Pines Too

Bars in Skala

Tony & madeleine P  (01 June 2007)        9/10

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Snack bar with a splendid VIEW !!!  Perfect for a Mid-day snack and drink. We had Pizza's normally, washed down with a Black Rum Bundy on the day it rained or a Mythos when the sun was out (rained like hell on one of our days in May ~ don't normally need an excuse for a Bundy . . make sure the Coke/Pepsi is from a bottle though)

The girls (wives) were on the beach most days from mid morning, eventually joining us for lunch, returning after a cool drink and a snack to their sandy piece in the sun.  Previous comments listed, dated 2004/2005 must really be ignored now, as we really thought the place was ideal for a simple mid-day brunch, it is after all, only a snack bar.

IT DID NOT OPEN IN THE EVENING during our time in Skala..

Nik C  (12 June 2006)         

Only went here for drinks as the location is so good but they really don't seem to make the most of it. Drinks easily more expensive than anywhere else in town and service was poor. Staff seemed very disinterested mind you there was only two other couples in there so hardly rushed off their feet !

Kelli P  (11 October 2005)         

The service here was really special for us!! The two brothers who worked here this year (2005) were so friendly - they became friends we went there everyday!!

The cocktails were lovely - only beware they are generous!! The food was basic but delicious -
we had breakfast here everyday over looking the sea, can recommend Eggs Creation, and especially the French Toast!!! I've been trying to make it the same since I have been back home and it just doesn't taste as good!!
For lunch my partner loved the Roast Turkey Baguette, and I liked the Greek Village Salad & the Jacket Potatoes with Garlic Mushrooms.
If you can catch Christos play as well - he is very good!!! It really becomes a Piano Bar then!!!
I would say that price wise it is a little more than other places - but the view, service and the charm of the place more than made up for it!!

Ray W  (18 July 2005)         

Nice location but spoilt by poor service. Food was below average (assuming those reading have reasonable standards) and service was unattentive, kept having to ask for more drinks whilst glasses remained empty. Also pricey drinks. nice entertainment though. Go for a drink only and eat at Scandanavian bar, or for a meal by the beach walk along a bit to somehwere else.

Alan B  (03 June 2005)         

Overpriced and Overrated.

Bar Staff who think that they are "the main man" and hangers on who like to talk and laugh about customers.

Dont Bother!

Deby and peter F  (28 September 2004)         

This place is incredibly expensive for what it is, fab location; what a shame. It rates an OK from us because the service was helpful - but wouldn't go again. Loo useful location for beach though!!

Michelle H  (29 August 2004)         

The food was OK but there are a lot better places to eat for a fraction of the price.This restaraunt is over rated and over priced.The views over the beach and sea at night are excellent however there is a price to be paid for this!!

Stu & jo   (13 August 2004)         

Tried here for drinks one night because the setting looked lovely. Found the cocktails incredibly over priced at 7/8 euros each and the beer and spirits the most expensive we found.

For such an expensive place the toilets were absolutely disgusting, the ladies had no toilet seat and a very bad smell.

Kevin B  (01 February 2004)         

we should have guessed - 8-30 on a Friday night and only one table occupied. The fish had no flavour and the salad was the most uninspiring of our entire stay. However, once we had got the meal out of the way and could enjoy the pianist and the beautiful vista, the sprit of Skala prevailed!
Next time we'll eat at The Pines and walk down the steps after dinner.

Kay G  (05 October 2003)         

Having eaten at The Pines the night before, we were disappointed by Pines Too - the food was fine but, we thought, a bit overpriced. With a bottle of wine recommended by the waiter/manager we paid around a third more than at The Pines for one less course, and didn't enjoy it nearly as much.
10 out of 10 for location, right on the seafront, but only 5 out of 10 for quality and value I'm afraid.

Billy-joe   (23 July 2003)         

Forgot to say, Nikos the pianist really does look like Alf Garnett!!!

Billy-joe   (23 July 2003)         

We ate at the 'Pines Too' on one of the first nights of our holiday, and although
the setting was beautiful we were not convinced by the restaurant itself! The
menu was nowhere near as extensive as its older brother 'The Pines' and the
quality, although perfectly acceptable, didn't seem up to scratch either! My
girlfriend opted for a pasta dish, but checked first with the waiter what type of
pasta it was as the menu didn't say (she doesn't like spaghetti!). The waiter
said it was macaroni and so she ordered it! Upon its arrival it turned out to be
a big mound of spaghetti!!! We asked the waiter, pointing out that he had said
it was macaroni and he just laughed and said "macaroni, spaghetti, its the
same!" Although he did change the dish for an alternative he wasn't
particlarly friendly about it! The pianist certainly had his own unique style of
singing but was entertaining and added a nice romantic touch! Worth a try for
food but maybe better just for drinks!

Mark M  (17 July 2003)         

Not a great selection of food, not many greek dishes. What makes this restaurant though is the location. If you get a table along the right side you get a great view of the moon rising and the reflection on the water. Live music from the greek/french/irish/ Nikos is a nice touch but can get a bit annoying if you go there more than twice (same songs).

Leana R  (14 July 2003)         

good restaurant. we went there for lunches when we went to the beach. not pushy dont mind people going in for a drink or two

Dave S  (10 July 2003)         

We ate here on a number on nights and found it had good food and Nikos on the piano made it that little bit special.

Steve E  (30 June 2003)         

We had a few meals here and the pork chop was excellant one night but overcooked on another but really large. To listen to Nikos on the piano, whilst looking at a blood red moon over the sea on ourlast night was memorable.
The fish was not the freshest we had but the menu is extensive. Wine is pricey but I suppose you are paying for the setting and the breeze! Service alwys very good. We think the owners wife is a rather rare greek blonde, seen once or twice visiting!!

Linda F  (21 June 2003)         

Food good but a little on the expensive side. Very relaxing and friendly place to eat. Enjoyed live piano player. Most relaxing evening of our holiday.

Rachel D  (03 December 2002)         

it was ok not a good selection of food. more of a fast food type place. the music was too loud and not very good.

Neil R  (02 October 2002)         

Nice romantic location and excellent service. Thought the drinks were on the pricey side though.

Sharon N  (25 August 2002)         

Can't comment on the food as we never actually ate here but it was our last stop off point on the way back to our hotel most nights!!! The live musician/pianist with the, lets say, "distinctive" voice, who also had a remarkable similiarity to "Alf Garnett" was enjoyable. Staff were friendly and the service was excellent.

Carol H  (24 August 2002)         

The prices were a bit high but the view of the beach made it worth it. Service was very good. Did not eat main meal there but the food looked good!

Emily S  (27 July 2002)         

The only thing that kept us coming back every day (apart from the fact it was right on the beach and we were lazy) was the crooning pianist. His renditions of 'Let it be' and 'Wonderful tonight' were, to say the least, original. Food was nothing special, I had the greek salad which came with a massive slab of feta cheese. The burgers were ok, and the cocktails were nice. Alright for lunch but I wouldn't go in the evening.

Nigel F  (01 May 2002)         

Small beach side restaurant bar. Excellent food and especially good breakfast menu. One of the few bars with internet access. Live music on a night from resident pianist/singer.