Siroco Restaurant

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The chase of the unique is an endless game we play every day. This unconquerable gastronomical treasures of taste have a fascinating qualification to reveal and get consumed and roll back again. A game that never ends. Enjoy them!!! SIROCO is ...

A warm and friendly place, like been at home. Here you become a lover, yes a lover of WELL BEING or WELFARE or as they say Search for the woman well you will find the Woman i.e. the Good in Living here.

An awarded place not only for the locals, but also a chosen place for many foreigners who seek the friendly service, a cozy environment but most of all for the quality and tasty of the food we serve.

An observatory, for it's location right in the middle of the village, from where you can look around watching the passerby in the street, feeling relaxed and freshen by the sweet breeze of the mountain above.

You need something special for these sweet summer nights? They can be the most beautiful nights of your life. The best way is to enjoy a tasteful dinner beyond dreams with a sparkly fine white wine. An entirely different experience. These nights take an entirely different aspect in our restaurant, while good food calms the spirit and delights the soul.

Contact Details for Siroco Restaurant

Tel: +302671083613
Fax: +302671022227
Contact: Makis Solomos
Addr: Skala
Addr: Kefalonia
moc.enilnoainolafek@ofni :liamE
Website: /rg.ocoris.www