Restaurants in Katelios

Tony F (June 28, 2007)

My sincerest apologies to Alison and of course Stuart if we have misrepresented the situation in good faith.  I remember you both in Katelios as very friendly people and particularly Stuart's high speed waitering, rather different to the usual "siga siga" of Greek tavernas.  What we were told seemed surprising to say the least, and I am glad the record has been put straight. 
Although I check this site every couple of months at least I am sorry that I have not noticed this comment before today.  By coincidence we are leaving for Katelios in a couple of hours and I will be speaking to my source by the end of today.
Tony Farson

Alison M  (July 06, 2004)         

Well they are lying Tony. I am Stuarts sister and I also worked in Katelios. We left after the death of our mother to look after our father in the UK. Still I suppose our personal tragedy wasn't exciting enough for them, but it's nice to know how we've been remembered.

And you are right Tony Stuart is a nice guy. Maybe you could remind them of that as I won't be contacting them again.

Tony F  (February 24, 2004)         

The guy who worked in Sirenes (and other places) was probably Stuart. Stuart got himself into some very serious trouble, we heard, and the locals made it clear he was no longer welcome. Whereabouts no longer known. Seemed OK to me, but the allegation was not at all nice. Sorry. PS Service in the Sirenes seems to run on slow or stop.

Nigal   (August 24, 2003)         

We thought it was a nice place

Nigal   (August 23, 2003)         

We were in Katelios in 1996 the week that Sirines first opened. It was a great night. The restaurant seemed like a big empty barn inside but the seating across the road on the beach was nicely done.

I seem to remember that an English brother and sister worked there. They were both very good fun. Does anyone know if they are still around? We are thinking of going back to Kefalonia and would like to meet up with them.

Gary G  (July 21, 2002)         

Don't bother unless all the other restaurants are full. Quality of the food depends on who the chef is that day. Don't be fooled by the menu, none of it is ever available. I particularly objected to one of the staff (English) cutting someones hair in the middle of lunch.