Veto Bar

Bars in Skala

Emma M          5/10

We went here a couple of times at the start of our holiday during happy hour. Annoyed us that Veto's then took off the happy hour, and put another 50 cents on the price of the Mythos. We didn't return.

Julia F          10/10

was here every night - best tequilia slammers  the staff were so friendly and the atmosphere was great!

Hollie F          10/10

Vetos is great! Went here every night, it's the only place to be.

The music is great and so is the atmosphere and all the staff.
Can't wait to come back next month!

Trudy B          10/10

great bar watched all the football theres huge t.v. screens the waiters are great and very friendly.

great place for people watching and suprisingly the loos were really clean.which makes a pleasant change from most places.
there was only one down side, the deli at the side was run by a bloke who was very unfreindly and his cooking was rubbish do not buy from there.....................

Chris B          9/10

The best place to have an after dinner drink or any time of the day come to think of it!  

The selection of drinks available were astounding from continental beers ro cocktails fruit punches etc.  We spent many evenings in Veto's drinking and people watching!  The staff are all very friendly and have time to talk to you too which is always welcome. 
A great place to meet new friends in the evening and the music wasn't too bad either.

Sam W          8/10

possibly scalas liveliest bar  , good choice of beers and nice spot to people watch

Emma M          8/10

We visit Veto's every time we go to Skala. The drinks are reasonable and the atmosphere is good. The staff are very friendly.

Vikki W           

Sorry for taring the Veto bar with this brush but no other oiption for the 'deli'. The bar was great and I was very pleased they offered cider. On the other hand, the man running the deli at night was rude and entirely unhelpful. Food was rubbish as well.


Nice bar and great for watching the footie !!!!!!!! drinks were cheap her too .

Katrina H           

hiya guys, ben here. i came over the begining of september with my best mate katrina, just want to say hi to everyone and to say i enjoyed every minute in veto's. its got to be the best bar in skala. hope to see you all soon, cant wait !

Stefan W           

 Off to Skala again in a week, this will be our fifth time. Vetos profits will rise when we get there, we are always in there. It's a brilliant place, not to be missed

Jaymie T           

veto was wkd met people all the music was amazing and would recomend it 2 every1 xxx

Steven D           

best black russians in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha L           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeVetos was the best!!!!. Me and Angie went there every night. All the staff were great, In particular Mike!!!!!!!!, Pavlos and Spiros. They were well friendly and kept the vodke flowing all night, and most of the time for free!!!. Got that friendly wiv Mike that he took us out for the afternoon. Can't wait to go back next year! That will be my fith time! Can't even remember the flight home because we were out all night getting drunk with Pavlos and Mike!!! Vetos is mint! 

Heather B           

Just back from a week in Skala and we spent every night in Vetos, plus the afternoon of the FA cup final when the craic was excellent.  What a friendly place - Spiros and Mikael (who I think used to work in the bar in Marietta apts) were lovely & very prone to set up shots of sloe vodka!!!  Great music and atmosphere every night.  The deli next door is excellent value for money and so handy for that late night snack!!  

Lisa T           

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I forgott to add a picture of myself and Makis from Vetos who made us very welcome at the bar during our holiday, cant wait to see the guys in 2 weeks time.

Lisa T           

We have been to Kef twice and we have spent most nights at Veto's, talking to Makis, Spiros and Paul, all very friendly and join you drink for drink, so looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks when we go back.

Rach and su            

Heya Guys Marie and Leanne its Rachel hope ur ok babes ?  Well u 2 have sumed up Veto perfectly this is a great bar !!!!!  neway just incase u 2 read this i wanta no when u are going back next year so we can hopefully meet up and have that beach party that never happend lol  so this is my number 07786657912 and il tell ya my email addy if ya txt me, keep in touch kk !!!!! see u all at veto soon then 

Rach x x x x x


Well where do you start.....We went to Vetos every night, had a fantastic time-Dancing on the bar, bLoWjObS bAbY!..and who could forget the most memorable power cut ever!...Spiros, Makis an Spiros made us very welcome...George, Pavlos and Alex made us even more welcome (Especially after hours...Partying on the beach-Luvya guys!!) Everyone was really friendly there, the atmosphere was fantastic and the drinks flowed all night..'Id really like some Pineapple juice with my Malibu, hehe'..Met loadsa new friends on our two trips to Skala-Big up Nikki, ha! Other people that should get a mention: Makis and Michael from the Deli(Thanks for the food!), Zoe n Mark(Our beach buddies from London), Dennis-for help with my tattoo, Makis(Pantene Pro-V), Alan(with his restaurant fron the 'Galaxy guide')...soz if I missed anybody out, we luvya all! We'll see some of yous in January...the rest of you-watch out in May....Girls, lock up your husbands, we'll be back, Muahahaha!...

Kisses xox MARIE & LEANNE xmwahx

Sarah H           

Veto bar was the best bar in Scala. I was visiting the Island 06 September 2005 until 20 September. We were able to meet locals and residents from other parts of Greece in the bar, which added to the experience of visiting Scala, even if most of them worked in the bar. The owners of the bar Spiros and Makis were very friendly and gererous with their time and vodka, and they gave the place greek character that is not always found in bars that are full of English people, so I would definately recommend a visit there. PS any jobs there next season give me a shout!! 

Gail P           

As always, the Veto was great again this year. Spiros, Makis and Spiros run a great bar and all the staff help to make a fantastic holiday. The deli next door is brilliant and is open until 4am so no problem if you get the munchies! The new blueberry vodka is a fantastic addition to the shots!! We'll be back for more soon.

Rach and su            

Veto is probabaly the best bar in skala for all the younger (and older)  tourists , the music on the large tv's is great,  Pavlos alexi geogre makis behind the bar are great aswell as spiros and panos the waiters who will do everything to make you feel welcome  , the prices are a bit on the expensive side but hey it worth it  so u realy should pay a visit here when your in skala and it doesnt close til 3  its popular with the greeks aswell , it aslo has a superb take away nxt door wiv lovely sandwichs and pies etc . . .  so definatly go to veto !!!
Rach and Su xx

Allyn H           

Excellent value for money.  It looks all trendy and so you might think that it is going to be expensive but the drinks are reasonably priced.  Try it you may like it!

Lisa F           

hiya! i was just wondering if 'rach' that keeps posting on here about how nice george from veto's is, is the rach that me and zoe met on holiday in may and then again in october??? lol i think is it!! i reckon veto's is a great place, so great in fact that makis has just offered me and zoe jobs to work there for next summer in the bar and the fast food bit on the side!! can't wait...obv we sed yeah!!! rach...i'll b workin with george!! haha! if ya read this then txt me, i know its stupid to put my numba out on here but i dont really care!! 07799380372 (if ya not rach, dont text) ps, has ian sent your bag back yet? r numbers r in that 2!! luv ya! xxxxxx

Gail P           

Don't know why Denise has taken against the Veto in such a big way. Spiros and Makis are still the same: very friendly and generous with the sloe vodka. We had a great time there again this year and will be back for more next year. Yes, the guys are making money, but they work really hard,so don't knock them for that!