BBs Bar

Bars in Skala

Emma M          8/10

Went here most nights for pre meal drinks. The servicewasfab, the cocktails cheaper than most other places, and a great place to people watch. We also used the pool table a couple of times. Would be made better by putting a fan in the back!

Kathleen I          9/10

This bar is a nice place to chill out for an hour after evening meal. The drinks (local or imports) are reasonable price and the cocktails although we didnt have any , seemed popular and slightly cheaper than other bars. The staff are very friendly, and the service is good and quick. What more do you want ?   Kath and Jim Ingham Bolton UK.

Jim P          10/10

just returned from the best two weeks, as maria has return to BB'S- got to best the best bar maid,
if anyboby has BB'S email address please forward to me. 28.07.07

Ian D           

Please ignore the comments made that this bar will make Skala in to Falaraki. It will do no such thing this is the best bar in Skala the staff couldn't be nicer. If people are still out drinking at 4am then should they not be somewhere like Falaraki where this is more catered for?? I can state that fights happen at home in the UK where people drink too much and have daft arguements. I could say this bar will make Skala just like the Quayside in Newcastle but I won't as its completely different to English bars, this is a laid back bar where you can sit and watch the world go by without being bothered by other people. 

Katrina H           

BBs was brilliant, good music, cheap drinks, good looking staff, what more do you want lol. kat and myself had loads of funny ere [loved it]Tongue

Jaymie T           

wat a immense bar claire was lovely and goerge was very hot lol many fun nights were spent in bb's and i wanna come back

Steven D           

great place for people watching...we used it as a post-beach/pre-dinner watering hole....claire very friendly and helpful...

Kelli P           

Lovely place to sit a people watch!! The lady who served us each day was really friendly and offered us great service. The prices are really low for cocktails compared to the other bars!!

My favourite was a Brandy Alexander with Cinnamon Dusting!! only 3.50 Euros at Happy Hour!!

Paul A           

A good place to go if you like pool. can be quite quiet though compared to some of the other bars

Barrie W           

Whenever we walked past this place it was empty, I think it's coz it's inside and there are far better bars to visit in Skala to be honest

Ian C           

we liked it because everywhere else was a bit 'couple-ey'. the staff are friendly and the prices ok. the 'rock chick' waitress is so funny and welcomes you with well practiced smile.

Sarah M           

This is the kind of place that's going to turn Skala into another Faliraki. If you like this sort of thing go elsewhere please! On Friday night at about 4am a fight broke out outside. The whole thing is too depressing, I didn't need this kind of reminder of "home".

Ron W           

great place to sit and people watch


the boys were sooo fit including a boy called ANDY.

Ray D           


Lauren P           


Leanne H           

very good british modern music!!! good pool and games there and nice drinks! good to go in the evening b4 a meal.

Claire T           

good pool table ( shame we're no good at pool!!!) good drinks, nice atmosphere.

Emily S           

Gorgeous cocktails and very skilled and generous barmaids. Lovely sitting outside and we even got to see a couple of loved-up lizards hanging off the ceiling...

Nick F           

Largest selection of cocktails I've ever seen, reasonably priced, and delivered quickly to your table without the pomp and ceremony of certain cockney establishments in Covent Garden that I could mention... Games machines and pool tables inside if you want them, but quiet enough outside to sit and relax.

Nigel F           

Great little bar, good service, internet access available for a very cheap price.

Pat B           

BBs is a small bar on the main street. Great for watching life go by. A lot of the locals drink here Inside are quite a few games machines if that's your thing but if not the drinks are good prices and the service is really friendly.