Ta Pitharia

Restaurants in Skala

Victoria R          8/10

We ate here a couple of times and i loved it - had the beef stifado the second time which although was very good - tasted quite salty. There must have been quite a bit of salt in it as i probably drank 4 litres of water during the rest of the evening and overnight. Would try it again though.

Sam W          10/10

june  2007     Reccomended to us by the chaps at Greekstones car hire , this really was one of the best value restaurants in the village , nice selection of dishes , very good service and a nice cheap bill at the end of it .

Karen W          10/10

Fantastic taverna, although it gets very busy there are always plenty of waiters and they are always willing to find you a table even when it is full. We went here on our first night and got there quite late, but we had a fantastic meal and can highly recomment the 'Greek Plate', of which there is a lot.

The locals all eat here so it must be good.....

Claire B           

This taverna is very popular with people reserving tables in adavance. We had a couple of meals here and enjoyed the olive paste, garlic butter and olive oil dip given to eat with your bread. We tried the kefalonia meat pie and mousaka (served in a clay pot) both great. Only down side is that it dosnt seem to get a lot of breeze,  on the tables away from the edge of the restuarant, which this does not reflect on the dishes and service at all.

Michael C           

Good taverna: friendly efficient service & good food. Cephalonian meat pie tasty & v filling.

Katie E           

We came straight back to Ta Pitharia after eating here a number of times last year.  The lovely bread to start your meal was still excellent and our first meal was alos lovely. I had beef giuvetsi which was gorgeous (so wish Greek tavernas would serve their meals with some veg or salad though!) and my husband had the kefalnian meat pie which he said was excellent.

The next meal I had souvlaki which just tased of plain grilled chicken when it should have been marinaded.  Last year it was a lot better. 

Alan B           

Food still excellent as in previous years but the taverna is now enclosed by wooden/glass partitions which made me feel like we had no room to move and you could hear everyone elses conversations.

Prices have gone up quite a lot compared to last year and other tavernas. 

Hugh P           

In our view, this is the best place for food in Skala, although The Flamingo beats it for elegance of decor and service.

Katie E           

We went to the Ta Pitharia on 5 nights of our 14 night stay in June. The food and service were great. Lovely toasted bread to start the meal and the mixed grill for 2 was excellent. Also loved the chicken souvlaki, the beef giouvetsi and the stifado. An excellent taverna with reasonable prices

Katie E           

We went to the Ta Pitharia on 5 nights of our 14 night holiday. The mixed grill for 2 was excellent and so too was the chicken souvlaki (which they do with a jacket potato if you prefer this to chips), the beef giouvetsi and the stifado.

Shaun and annie            

We visited Skala at the end of June 2004. Many of the restaurants were excellent but Ta Pitharia - referred to usually as the Taverna was one of our favourites. Best get there early though as it was the only restaurant where we saw diners queue to get in!

Rin P           

Of all the Tavernas in Skala, this was our favourite. The fact that you had to queue for 20 mins or less is a good indicator in my book!
If you like BIG meat, this is the place to go and very good value. Can not fault in any way. We will definitely be back next year!

Michael C           

We loved this place, but get there early because it is popular. The food was amazing, and really generous servings. The mixed grill for 2 was massive and great quality meat. The waiters were friendly too.

Dave A           

The nicest Tuna steak we have ever tasted. A very basic restaurant to look at. But the food more than makes up for it.

Neil R           

Went again in late September and still the restaurant was full by 8.00pm. Food still excellent and quick service unlike some of the restaurants.

Angelina L           

This was the best place to eat in Skala, we had a brilliant meal on 3 occassions. Very friendly, brilliant prices, but above all beautiful food. We tried Mi Abeli, Paspalis, La Luna but they didnt quiet have the amazing quality that Ta Pitharia has to offer any age group and every taste. I realy recommend the Stuffed Pork on the spit, my mum and dad loved the pork or lamb in lemon sauce. You've got to follow it with the yogart and honey!!!

Emily P           

Went to Kefalonia last year and this year. Each time we went to Ta Pitharia it was always good. Again, the highlight of this taverna has to be the service, well one waitor in particular, who I met last year and was with for the time I was there and this year, most probably the same guy as Amy! Definately worth it though, the restaraunt aswell..

Emily P

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to get in contact with the 'Amy Bartlett' that left a comment on here last year, if possible could someone concerning this email me at all, thankyou

Alison G           

The food was very good.

Neil R           

Food excellent as ever. If you like the fillet meal for two well recommended. Prices still very competitive too.

Tracy & kapoon M           

After eating in a few of the restaurants in Skala this restarant offered olive
paste with the bread which we thought was unsual but was nice. The
restaurant was busy which meant we had to queue and then wait 20 mins for
our meal.

Ray C           

First place I tried the Kefalonian meat pie - different to all the others but very nice & a challenge to big eaters.Our friends who are vegetarians struggled to find a great choice but both agreed that the charcoal grilled Tuna steak was one of the best meals they had.
Very busy & finding a table for 4 at 8.30 pm was a bit lucky.
Staff OK but too busy to find time to chat.
Would have eaten here more often if up to me as I liked the look of the menu but not great for vegetarians.

Ian & gerry M           

We tried most of the other tavernas in Skala, but this was by far the best! The cod in lemon and garlic starter was "out of this world". The chicken souvlaki and the fillet souvlaki were excellent, the fact that the locals eat here as well says it all, but if you don't get there early, the wait will be well worth it!!!!

Cath D           

The spaghetti in salmon sauce was one of the nicest meals I've ever had, it was sprinkled with caviar mmmmmm!!!!!!! There seemed to be a lot of locals eating here which in itself is proof of what an excellent taverna this is.

Neil R           

Definitely the best charcoal grill in Skala. Try the fillet grill meal for two. People liking traditional Greek service will love this place. Only problem get there early or yopu will have to queue for a table.