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i have been to katelios before in may this year i stayed at doumas but this time i am staying at efrosini studios in the brochure it said it was in a rural location and torch recommended so does anyone know where it is located or have any info about them as i can't find anythng much on this site about them

many thanks

Terry W           


Sam M

any know off any good car hire places???

Terry W           


Pauline R           

To Jane due at Hara apartments Katelios on 12th July. My colleague has been to Hara about five years running and reckons it is very clean and friendly. It is definately very quiet, as it is set back from the centre of the village. We will be arriving the same day as you, (from Gatwick) so see you there! This will be our third visit to Katelios and we love Kefalonia.

Sam M

Hi im going to the eryphilli studios on the 5th august for 3 weeks anyone got any advice on where to go, where to eat etc? ive never been before please help me x sam x

Sam M           

HI i am going to katelios on the 5th august for 3 weeks staying at the Eryphilli anyone got any advice on where to go, where to eat etc
i have never been before! please help me x

Chris B           

I havent got bob and babes number sorry if i can get it will give to u mate!!! r u going to Blue sea this year

Terry W

Chris bendall,
have you got bob and babes phone number, would love to get in touch but i have lost there number. many thanks terry and elain.

Terry W


Keiran S           

oops i forgot......if you need the web there is a great place on the beach you can use

Keiran S           

its just a great place to chill out and relax.certainly not for shopaholics.but great food and people.will be back this month if we get time to travel.

Chris B           


Janetta W           

Hi Jane

Hara apartments are absolutely superb - spotlessly clean and surrounded by fields. Hara will ensure your holiday is nothing short of perfect.
Have a great time


Jane B

We are going to Katelios on 12 July and staying at the Hara Studios has anyone any info about them? Is this place as peaceful as they say?

Katy C           

We have just returned for 2 weeks staying at Eryphili (I have probably spelt it wrong!!) and I loved it although I think 2 weeks is a bit long if you dont hire a car although we just lazed round the pool. The weather was a bit to hot as it was over 100 everyday.
I will definately go back again.
Met some great people to!!

Tom D           

A lovely place with lots of character, and friendly people. Very relaxing, and must be one of the most revisited places in the Greek Islands.

James N

I need information on the Anastasia studios in Katelios. We are going for two weeks in July. What are the facilities like. also indormation on the bus/taxi/and cycle hiring there.

Angela M           

Just returned (17/6/03) from a very peaceful and relaxing week in Katelios. Travelled on my own after recently having an accident. Everyone - locals and other tourists could not have been friendlier and more helpful. It is a very quiet and small resort but with some excellent tavernas, Persas and Blue Sea being my favorites. Not so hot if you are looking for a lively night life but wonderful for relaxing. I would recommend the island tour - it is a long day but it such a beautiful island it is well worth it - or even better hire a car!

Terry W


Vicki C


Thank you so much-my mind is now at rest and I can start counting the days and buying the factor 20!



Medusa is right in the centre of the village but no worrys about the noise it is very peaceful and the tarvena below will be quiet after 10 ish . there is a bakery in katelios close buy and there are supermakets and gift shops quite close . hope you enjoy your stay dont forget to go to doumas if you want some good lively nightlife
luv Nell

Terry W

I have been going to katelios now for seven years i find it so relaxing, we are going back in aug for another rest. terry and elain

Gill W           

Hi Emma

I can highly recommend a car hire firm called Venus based in Katelios. They provide an excellent service and can deliver the car to the aiport if required. Contact Kostas on 0030 26710 81650/27290 or email at venuscar@acn.gr. He speaks good english!

Emma A

We're visiting Katelios for the first time in July. We plan to hire a car and explore the island.
Which is the best way of hiring a car - from Katelios or arranging from the UK?
Thanks for the advice,

Vicki C

I have just booked to stay at the Medusa apartments-Can anyone tell me anything about them-I am particularly worried about noise late at night from the Taverna beneath. Also is there a bakery in the village and how far is the Medusa from the centre of things? Thanks and Yammas!!

Nell B           

just some info about doumas the apartments are average but the pool and the disco whats on every night are brilliant the location is a bit far out from the town but apart from it is really good and nice and everyone is really friendly hope thats ok for you jayne
Luv Nell

Jo B

I am going to Katelios for two weeks in June and would like to find as much info as I can about the place. I have found the comments very useful but would like to know more about the apartments that I am staying in. Does anyone know anything about the Eryphilli in Katelios? I cannot find a website for the place.


Lorenzo B

am visiting Katelios for the first time in July this year, I do not really know what to expect, hopefully it is as peaceful and charmimg as described.

Are there facilities to exchange travellers cheques, do the tavernas generally take credit/debit cards?

Trivial I know, but i neeed to plan for it

Gill W           

Hi Adele - I think the apartments you are looking for in Katelios are called Odyssia. I have never stayed there, but they do look nice. I found their website which gives more details and contact numbers - www.odyssia-apartments.gr. Hope this helps.

Sue C

We are visiting Katelios for the first time June for 2 weeks. Please can anyone give me details of bus travel and also taxis. As we dont drive we are a bit concerned whether or not we can get around to visit other places.
After reading all the info available on this website I am sure we will have a wonderful time in Katelios.

Jayne A

Hi I am considering going to Katelios end of may i think the apartments are called dormouse? How far is the nearest busy town for good restuarants and a bit of life (as I have to consider my 13 year old son and mother who are keen on a bit of night life). and what are the taxi's cost?

Look forward to your replies!

Adam S           

Just stumbled on this site (have only just gone online).We have been going to Katelios every year since 1989.Can still remember my first impression of the place, " I am going to go mad if I spend 2 weeks here!!", like I said that was 14 years ago.There must be something they put in the water or ouzo? We were considering island-hopping this year and giving Kefalonia a miss, but reading some of the comments posted, the decision has been made, and yes, we will be going back again.Judging by some of the comments, some visitors to Katelios are not impressed, but each to their own, which is good news for the rest of us. I was once told by a Thomson rep that Katelios has the highest return rate for the whole of Greece, and by the amount of people we bump into each year I can well belive it to be true.The people of Katelios who are the most genuine and friendly you could ever wish to meet and treat you as friends not tourists.

Samantha C           

I have been out to Katelios twice now first time with all the family (11) and the sendond time with parents and partner. Both times were extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Katelios is a small village with no night life but that's why I like it, I go away to escape all the hustle and bustle of normal day life and to just unwind in its nearly untouched state. Some comments have been made that it is not for kids however I would disagree my sister took both her children last year the youngest being just 4 months at the time and they are going again this year! No there's not any Kids clubs and the mod cons we have have at home but it is safe, peaceful at night for them to sleep, the locals love them and the resturants are more than happy to heat up bottles and prepare food especially for the children (or do what we do, all put a bit of food on the plate form yours so they get a selection of greek food - your be suprised how much the kids love the food) We have developed great friends with the owners and staff of a particular resturant (down by the duck pond) which makes the holiday all the more enjoyable. You have to tour the island and I recommend Fiskardo as a must and when in Fiskardo try the Sword Fish Souvalaki. I have jsut one more comment to make you don't go on holiday to experince what you can experince at home - don't expect top of the range rooms (it's greece - standard is different) if you go self catering don't expect to cook in the room it's basic and so cheap to eat out and when they say they will do something expect to wait a while - there today is tommorow!

Bernie V

Always wanted to visit Kefalonia - even more so after seeing Capt.C.M. Haven't been on holiday for a few years so really want somethig a bit special. We Love Lindos - Will we love Kefalonia/Katelios? Any recommendations re 'non package' hol/accomm, peaceful, traditional, good drink/food.

Lindsay G

Hi, My boyfriend and I are looking for a nice peaceful holiday with great views and a nice beach which we can walk to. Is Katelios the place for us? We are coming for 7 nights and want a few different resteraunts to have evening meals in, what are the resteraunts like? Is it very expensive? Oh and can you recommend a good appartment? Please help, any advice is greatly appreciated. Lindsay x

Laurie S           

We have been going to Katelios for many years now, and it is true that there are many more apartments than there used to be. That could not be so if there was not the demand that we and the Italians and mainland Greeks create. Katelios is not a traditional Greek fishing village.There is no longer such a place on the island, since all was destroyed in the earthquake of 1953. What has continued to live and grow after that event is the Kefalonite courage and spirit of survival. Many people left to seek a living elsewhere, but so many have returned with loyalty to the island and rebuilt lives there, and brought their children back there. It is those children who now serve you, entertain you, take your money and generally provide you with a holiday of a life time. What does it matter if they are not wearing frilly skirts and pompoms on their shoes, as portrayed in old pictures. Kefalonia is alive and like any living creature will move at different paces at different times. Take Katelios for what it is, a warm friendly place to stand back from the world, make friends and live for a while. Learn a few words of Greek, bid good day to the locals, accept their genuine hospitality. Katelios fills the heart and anyone who has a heart cannot fail to be happy there. Stop looking at the island and its people like a Brit. All of the Greek people have a living to earn. They do it with dignity and a warmth that we would do well to copy. If you have been to Kefalonia, and in particular, Katelios and have not liked it, please do not return. For your sake, and for those of us who would like to still find a table in a quiet corner to watch the world go by, and chat to the locals. You either love Katelios or you go elsewhere. I wish you joy where ever you go, but don't knock the island or its people. I personally hate Clacton, but there are genuine people who love it. Good luck to them, I won't visit, but I won't knock it either. One man's meat, as they say....

Warren B           

It's not good for night-clubbers; it's probably not that great for kids...but for anyone who wants a truly relaxing holiday in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, with excellent food & drink, wonderful walks, friendly locals and a sandy beach that slopes gently into clean, safe water - it's PERFECT !!!!! Message to Paul Wharton - I have a postal address that might interest you.

Kate F           

We visited Katelios after escaping grotty Skala (which is where we had intended to spend the day) and had a lovely unhurried lunch at the Cozy Cafe overlooking the sea. The staff here were possibly the nicest we met in Kefalonia (which is saying something). The beach isn't developed and it's very pleasant to walk along.

Gill W           

Message for Paul Wharton - telephone number for Blue Sea apartments is 0030 671 081627

Paul W

Does anyone have contact numbers or email addresses for either Spiro at Blue Sky studios or Katelios Studios. We visited Katelios last in 1994 and would like to return next year, preferably not at the mercy of a tour operator

Jamie & suzanne            

Just arrived back from 2 weeks in Kato Katelios, Kefalonia. We hired a car and covered over 1300km in 2 weeks, and still didnt have time to take the whole island in. Many of you may have seen some of the island from the filming of Capt. Corelli's Mandolin, but it simply doesn't do the island justice. From the relative luxury of Fiscardo to the sleepy fishing villages dotted around the coastline, there is something for everyone. Katelios seemed like the perfect place for us, as it had the peacefulness of the fishing village, together with somewhere to go at night. The Beach Hut Bar on the water front stays open until the last man falls off the decking, with spirit measures to write home about, and the friendliness of the staff, personified in Dennis, constantly wearing shades, even at 3am, you're bound to have a good time.

Colin P           

Everything you need for a peaceful, relaxing break. Evening entertainment is low key to say the least, the Friday night 'traditional' Greek entertainment at the Eliniko restaurant is about as raucous as it gets. We tried all the restaurants along the front without complaint, our favourite actually being 'the Garden Grill' on the street running parallel to the front - family run, friendly and with all Greek staff. Best Greek menu was at Persa's restaurant set back from the road into Katelios. Good range of gifts at Marinos supermarket, but my wife and daughter preferred the craft shop next door to the cbr car rental office. Our favourite time of day was sitting on our balcony in late afternoon with a couple of Ouzos, listening to the silence and watching the eagles riding the thermals above the hill next to our apartment.

Catherine B           

Can't comment on the Nightlife, shopping, etc..as we were staying in Lassi and just stopped briefly in Katelios... but there was something about the whole feel of the place that makes me want to go back again and stay there. This was our first visit to Cephalonia and we were bowled over by the island, we are sold on its 'unsophisticated charm' and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. We know that we'll be going back again, and again...(I hope!). It's everything I expected and much, much more!

Steve H           

Katelios is a small, relaxed sea-front resort consisting of about 12 bars/tavernas and little more. In the valley behind the village is a growing number of self-catering appartments seemingly aimed at the British market. The restaurants are all of a reasonable standard -we found the Katelos Taverna and Elliniko the best, but it's fun making your mind up. We stayed at the Blue Sea where the appartments and pool were of a high standard, though the pool bar prices were expensive by local standards. The local beach is poor but it is well worth scrambling over the rocks in the direction of Scala (follow the blue plastic markers). Even in August when we were there, the beaches got better and quieter the further we went. We have been holidaying in Greece for many years and Andrew Blockley is right - this is not a "traditional" greek village and initially we were a little disappointed as a result. However, Greece is changing and Katelios is a good, low key holiday destination enjoyed by Brits, Italians and the Greeks themselves.

Patricia W           

First visit to Kefalonia. Katelios was quiet and peaceful. The village is very small but has a number of good tavernas, the only places to visit in the evening. We stayed at Katelios Studios which were great, clean, friendly owners, family run, nothing was too much trouble and the studios were only a 15 minute walk from the village itself. Excellent pool there too. The people in Katelios, and in fact the rest of Kefalonia, were very friendly. We visited lots of places from Katelios to Fiskardo in the north. We would definitely go again.

Lynne C           

We have just returned after our 7th visit to Katelios. I have just read the comments about the village and in particular the beach - what do people expect - it is natural - what more can you ask for! The beach is clean and this year it has a blue flag. If you want a perfect beach go to a commercialised resort. The nightlife is excellent if your happy just whiling away the evening in a local taverna. As for the shopping you will not buy gifts cheaper on the whole island than in Marinos' supermarket. The shelves might be a bit dusty but you'll find anything you might need. It's just like going home & great to see all the familiar faces.

Rachel C           

we to go somewhere peaceful and relaxing which it was.our appartements were good.the town was small and freindly with a really laid back feel.if you like abit more action on your hols then car hire is a must because the place really is for people that like doing nothing but lazing around and eating and drinking and thats about it.The scenery is lovely and the greek charm of the place is good.time just stands still there you think a few hours have past but then you realise that only several minuites actually have

Les L           

Our first visit to Kefalonia and we could not have picked a better resort than Katelios! The Metaxa appartments are brand new - not even in the brochure yet - and we thouroughly recommend anyone staying in the resort to pick this apartment - it is perfect! The Mythos apartments are a great place to stay - the pool is nice, the bar is great and all the staff are very friendly - particularly Gina, Nico and the owner Andreos Friday nights barbeque and Quiz has to be experienced!!!! We tried most of the restaurants and found them all good - ElNICO's stands out amongst them!! We will definatley be back Les and Karen

Chris W           

with regards to Andrew blockleys comments about this resort, i think he must have been on another island. as we have been here for the last 4 years and it is so peacefull and full of charm

Sue S

Visited Blue Sea Appts July 01. Brill and booked for July 03. Can anyone who has been in 02 tell us if Sue was still the rep at the Blue Sea appts as she was a scream. Her quizzes were nights to remember.

Gary G           

My wife and I have been going to Greece for over 20 years and Katelios, at least twice a year, since 1989. Some of our stays have been for several months. It is like home to us. Our next visit is in September. To rate Katelios with these categories as though it is like Palma Nova is ridiculous. The local beach is poor but if you want a beach holiday go to Benidorm. The nightlife is non existant unless you enjoy spending an evening talking to old and new friends while eating some of the best food on the island, although I have to agree the prices have increased considerably over the years. Skala is cheaper and only a short taxi ride away. There is an excellent taverna up a side street that serves quite wonderful food but I'm not going to reveal that secret. The fun is is in the searching. Unfortunately, the dreaded "Greek Night" has started to invade the peace and quiet. Brought in by the English, not the Greeks! Best Tavernas have to be Blue Sea and Medusa although others are catching up. Peaceful is too insipid a word for the experience you have in this village. Mind you, it would be best to avoid Augus when the village is invaded by Greeks and Italians none of whom can speak at less than a shout. Shopping? What shopping? A couple of tiny mini markets and a few "tourist" shops, hardly the Knightsbridge. Argostoli has more god shops than it used to. Charm, in it's strictest sense is correct. The village, and the whole island gets under your skin. I haven't been anywhere that compares whether in Greece or anywhere else. My best tip is too learn a few words of Grek and get talking to the locals, the effort will be repaid a thousand fold. To suggest that this is not a Greek village ignores what happened to the whole island in 1953 and the number of locals who still live there. I imagine the type of person that doesn't consider it to be "typical" prefers Lindos!

Daren P           

My wife and i have now been to Kefalonia for the past 4 years, a wonderful peaceful, picturesque, place, wonderful scenery, wonderful locals, some really good tavernas, you must go to the lighthouse in katelios, wonderful food owned by 2 wonderful and friendly people,also go to the eliniko on near the beach, food is wonderful!!!!.if you like walkingthis is great some great walks.Go to skala and the lovely fishing village of poros, and to argostoli, this is truly a magical island, we love it and dont want to go anywhere else, you will love it too.

Christine D           

A wonderful week we spent at the Blue Sea, Makis & Spiros looked after us without anything being too much trouble. We are looking to go back in Augaust. The mini markets and Tavernas we found all to be as Friendly and helpful.

Christine P           

Visited Katelios twice now - absolutely adore it - so peaceful, lovelly walks. I NEED to come back as soon as my health is good. The owner of the Katelios Studios - Aris and his wife were so warm, kind, helful and friendly. I cannot fault anything.......... I just pray Katelios doesn't get too commercial.

Graham H           

Have been going to Katelios for several years,ideal for anyone wanting a peaceful lazy holiday, not a lot to do for kids, more of a couples resort. Best restaurant the Blue Sea, run by Spiros & his brother Dennis, most genuine host's you could wish to meet, nothing is too much trouble. They also own the Blue Sea pool & bar just on the outskirts of the village, which is run by Makis (a poor boy from the village) his words, not mine. He stays open until you are ready to go home. The beach in the village not very good, but 20 minutes walk over the rocks, (just follow the blue ribbons tied to the bushes), is Kaminia beach, or drive to the next village on the way to Skala, Ratzakli, & look out for the sign to the beach. We are going again in early June, can't wait.

Sara H           

We had yet again a lovely stay in Katelios, we stayed in a fantastic apartment called Gallini, run by Thompson, very clean and friendly. There are only 6 apartments so very quiet. We recommend Persa's restaurant (behind Gallini) Good food - all home produced even the wine. Once you've met Victoria you will not forget her - my ears are still ringing!! Definately recommend a car as beach in Katelios is not too good, restaurants are pleasant very pricey compared to Scala.

Jan W           

No, does not appear to be a "genuine" stereotypical Greek village I agree, though apparently more locals are to be found frequenting the tavernas here out of season than in many other resorts. However, more genuine people you could not wish to meet. Simply a relaxing place to stay - hire a car, take a walk, eat and drink or just sit by the sea and relax in good company (the "nightlife" - lovely). Enjoy Katelios for what it is.

David O           

We ate at all the restaurants the BLUESEA,LIGHTHOUSE,@OSTRIA were our favourites ELLINKA good for children. The beach was partly stoney some weed near village.Go to KEMMINA beach for lovely sand and no crowds.Hire a car ,only one taxi,and buses only run during daytime

Bob B           

Katelios is just perfect, although I can understand the comment about not being a greek village. Tavernas on the beach and up the slight slope are excellent as are pools. You do need a car,but will find it difficult to shift yourself from Katelios as the people are friendly and it is so peaceful.

Rosalyn T           

Katelios is a lovely quiet village with a good 8 /9 restaurants although I would recommend a car so you can expore. It will be our third time in May.

Andrew B           

This small resort almost entirely consists of rooms to rent places. Thus is not 'genuine' greek village contrary to other views. The beaches to the south are good and virtually deserted and eventually connect with those south of Nea Skala.

Sue W           

Katelios is a ideal for anyone who enjoys the atmosphere and relaxation of a small greek village by the sea.