Katelios Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Gary G           

My wife and I have been going to Greece for over 20 years and Katelios, at least twice a year, since 1989. Some of our stays have been for several months. It is like home to us. Our next visit is in September. To rate Katelios with these categories as though it is like Palma Nova is ridiculous. The local beach is poor but if you want a beach holiday go to Benidorm. The nightlife is non existant unless you enjoy spending an evening talking to old and new friends while eating some of the best food on the island, although I have to agree the prices have increased considerably over the years. Skala is cheaper and only a short taxi ride away. There is an excellent taverna up a side street that serves quite wonderful food but I'm not going to reveal that secret. The fun is is in the searching. Unfortunately, the dreaded "Greek Night" has started to invade the peace and quiet. Brought in by the English, not the Greeks! Best Tavernas have to be Blue Sea and Medusa although others are catching up. Peaceful is too insipid a word for the experience you have in this village. Mind you, it would be best to avoid Augus when the village is invaded by Greeks and Italians none of whom can speak at less than a shout. Shopping? What shopping? A couple of tiny mini markets and a few "tourist" shops, hardly the Knightsbridge. Argostoli has more god shops than it used to. Charm, in it's strictest sense is correct. The village, and the whole island gets under your skin. I haven't been anywhere that compares whether in Greece or anywhere else. My best tip is too learn a few words of Grek and get talking to the locals, the effort will be repaid a thousand fold. To suggest that this is not a Greek village ignores what happened to the whole island in 1953 and the number of locals who still live there. I imagine the type of person that doesn't consider it to be "typical" prefers Lindos!

Blue Sea Restaurant - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G           

The best restaurant in Katelios and one of the best on the island. Count the number of locals eating there. Always a sure sign of quality and value for money.

Jerrys Elliniko - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G           

Not bad but very anglicised. Not surprising in view of who runs the place. The Greek Nights are so authentic they should have "made in Kong Kong" stamped on the bottom. Also the 3 course menus have more in common with Kings Heath than Katelios

Medusa Restaurant - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G           

This almost made it as my first choice in Katelios. Many people prefer it to any of the others. Angelo is, arguably, the best cook of any in Katelios.

Persas Taverna - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G           

I must be missing something. The food was poorly cooked and not particularly fresh. The service was poor by local standards and bad by any Greek standards. The prices nothing to write home about. It is usually full because it is so far outside the village and is now surrounded by new development. I imagine the people that go there can't be bothered to walk 1K into the village and eat real food.

Sirines - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G  (July 21, 2002)         

Don't bother unless all the other restaurants are full. Quality of the food depends on who the chef is that day. Don't be fooled by the menu, none of it is ever available. I particularly objected to one of the staff (English) cutting someones hair in the middle of lunch.

Lighthouse Restaurant - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G           

Has improved immensely over the last few years. Well worth a visit particularly as the prices eem cheaoer than the others on that road.