Captains Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Ray W           

As like everyone else - great music, drinks, atmosphere and sit under the stars.

Mi Abeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray W           

Food was OK - usual I suppose from most "side of the road restuarants" in Skala. I though the service was good and the owner took a good customer focus attitude and ensured you were happy and that he was around to say bye when you left.

I would go again to this restaurant

Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray W           

This is by far and above the best restaurant and bar in Skala. Why?  Firstly unlike some they care about customers - the food is varied, tasty and well cooked. But I liked th bar best it's the place to go and have a bop after midnight  -the bar staff and waiters are very efficient and friendly and the owner is very customer focused - offered us a free drink too. The music is good and the ambience so much fun. The bar is well decored and has air con. Fantastic place after hours - even beats Captain's Bar.


Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray W           

Stopped here for a drink arrived at 8.50pm for happy hour. Had a cocktail waited to be asked by tall, balding, overweight waiter if we could have another - he said yes then I queried why we had been charged full price for cocktail when we arrived 10 mins before happy hour ended when the sign was still up. What a rude waiter. Said his watch said we arrive 9.05pm -  so told him to stick his drink and paid only half as he was ripping me off. He threatended to call police - I said do what the hell you like, I am not being ripped off and we left.

Terrible customer focus and the worst experience in Skala. Also bar is not interesting at all - dull place!

Pines Too - (Bars in Skala)

Ray W  (18 July 2005)         

Nice location but spoilt by poor service. Food was below average (assuming those reading have reasonable standards) and service was unattentive, kept having to ask for more drinks whilst glasses remained empty. Also pricey drinks. nice entertainment though. Go for a drink only and eat at Scandanavian bar, or for a meal by the beach walk along a bit to somehwere else.

Nirithes Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Ray W           

Like most comments these are good apartements for this price range, but some of the gushing remarks make it sound like the Ritz by the sea. Let's get real the apartments are clean tidy but basic as are most for this type of holiday. We stayed in 298 which is basement so the patio has no real view but was nice enough. Only 2 patio chairs though so that was a problem for the 3 of us.

The wardrobes smelt damp and musky, so the clothes were kept on a coat hook behind bedroom door (not good start). Beds as usual mean you can't sleep together as they are twin (why do most holiday apartments do this?) and the aircon broke on day 2! These are only niggles though. On the plus side Napoleon runs it well and his girlfriend Dina (quite hmmm!) is excellent too. Pool is good, drinks are good didn't eat anything so can't comment on that. Location is good nice quiet spot but a hell of a hile up the hill at 2am after a nite in Skala!
Recommended though and good value 

Skala Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Ray W           

Can't believe some of the comments about Skala beach - sand 10/10??? Come off it!  This beach is long but is shingle at best and stony and painful at worst. There is no sand apart from when you step on the beach and lie on the loungers then there is pain walking to the sea (not far) and very difficult to get out as the depth and stones kill your feet. After 3 days we hired a car and went to Lourdas instead. This is not suitable for young children as it goes deep quick, very quick. Best to sit to the left of the watersports, sea is nearer and it is a bit quieter. All in all ok but the stones make it a apinful foot experience.