Katelios Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Samantha C           

I have been out to Katelios twice now first time with all the family (11) and the sendond time with parents and partner. Both times were extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Katelios is a small village with no night life but that's why I like it, I go away to escape all the hustle and bustle of normal day life and to just unwind in its nearly untouched state. Some comments have been made that it is not for kids however I would disagree my sister took both her children last year the youngest being just 4 months at the time and they are going again this year! No there's not any Kids clubs and the mod cons we have have at home but it is safe, peaceful at night for them to sleep, the locals love them and the resturants are more than happy to heat up bottles and prepare food especially for the children (or do what we do, all put a bit of food on the plate form yours so they get a selection of greek food - your be suprised how much the kids love the food) We have developed great friends with the owners and staff of a particular resturant (down by the duck pond) which makes the holiday all the more enjoyable. You have to tour the island and I recommend Fiskardo as a must and when in Fiskardo try the Sword Fish Souvalaki. I have jsut one more comment to make you don't go on holiday to experince what you can experince at home - don't expect top of the range rooms (it's greece - standard is different) if you go self catering don't expect to cook in the room it's basic and so cheap to eat out and when they say they will do something expect to wait a while - there today is tommorow!

Jerrys Elliniko - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Sam C           

For the best meal, the best staff and atmosphere then this is the place to go. 11 of us went the year before last and my parents, my partner and I went last year and we ate here every night without fail. The birds in the avery to go and look at as you let your meal digest and the ducks! Free sun lounges in the day time and also to lay on at night after you have had a few to many drinks. Gerry and Tina who own this brilliant place are very welcoming and were more than wiliing to stay up late to accomodate our drinking habits (3am - 4am) This restuarnt has given us some trully wonderful frineds and we will continue to go there year after year.