to wait until 30 minutes after you'd gone to sleep before they started playing and scrapping :)
We had no problems with cleanliness, changes of towels, or bathmats... so they've either improved since some of the comments were left, or some people are too fussy *grins*
There's a walk up and down the main road, which has a gradual incline all the way back to the Liana, but it wasn't too bad.... the novelty might wear off after 2 weeks of doing it though.
We were on the 2nd floor and I'd recommend not going for the ground floor if you are offered a choice - at least from the upstairs balconies you have some form of view.
Overall, a positive experience from a cheap holiday!

Mi Abeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Phil G           

We at here several times during our weeks stay - we were impressed with the speed of service (the food arrived really quickly, and the restaurant was busy), the food was good, with good service and a pleasant atmosphere - recommended :)

Noufaro - (Restaurants in Skala)

Phil G  (04 June 2006)         

Another restaurant that we went back to several times - good food, good service, and a really nice location just off the main street, but far enough off the side so you feel secluded.  Fast delivery of food, and tasty too - yummy :)

Old Village Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Phil G           

We had lunch here one day and it was good.  Nothing standout to be fair, but no complaints at all, and it hit the spot :)  I suppose the fact that we only ate there once says something (when compared to Noufaro and Mi Abelli) but thats not to say we wouldn't have gone back.