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Andrea M           

I found Lassi to be one strip of concrete with a few random shops and various restaurants all churning out the same food. Think cheap and cheerful rather than traditional Greek cuisine. If you want a decent meal go to Argostoli. Just off the main square, restaurant with a huge Mandolin outside. Friendly and food the best we found close by. Beaches were good with beautiful clear water which made the holiday for me!

Hayley B           


Alison I

We are family of 3 staying in Lassi during May at Liberatos Studios. Can you tell me if there is anywhere to hire bicycles in the area, also would to hear any comments about Liberatos Studios. Many thanks

Duncan H

Message for Joanne Bailey, we are going to Lassi in May, will try to get a street map for you, let me know your address and i will post it to you if i am sucessful.e-mail me at


we love lassi. the people their are so friendly and kind. we went 2 lassi in july 2002 and we loved it that much we went back their in october 2002. its so cool and if u ever want 2 go to a greek island, go 2 kefalonia lassi because u are sure 2 have a great time!!! love karen, kerry and natalie x x x

Leo G

Accomodation HI, We are looking for a place in Lassi to suit 2 adults , 3 children (6/5/3)for the first three weeks of August.Important things ; near a beach / two rooms / ground floor / aircon or fan / great if theres a pool / reasonable price.any suggestions?

Leanne K           

I am wondering if anyone who has commented on this idyllic part of Greece has actually spent any significant amount of time there and gone beyond the tourism, as I am sure you are aware, is what the locals rely on to get them through the quieter winter months...has anyone experienced this wonderful little island during the winter?

Morgan S           

I have visited Lassi twice last year and found it to be a very enjoyable place to take my holiday. I must say that i disagree with what other people have said about it being "Britishised" and being like "Blackpool"!! It is one of a few Greek island that has maintained its traditional Greek atmosphere and feel appauled by these comments that say otherwise. I find Lassi so excellent that i am going back again in May and i know i will enjoy myself. I would recommend this resort to anyone!

Andrea O           

I have visited lassi twice last year with my family. We stayed at the Metaxatos apartments the first visit and it was excellent. We found Lassi very enjoyable with many very good places to eat at affordable prices. I disagree with the comments about Lassi being set up for the British. Of course it is for holiday makers but the locals have retained the traditional Greek atmosphere.

Joanne B

We have booked to go to Lassi in August of 2003, to attend a friends wedding. Does anyone have a street map of Lassi? We are staying at the Eleanna apmts, and we have friends staying at White Rocks Hotel, Princess Hotel and San Lorenzo Apartments. Cheers

Ann H           

A purpose-built resort - just one long strip of mini markets, car hire offices and tavernas. Not much "Greek" atmosphere. Very handy for Argostoli and not far from the airport. People lovely and very friendly though.

Lorna M           

Ozzies is the best breakfast in town. Stacks of restaurants. Only a short stroll or taxi from Argostoli for the best shopping on the island. The locals are soooo friendly.

Sarah B           

Lassi is great for bars and restaurants and has a good nightlife although it is still quite quiet. The people were lovely although you seemed to see more English people than Greek people! The road through Lassi was not noisy at night and not that busy during the day. There is a bar on the way from Lassi to Argostoli that hands out booklets on Kefalonia, it gives much better information than the reps do on beaches, reataurants, where to visit, etc, etc. Only a 20 minute walk to Argostoli, unless you stay at the end near the Airport, in which case, you can add another 20 minutes. Great for first timers to Greece.

Susie D           

If you are booked into the Aris Studios in Lassi then I suggest you cancel immediately! I have been travelling to Greece for 25 years and these were the worst apartments I have ever stayed in. Golden Sun (the tour operator) were more than useless. That said, the resort is an excellent place to use as a base to get around the island. We spent a few evenings in Argostoli for a more authentic "Greek" experience ie. people watching whilst sitting outside a restaurant. A hire car is a must to get around the island. In general, the food was good. Ozzies was great for a nightcap!

Kate F           

Lassi worked out fine as a base from which to explore the island, but we would stay at Sami for our next visit. It has good bars and restaurants, but it is clearly aimed at British package holiday tourists. Thankfully no British pubs - but lots of Sky Sports advertised. Most of the shops overflowed with tat. If you are staying in Lassi, go to the supermarkets at the Southern end as they are cheaper and the staff are friendly (Vagelati is the most expensive we found, and Mina's the cheapest). Better still, go to the big supermarket in argostoli (if you have a car) as prices in Lassi are generally inflated.

Sarah T           

This is a good place to visit for your first greek holiday (Like me!). Everyone speaks english, are friendly and helpful. The 'Dolphin Supermarket' has everything you can imagine for sale. 'Ozzie's' is the place for breakfast - good food, friendly service and great views. As commented below, is a bit Lassi-on-sea but this is reassuring when first visiting a foreign land!

Phil P           

A bit like a typical Englsh seaside....almost Lassi-on-Sea. Expected to see McDonalds or Freds Fish and Chips bar around every corner. Lack of Greek atmosphere.

Ian G           

If you like Blackpool,"Kiss me quick" hats and spending your holiday with a load of other like minded Brits - come to Lassi. Nuff said.

John J           

My wife and I have just returned from a week'S visit to Lassi and the Nicos studios.This was our first visit to Kefalonia and we loved it.The general laid back atmosphere was a refreshing change from other Greek islands.It took us a while to get used to not been hauled into a restaurant by some over zealous front man. We found the Phaedra an excellent choice for eating.The beaches were very good,made up mostly of small coves with crystal clear water. Having only a week to stay we took advantage of an island tour.Apart from spending only a short time at the stops,it gave us a taste of where we wanted to go on our next visit.We thought Fiscardo was pretty enough but nowhere near as picturesque as Symi. Our next decision is where to stay when we visit again.Incidentally,the shower at the Nicos studios actually work!! We have been to a few other islands,but this was by far the most relaxing.However,if you're a party animal then Kos Town or Laganas in Zakynthos would be a more appropriate choice. The 'romantic'coastal walk from Lassi to Argostoli takes about 90 minutes steady strolling but the scenery is well worth it.

Natalie G           

We did not stay in Lassi but a village 10 mins away, but we ate here a lot. A large selection of tavernas and bars to chose from, lovely food. We visted the White Rocks beach which was gorgeous, lovely white sand and crystal clear water, the best beach we visted on the island.

Sarah P           

We were situated in Lakithra just a short drive from lassie, so we ate here most days. im not going to repeat what everyone else has said about this lovely resort but add to the comments by saying i think it is the best resort on the island. definatly has the best beaches, a good choice of tavernas all serving lovely food ( prices were about 40% cheaper than the UK) everyone is so accomadating that nothing is too much trouble. Kefalonians love english people and are so welcoming, all speak excelent english. In terms of resaurants our favorite was Oscars, cheesy greek dancing and fantastic all you can eat BBQ every night + full a la cart menue. all this only cost from 7 per person! I think lassi is beautiful with the mountains one side and the beaches and sea the other. if your a younster looking for some where to bop the night away the best place is SO SIMPLE a misic bar which gets going around 11pm. See you there next year!

Erin D           

I was part of a group of students from Canada and we stayed in Argostoli but visited Lassi on a daily basis for the beaches, food and nightlife. It is truly a "British-ized" village, but it makes for an interesting place to meet people who are looking to have some fun. We loved Oskar's for the food, dancing and staff! You must visit Oskar and his sons on Fanari Rd if you visit Lassi!!

Irene H           

We visited Lassi last year, and actually stayed there this year. We found it to be very much geared up for the English market, and seems to have lost some of the Greek charm, which most resorts on Greek islands have. Found the locals very friendly. Ths shops seem to sell all the same tacky souvenires, so not much choice, unless you want a beach towell or baseball cap, which there are plenty. Lassi is very much a place for families, but not much to do for young teenagers, I should imagine they would be quite bored after a few days. Lovely beaches, although quite crowded in high season. Restaurants vary in prices, although all seem to have gone up in price quite a bit since last year. Maybe that has something to do with the Euro. I would hate to think that the honesty of the Greek people is changing, and they are starting to rip us off. Veronicas Jewellery shop is value for money. Last year I bought a ring from there for 145.00, had it valued in England later that year, and was worth 445.00 Good deal or what. Bought more jewellery this year, but have not had it valued yet.

Sarah O           

We visited with our son who is 7 we had a great time on the beach. Okay so Lassi as a "town" may not be beautiful but the views at sunset are stunning and will live long in my memory. Nighlife is quiet and is based around dining and greek nights - this resort has some "English" facilities but the poorest thing was the lack of shops no pharmacy or bank but Agostoli is so near it was not a problem. I intend to return to Kefalonia just as soon as I can.

Mat H           

Lassi is fine as a base or if you have a young family. Not very Greek and spread across the main raod as it is, you need to have your wits about you after a couple of glasses in the local cafes. We stayed a short walk outside Lassi which meant we had the perfect combination of peace and quiet and easy access to the cafes and bars etc. Argostoli also has a wide range of cafes and bars if you fancy a change.

Geoff T           

Lassi is definately a place for couples or families. I think the most shocking thing to the system is just how many English tourists there are (very much outdoing the locals!) There is a vast array of Tavernas and several supermarkets which are all geared up specifically for the English holidaymaker. Locals are very friendly and if you want a drink and a good time, I strongly recommend 'The Olive Press' and look for a bar girl called 'Fay'! If you go in there, just mention Geoff and Ben from the UK! Seriously though, all we wanted to do was relax and that's exactly what you can do here. Beautiful beaches, hot weather, nearby Argostoli is where you'll find nightlife if you want it and it's also worth taking the Onasis Island Tour. Although not really a lot cheaper than the UK and not being very traditionally Greek I would recommend Lassi for a quiet, relaxing time.

Kathryn F

i need to know about the dive sites in lassi

Matthew C           

Lassi is a quiet resort which is definately aimed towards couples and people who want a relaxing holiday. The beaches and water are lovely and is the main attraction to Lassi. The dozen or so restaurants are all much the same but as vegetarians we would recommend Gondola & Phaedra. Make sure your first stop is one of the supermarkets to buy a parasol!!


The beaches were clean, and had good facilities, such as sunbed and shade hire at reasonable prices. The local nightlife is dining in taverna's, drinking and conversing. Typically continental, a no go area if you want the british 'pub culture'. The resort was mainly built around the Lassi road, so noise depends on how close you are. The shops were mainly pricey supermarkets and tacky souveneir shops. The resort has little character, but is still pleasant.

Alexandra B           

Lassi is a good base for your holiday in Kefalonia. The night life is pretty tame but Argostolli is only a 30 minute walk away and is much more lively. The beach can be quite busy but we found a really small, quiet beach which you have to scale down rocks to get to! We didnt have a bad meal in our two weeks, but one of our favourites was 'Capitol' which is on the scenic road to Argostoli.

Patricia A           

we stayed at Lassi Hotel in June 2002 the resort is as stated one road where all restaurants, bar and shops are located, restaurant and bars serve good quality food at various prices ,you can eat greek, indian, chinees, italian and english if you want, we are more for greek food and wine which we found was of good standard for the greek islands,local wine 1ltr 7 - 7.50 euros cheap and cheerful, better quallity available at a price i.e. bottle wine in restaurant 14.90 euros same wine in supper market 5.40 euros, as stated by previous visitors it is on quite a hill, which keeps you fit,if you stay down the hill, after a meal you roll home, but if you stay up the hill after a meal it is quite a slog, average taxi fare if you can not make it is 4 euros,restaurants - sto psito is good you get 20mins free inter net connection when you have a meal the view at sun set is to be seen, taverna sirtaki and neros best food in lassi, olive press good,gondola good, oscars ok, the chinees before oscars on the fanari road is very good try the sizzling duck

Carol D           

First visit to Kefalonia last year (2001, stayed in Lassi and thought it was a great choice. Getting on to the beach just after 9am as the sun begins to shine on the sand is wonderfully relaxing. Plenty of tavernas to tempt even the most discerning of palates and all reasonably priced. Some really good bars with So Simple and Exclusive both well worth a visit. We're returning to Lassi this year and don't think we'll be disappointed.

John T           

I have just got back from my first visit to kefalonia and read some of the reviews about Lassi and find it hard to belive that anyone can call it 'beatiful' and that the nightlife is excellent. I suppose the nightlife would be good if you was over 50 and enjoyed being tucked up in bed for 9 o clock. Lassi basically is a half finished village that is full of takky gift shops and car hire places. The only positive thing i can say is that the beaches are among the best i have ever visited.

Alicia K           

I went last year with my sister & out of the 12 Greek Islands I have previously visted this was by far the most beautiful. The locals were extremely friendly and warm people. We loved Kefalonia expecially Lassi so much that we are returning again this summer.

David K           

This area of kefalonia is one of the busier areas but still has plenty of charm. Well worth a visit.

Maria H           

we stayed in lassi the first time we visted the island. i did feel that it would have perhaps been a good place for families, with lots of facilities etc but it was not really for us. this is the biggest and busiest resort on the island and i dont think it really gives you a very good feel for the island. it is quite english really.