Restaurants in Skala

Matthew B          9/10

I loved this place! It felt like I was sunbathing in my back garden, just with the additional luxuries of a massive pool to dip in when it got too hot and being waited on by very friendly staff. The PR girl was very helpful, making sure we were always supplied with drinks and told us the best places to visit on the island, which was good as it gave us some knowledge of the island away from tourist books and brochures. The mix of Greek and English staff is a rare treat in Skala and really helped make a comfortable atmosphere. After experiencing much of the Skala leisure/ nightlife I would definitely say this is head and shoulders above other places in the area in terms of atmosphere, relaxation and pure fun, a must for any visitor to Skala.

Jackie P          10/10

"On our first night we walked past this restaurant and saw that they were hosting a wedding, the atmosphere was so happy and inviting we decided to return the next night when it was open to the public and had the most delicious and flavoursome meal of our holiday. The stuffed mushrooms were to die for and you could tell they were fresh, as was the case with the sea bass. My husband had the octopus which literally was melt in the mouth, the chefs must have a secret because everywhere else tended to cook the octopus until it tasted of rubber! The steak was also seasoned perfectly and was cooked to perfection. Everything was homemade including the deserts which is a rare treat in skala, if you visit definitely try the creme brulee! Beautiful food, setting, service and especially prices!

Alex W          10/10

We visited the bar (me and my girlfriend) and thought it was the most upmarket restaurant in skala, however we decided to go there for a special meal on our holiday and were shocked to find that the food was actually cheaper than the other restaurants and the portions were much larger, enjoyed the food so much and the price we ended up coming back every night for the rest of the holiday!

Natasha P          10/10

I visited kefalonia this year and went to pikiona for dinner and ended up coming back most nights as it was beautiful food at suprisingly low prices compared to the town tavernas.

Jane & family L          1/10

We visited Skala 4 times with a three year gap between the 3rd and 4th visit for those first 3 years we went to this bar alot but when we went this year we were very disappointed. A waiter stormed up to us with a menu and as soon as we said we only wanted a drink he stormed off with a misserable look on his face but saying that they all did. We ordered some drinks and stayed there for a bit we decided not to go in the pool so me and my dad played bat and ball the back. While paying for the bill we noticed the drinks were quite expensive. More expensive then what we had payed at other places. Over all i believe it isn't as good as we thought it was from past years.

Hollie F          10/10

Came here every morning for an iced cappuccino. Great atmosphere!

Jenny S          1/10

would not go here if somebody paid me! we went twice during our holiday and both times thought the service and the manager of the place was awful. the first time we went we played pool for two to three hours, we wanted an ice cream but they didnt have any. we then went next door to our hotel to buy one and when returning to the pikiona - finishing our ice creams, we were asked to leave! talk about daylight robbery. the meals are pricey and so are the sunbeds and pool area. staff look miserable (and i cant blame them with the owner of the place),  the manager is as utterly unreasonable and miserable as possible. i would not suggest anyone visit this place!


Gret for during the day by the pool , the staff could do with cheering up a bit though !!!

Katrina H           

didnt really go to the pikiona during the evening but during the day here was the place to be. im not really one for the beach so when kat suggested we go here for the day well i think i can say we spent most of our holiday here. ok i agree the food isnt much and yeah a little over priced but for everything else we couldnt fault it in anyway. its clean and tidy, the staff where spot on as kat says, music all day while relaxing by the pool, its brilliant, ben Smile

D H           

We had lunch here one day it was overpriced... we had a Greek salad with only one olive and no oil..... one of our children had a hot dog which wasn't edible and the other had chicken nuggets we had two soft drinks a beer and a coffee and it cost more than we paid in Kaliva for supper...
We had cocktails here one night, nothing to write home about and  expensive, looks bar  nice from the outside.... but could be anywhere - no atmosphere.... will not return to this bar next year.........

David B           

We were really looking forward to our meal here, the place looks amazing particularly in the evening. However it turned out to be the worst evening of the holiday and the worst meal we have ever had at any restaurant. When we arrived we were told we were late even though we had arrived on time, there was only about four tables occupied so couldn't really see an issue anyway. We were told that one of the starters we ordered was not available only when the other three were brought to the table, so it was too late to order another, with no apology. The food was terrible, the meat dishes had large pieces of gelatinous fat and gristle in them. The deserts were equally disastrous, we ordered brownies and nearly broke a tooth on several hard large pieces of walnut shell. When we told the waiter he said that occassionally shell does get in to a desert and we were just unlucky! Despite only eating one spoonful it remained on the bill at the end of the meal. The waiting staff are arrogant in the extreme and made no apologies for the terrible meal. It may be we were just unlucky with our waiter or they were having a bad night but compared with several other excellent restaurants in Skala we visited this was a huge dissapointment - particularly as it was around double the price of any other meal we had during our stay.

Victoria S           

We ate here on one evening and really liked it. Slightly different from the normal Greek taverna, and the food was delicious. Nice setting and lovely wine list. Our most expensive meal when we were there, but it was well worth it. The service was very good as well.

John and debbie            

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Pikiona was the best place to visit in Skala. The bar is trendy and very relaxed. We spent more or less everyday sunbathing around the pool and had lunch there several times. The food was excellent both at lunch and in the evening and we would recommend this bar to anybody. On nights the bar/ restaurant is very quiet but ideal for a relaxing drink. The staff were all freindly and made us feel welcome, definatly a top bar and definatly worth a visit both day and night.

Justin M           

We always spend our daytimes switching between Pikioni and the beach, the staff are all very friendly, and I was very impressed with the facelift that the bar has been given. The daytime food menu seems to be straying  to the English side but the restaurant food at night is excellent.
The only criticism I have is the music in the daytime, if they insist on subjecting you to music from their speakers all around the pool, please don't play the same dance music disc every day including the crazy frogs songs.

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Rach and su            

Well what can i say ..... ? apart frm this is definatly the place to be day and night ~ A brilliant pool wiith excelent serivce from the waiter espeacially ian and sunniva  they will make u so welcome and at night the resturant is first class  , fantasic food and serivce it was probably one of the best meals i had in skala its defo worth the walk down just of the main street ~ try it ~ u will be impressed  

see you soon guys
Rach and Su  xxxx

Ian A           

The Pikiona is a shining beacon that stands out from the other tavernas and restaurants. We sat in the garden on half a dozen occasions having a drink and chilling out as the sun went down. The restaurant was fantastic and we could never understand why it was never very busy. The service was brilliant and they cannot do enough for you. The food is a little more expensive than other establishments but not by too much. Me and my partner had a two course meal and a great bottle of wine for 50 euros which you wouldn't have minded paying 35.00 back home. The bread is not the usual plain stuff and was easily the nicest we had and the presentation of the meals plus quality and taste were superb. The background music was also good as the Pikiona have their own laid back dj. Well worth a visit.

Karen F           

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Thought this was a really cool bar. Fab decor - sitting under the lights on the grass in the warm evenings was magic. Great cocktails, excellent service. Easily up to London standards - without the crowds and with better weather! (Didn't see too many hunky waiters - all ours were female. But the boyfriend seemed happy enough!)

Rach and su            


Rach and su            

Great bar - Nice pool - good movies at night - relaxing place friendly staff especially the english waiter ian he is the best .

Roger G           

A nice chilled area, good music and atmosphere, my only criticism was the pool water - lots and lots of chemicals.

Cheryl T           

Due to the excellent pool they had, we spent alot of our day here.Our kids didnt like the beach so it was a life saver. The staff were very nice and drinks reasonably priced.The sunbeds were quite good too.In the evenings they normally showed a film which was a nice break from endless meals.We are going to kefalonia again in May & we will definately be going back to this bar. Hunk wise the 2 bar staff were lovely.

Oliver W           

Great pool bar. If only they had a few more CD's to play!
I saw some fit babes and the missus was happy with the fellas so good all round!

Leanne P           

The pikiona is cool because its a change from the beach. They have really good drinks and food here to. The pool is really refreshing and there is a really friendly relaxing atmosphere. The hunks were nice to!

Daniel H           

I am not one one to comment one the hunks,obviously. The pool table is great and it feels like a hot,cheaper England. The staff are great and are very good to talk to.The pool is great and so are the quizzes, a truly great place.

Arlene B           

the best pool bar in skala,Pool was always clean,good music and a nice change from the beach if you are fed up washing sand out of yer hair. Bar staff are freindly and will bring your drinks to you while you sunbathe..Tiring work that it is! they even show movies in the evenings.