Restaurants in Skala

Stuart Hickinbotham          10/10

By far the best place to eat in Skala. Eleni and Socrates are the most hospitable people you will ever meet, and the food is to die for....

L C          10/10

Hands down the best restaurant in Skala and the only one we found that served authentic greek cuisine, rather than the disappointing restaurants on the main strip

Ate there twice and each time was amazing, very reasonable too with great service

Liz R

hi Davina,

Its liz here, rememember me ash paul and craig from newcastle, cant believe i saw your post. please get in touch. craig is on face book please get in touch. we are going to skala in sept.

Davina R

Hello there,  I'm hoping to contact Jimmy or Denise - its Davina here - hopefully you remember the Crazy Scot who worked in your fantastic restaurant for a few months in the summer of 2000 ?? Denise remember your trip to Scotland ;o)   I think you know I now live in Australia but am coming over to see you lovely lot this year - I have lost all your contact details so please respond if you get this.   Love to all the family xxxx

Andrew W          10/10

the best and friendliest place in skala ,denise and the rest of the staff makes you feel very special and explain the meals and specials very well, the food was superb there cheese pies,and swordfish was lovely and all the other meals we had were excellent,also the baclava was superb cant wait to return !!!

Gill W

The food here is very good and we have eaten here countless times, but we were disappointed after the 'run-in' we had with the owner and subsequent treatment by the up-till-then very welcoming staff - see my comment under the Accommodation heading.  It seems they don't take into account the fact that you are good customers both in terms of spending a lot of money in the taverna and on the hire of the rooms (via Olympic) above.  It's a shame that the experience we had with the owner and his accommodation means that we won't be back, even to eat.

Mitch K          10/10

We've been to Skala 3 times now and this has to be my favorite Greek Taverna. Make sure you try the daily specials which are good value for money and very authentic.


Elaine D          10/10

This is an excellent family run restaurant.  You are made to feel very welcome and everyone obvioulsy works very hard to deliver great food and service.   We have been going to Greece for years and I have to say they did the best mousaka I have ever tasted!   Another restaurant not to miss in Skala!

George G          10/10

I was in Skala from 16/06/2009 untill 30/06/2009,  I had not been there before , and as my background is Greek , I was able to ask the greek residents where the resturant was that cooked the best Greek food and was directed to the Socrates.
I have to say that I ate there every day and every greek food I, my mother and Grandmother cooked over the years was made at the Socrates, I would say one evening that i liked ,say, Egg and Lemon Soup with meatballs, Gouvalikia, and the next day it arrived !!!!!!!
All the food was feshly made from Soctates own family farm, veg ect.and the quality of the food was only out shone by the service from all the staff infront and behind the scenes.
It was also very obvious that 70% of the diners where regulars and where treated like family as I was.
I would return to Skala only for the experience of returning to the Socrates.

Martin S          10/10

Penny you seem to contradict yourself! On one hand you say there was little choice, yet on the other you suggest you would have eaten there again?

I take it from your other comments elsewhere on this site that you are a veggie. Whilst I agree that any restaurant menu favours us flesh eaters, that's simply because there's more of us who are likely to turn up each evening. Nevertheless, the Greek Taverna menu probably favours the non eating meat type far more readily than in other countries.
Socrates I know can accommodate the swede basher admirably, particularly if you ask before you order.
Anyway, thank you all yet again at Socrates Taverna for two weeks this past October and we will see you all in 2009.

Penny W          7/10

We only ate here  once as we were a little dissapointed, however the staff were godo and the food was good.  There was very little selection. If we had not discovered another retaurant that we preferred we would have eaten here again

Evan D          10/10

Just returned from Skala and unfortunately only discovered this delightful family run restaurant towards the end of our holiday, but were hooked immediately.  My wife suffers from Coeliac disease and cannot eat Wheat, Flour or Gluten.  The staff could not have been more helpful and instantly recognised the condition and provided a comprehensive list of food for my wife to choose from. The food that we ordered was wonderful and the best that we had eaten on the island and very reasonable too. We particularly recommend the Dolomades and Beef Stiffado, which are freshly prepared by the mother.


Both Staff and owners were extremely friendly with a high quality of food and atmosphere that you’d expect from a good Greek taverna.  Thank you very much to you all and dont leave it too late! 


Alistair T          10/10

your comment here

Martin D          10/10

I visited Kefalonia many times between 1993 and 1996.  I found Socrates Restaurant before it was as well developed as it is now.  However the comments i have seen just echo the many marvelous times that was spent there.  I recall spending many a night, after eating having a Brandy with Dimitri, being woken in the early hours of the morning by him to go shooting in the mountains, and then following it on with spear fishing.  In between there wa breakfast served by Dimitris mother...bread and olive oil.
The family have all matured, married etc but i have many fond memories of the holidays and perhaps will return.  It is apparent that they still provide a marvelous service.
Regards to you all

Martin S          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeAte at the wonderful Socrates Taverna over the first two weeks of June. The food and hospitality are the very best and you only have to read my past comments to appreciate that this is somewhere very special.

Will be back again for another two weeks of heaven, last week in September, first week in October - see you all then

Mike C          9/10

Good Greek food very good service

Carol           10/10

If you want traditional and cheap Greek food then this is the place to go. The lamb kleftico just fell off the bone and the stuffed rolls of pork were delicious. Service is the best, obviously a family run concern. The people eating there obviously came back every night as they never even looked at the menu outside and were instantly recognised by the staff. It's not often we get to desserts but the owner tempted us into the chocolate brownies and I have never tasted one so nice  It's a shame we didn't find this little gem earlier in our holiday or we would have eaten there every night!

Carmel B          10/10

We have just had a greek night at home over the new year, trying to relive our many happy nights at Socrates Taverna in Scala.
Meatballs and stuffed tomatoes and some saved Socrates red wine, but alas there was lots missing.........
All the wonderful family atmosphere of the taverna, the lovely warrm welcome that Dimitri, Helene, Socrates and staff greet you with, and the wonderful greek food., & eating alfresco.
We celebrated our wedding anniversary there last sept and it was so special that we will definitely be there in sept 2008.
To appreciate the wonderful food and such a lovely relaxed atmosphere, just go and try it,
You won't be disappointed, but then we are biased!!!!
Kevin & Carmel Saunders

Charlotte W          10/10

This was our favourite restaurant and ate here most nights as the food was gorgeous especially the taz kebab which I'm still dreaming about and the home made desserts were an absolute must from greek specialities to cheese and chocolate cake.  The staff were friendly and waved when we went past even if we weren't eating there that night. We liked the atmosphere here as they didn't rush or bother you, it was very relaxed, you could sit there ages after your meal chatting with a coffee. It is situated by the roman villa, if you walk down the road passed Kaliva and Gallera, it's right at the end. I don't know whether because of the location it seems quieter than the other restaurants but it is no reflection on the food as it is the best by far - please don't let it put you off and going in. Once you've tried their food, you'll be going back again and again.  

Eve T          10/10

Have to apologise for not adding a comment before.  We actually got back from Skala just over three weeks ago (where has the time gone).  We found Socrates on our fourth night and ate there every night bar one after that (that was in Argostoli and we had to send the food back, but that's another story).  Everyone made us very welcome especially Dimitri, who insisted we try the amazing desserts made by his sister-in-law every night and more often than not towards the end of our stay told us what we were eating!!  He was never wrong and gained great pleasure from our enjoyment.

It is not just the desserts that are fabulous, but the rest of the food, the people, the service, EVERYTHING in fact is second to none.  We felt we were amongst friends.
Peter and I are hoping to go back next year as it wasn't just Socrates we fell in love with, but the whole Island and it's inhabitants.
Thanks Dimitri, Denise and everyone for making us feel so welcome and well looked after and we hope to see you again next year. 
Eve & Peter (Chesterfield, UK) xx

Sarah H          8/10

We loved this Taverna.  It's just about as authentic Greek as you will get (no dodgy garlic margerine here).  I had a delicious plate of Sole fish fillets served with garlic and olive oil mash, and my husband had their homemade meatballs - it was served with a side order of Greek beans and beetroot salad and was just fab.  Definitely recommend - if you can find it!!  You need to follow the signs for the Roman Villa and keep going for another hundren yards.

Heather B          4/10

Well, I guess we must have caught them on an off day!  Although the staff were lovely, there wasn't a lot of choice on the menu and I ordered fresh sea bream but it was so overcooked it was really chewy.  We had the house red which was 'thin' but drinkable. A disappointing meal.

Martin S          10/10

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Can't beat the place in our opinion, although I appreciate that others will have their favourite little spot in Skala.

Have been going to the town for 20 years and we are lucky enough to be able to spend  4 weeks a year eating at Socrates Taverna and enjoying life in Kefalonia.
Fantastic family business, making the Greek eating experience an absolute pleasure. Found the restaurant in 1992, late one evening,  just after it had commenced business. It was full of Greeks eating and it has done for us ever since.
If you are not sure what is availble, and Dimitri or Denise have not told you the nightly specials..... just ask!
Eating Greek is a prolonged enjoyable affair, take your time and don't be in rush to get out of the place. If you follow those simple rules, you certainly won't leave Socrates feeling hungry and like so many you'll probably return time and time again.
Everything is cooked fresh and whilst Mum (Rebecca) has constantly inspired the menu for years, her very able daughter-in-law (Helene) is now taking on more responsibility for the dishes leaving the kitchen.
The standard remains just as good and Helene also has a flair for great homemade sweets and cakes. Sadly my waistline can testify to her skills.
Thanks everyone, including Stili whose English (& Greek) is coming along nicely.....see you all again next year.
Martin and Lesley Sullivan, Cheltenham.

David G          10/10

This is definitely the best taverna in Skala and is a pleasant surprise at the back of the square behind the Roman Villa. Very friendly with excellent Greek dishes and all reasonably priced. Importantly it retained a calm and peaceful atmosphere even in high season when some of the other local restaurants turned eating into an urgent production line process. The specials are just that! Denise even suggested one or two starters that did not appear on the menu at all.

Richard B          10/10

Undoubtedly the best taverna in Skala, with fresh food prepared daily.

Be preparted  to get there early if you have a favourite, it may well have run out, or alternatively just choose something else it will be just as delicious!
Many thanks for the help with our poor Greek. We will try and learn more before our next visit.
Richard and Caroline Brett 4th-18th September 2007