Klimatis Restaurant

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Andy W           

I find it hard to believe that this place scores 10 out of 10 on the given scale here when Lithero scores less.  Yes the food is good.  Yes the service is good-ish and the price is ok-ish.  There are a lot worse places around and compared to many restaurants across the island this one is pretty good.  For some reason I didn`t like the atmosphere here.  It was just a little bit too quiet and that doesn`t mean I was looking for music or bloody Greek dancing but I find it strange when people whisper at tables.  What`s that all about?  Maybe it was an off night and looking at all the favourable comments about the place I think I may have got it wrong..........or maybe I`m just hard to please.  Go look for yourself.........its the only way. 

Bill T           

I find it hard to believe the last two comments I have been visiting Lourdas for the past 12 years, and Klimatis is one of the best taverna's in the area, some people have to understand that if they go at the end of the season , the staff have been working flat out since April from morning till late in the evening/ early morning. So what if you have to wait for your meal or to be served, ever thought of getting up and speaking to the staff I find this normally helps, the  staff at Klimatis are fabulous, amongst the best on the island having eaten in many places all over the island. So I would wholeheartedly recommend that if staying in Lourdas Klimatis is well worth the visit to eat, drink and relax by the sea.

Lynne D           

   A lovely place with lovely people. We were greeted this year by Yana and Leon (waitress and waiter)who remembered us from two years previous. They celebrated our engagement with us and presented us with a bottle of champagne.  The meals were great, the drink was great, but the service is outstanding! 

Mick T           

We loved this place. The service was excellent as was the food. If you didn't go anywhere else you could eat here for 14 nights without geting bored.

Gavin E           

This was convenient for us as we were staying in the Ionian Sun. Lovely location on the sea front with vine covered dining area. The food we had was good, pastas were large portions. The only bad points were, no children's portions until a children's menu mysteriously appeared on last night but one, and we were told by someone who had eaten there that a dish she had consisted of Chicken carcass with little meat on it (when they complained they were told that was whta they had ordered). We had no problems having covered a good deal of the menu over 2 weeks. The homemade garlic & herb butter that comes with the standard bread is wonderful. I would recommend a visit to the bar for a cocktail one night, Pina Colada was great.

Julia T           

What more can I say apart from to heap further praise on the Klimatis. Its staff, location, food and prices were unbeatable. I would recommend that you dont bother looking anywhere else to eat - you would be disappointed if you did!

The seafood platter and meat platters are excellent, both in terms of quality and quantity. We never felt hungry upon leaving, in fact quite the opposite!

Vivian K           

Klimatis would have to be one of the best restaurants in the region. It has the best food, the best wine and the best people. Marina is  gem and Yiannis a great cook. Yana is adoreable and uncle Aleko a classic. My children beg me to go back again and we will definitely do that. What can I say. I guess I am biased though as Marina & Yianni are my first cousins and I am proud of them. I am also proud to be a Kefalonian living in Australia. Well done guys!!! See you soon

Liam W           

This restaurant is fantastic. We ate here almost every meal of our 2 weeks. I especially recommend the sea bass and seafood platter. Yana, the waitress, made everyone welcome and everyone went out of their way to make our stay one to remember. All of the meals are reasonable and our only regret is that we has to leave at the end of our fortnight.

John W           

The Klimatis is one of the best tavernas in Lourdas,the young waitress is very friendly and welcoming the food is very good and inexpensive,and the setting with the open frame roof with the vines is lovely, there may be some posher restaurants up the hill(or mountain)but this would take some beating

Richard M           

we loved the klimatis,the food was great and so was the service,especially the waitress who was so lovely.we have just got home after two great weeks in lourdas beach and will return next year.

John B           

 Just got home from second visit to Lourdas and this is certainly the best for service food and price, it's like visiting old friends.  Special thanks toYana, for olives and VAT.  See you next year.

David H           

Having just returned from Lourdas this afternoon, and having eaten three times at this restaurant I can whole heartedly recommend this place.

Food was  fresh, of a good standard and fairly priced. Service is efficeint even when busy and staff are super friendly.
Location is best in town with sea views and a relaxed atmosphere.
Give it a go, we certainly had good food here on several occasions

Lee O           

We had dinner and breakfast at the Klimatis and it was great.   Breakfast was one of the best we had in Kefalonia and they were one of the few restaurants that had a decent highchair for our daughter!   Lovely sitting under the grape vines.    
Thoroughly recommend.

Steve D           

My wife and I returned from Kefalonia yesterday after our thirteenth visit and as always we ate at Marinas who has become a very special friend. The menu is without doubt the best to be had on the Island, the price is right and the staff and service was as always spot on, mind you we do have the advantage of knowing her very well. We have a year to wait till our next visit and it can't come quick enough.We were in a party of six and ate most things on the menu during our two visits and tried unsuccessfully to drink the place dry.

Andy S           

This place was recommended to us and more than lived up to the hype. Food, atmosphere, service were all you could wish for. The bread and herb butter are unforgetable!!!

Birdy, mon, levinsky and            

well i'm back in my cold and rainy country (cold and rainy f**k!)
i hope everything is good there without me are you in depress? hi hi hi i'm just joking of course
i was serious i'll be back next year even if you don't want me
i'm sending kisses for everyone (i can't forget versace man)
see you next year

Amy W           

Tasty food - though the prices slightly higher & portions were smaller than at other places (such as the Spiros!). Nice ambiance with lots of vines for shade if you fancy going there for lunch. Good location down near Lourdas Beach (but a steep climb back up if you are staying p in the village!)

Steve B           

We have just spent two lovely weeks in Lourdas, during this time we ate at Klimatis twice. On both occasions the food was excellent, I sampled the Mousakka and the Kefalonian Meat Pie.

I think the portions were very generous and the Mousakka and the meat pie were by far the best of out of all the restaurants we ate at!

Will be back next year!

Sarah C           

Gorgeous food. Waited nearly an hour for 4 toasted cheese sandwiches! Service good .


We must have a bad one off meal judging by the other reviews. The speed of service was good but the staff seemed more off hand than most other restaurants and the food was only average.

Jerry F           

we love marina and klimatis.The food is fresh tasty and served with asmile especially from yana. We will be there next year again !

Martin N           

Very relaxed and good value restaurant. First class service, particularly from a young Czech waitress.

Lesley & adrian S           

Seem to have messed up the scoring last time - sorry guys - but you know we think you're the best ever!! Can't wait for our next visit - and Marina, so pleased to hear your news!!!

Love from us both .....

Lesley & adrian S           

Klimatis is our absolute all-time favourite restaurant - it's great for ambience, friendly service and excellent food. The menu is extensive so there's plenty of choice - lovely fresh fish, too. Marina, Jana, we miss you! See you in September .....

Mary W           

Sending a big Hellooo to everybody in Klimatis.Cant wait till May to see you again!Hope you are all well (especially Yana-did you get our message?).Anyway,we had a great time in KLimatis last summer.Thank you for everything and looking forward to see you soon.

Ian M           

We ate here twice at lunchtime and twice in the evening. On eack occasion the food was excellent and of realy good quality. Jana was a real treasure explained everything we wanted to know about the menu. It was my freinds birthday on one occasion and they made it a night to remember.The best T-bone I have eaten anywhere but the local dishes where really interresting and of a high quality. For a enjoyable meal in a wonderful location you need go no further than Klimatis. 1st October 2003

Stephanie N           

We thought this was the best restaurant we went to over our two week stay. We had fresh vegetables with our fish (which was excellent) and the starters were also very good.

The ambience in Klimatis is also very romantic and relaxed.

David M           

We only went here for lunch but it was a great place for lunch - just across from the beach and under a cooling vine canopy. Sincerely friendly staff, and delicious light salads and a good selection of bottled and draught beer for Greek Island eating!


This was our favourite restaurant and we had the most fun here..the food is great especially the Rigatoni 4 cheeses, also the starters are excellent! The atmosphere is really relaxing and the staff are very friendly...a big hello to..Jana and everyone else at Klimatis and Bostani. We will be coming back very soon!..We can't wait!

Bostani is right next door and this was the best bar I have been in. the atmosphere is great...the cocktails are excellent!! especially the Pina Colada and the B52, we went in there every night! we loved it!

In our Opnion Klimatis and Bostani are the best restaurant and bar in Lourdas!

we look foward to seeing you all again soon!

Bill, Carol , Paul, Louise


Dave F           

I have just re-read my comments, and feel that they could have been understood as being negative about the excellant food served at this restaurent, which is not the case. On both occassions of visiting this restaurent, I thoroughly enjoyed the starters, and should have paid more attention to the main course selections (as I am not a food lover of both onions or meat pies).

As mentioned before Marina and her staff are very welcoming and helpful, and it was my mistake not to take advantage of this kind and helpful service to better choose from the extensive list of main dishes available. I would not hesitate to recommend this restaurent to anyone visting Lourdas, especially as the restaurent is just across the road from the main stretch of sunbeds on the beach.

I hope I have not offended Marina or her staff with the previous comments, as I hope to return again soon and sample more of her excellant food, and sit and relax in such a beautiful setting looking over to the sea from her restaurent.

Dave F           

Visited Klimatis twice during the 2 weeks of my stay, Marina the owner was very welcoming and the staff was very friendly during both of my visits. I had been informed that the food was Excellent, but it seemed that on both of my visits I must have ordered the wrong food for me, as I found both the meat dishes - one with lots of onions and the second - the Kefalonian meat pie not to my liking. The starters though was excellant, and I should have asked Marina her advise before ordering. The restaurant was beautiful to sit in with grape vines & other plants making up the roof and a wonderful bar serving great cocktails next door. Despite my main courses, I would still recommend the Klimatis for a place to eat.

Tanith & caroline            

One of the best restaurants we have ever been to.
The best T-bone steak we have ever had, and the most friendly, welcoming and thoughtful staff we have ever met

H P           

we ate here 2 times the food is excellent

Gill S           

Went here nearly every day as the food and service is so friendly.
Try the prawn and lobster salad, served in a huge glass with
massive prawns . The surroundings are very pretty as there are
vines above and a good veiw of the dishy lifeguard! Try Bostani
next door in the evening for wicked marguritas and good music.
Micos the manager is very friendly, a great host and stays open
till late.

Michelle H           



Loved the view of the sea and the food was excellent. Word of warning with the moussaka... try sharing it as very filling, but lovely!!

Lynda H           

We have been visiting Lourdas for ten years and have found the food and service at the Klimatis has always been excellent.The vegetables
are home grown in the gardens and it is well known that this area
close to the foot of the mountains produce some of the best vegetables
on the island.Yes: the food may sometimes be slighty more expensive than other restaurants in the village but the meat is of the highest quality(try the T-Bone steak or Pork Chop)they are better than we have tasted here in England.Maybe you have to wait a while for the bill but after all you are in Greece.Have another coffe while you wait. Marina,who runs the restaurant speaks perfect English and will discuss any questions you may have regarding the menu.

Paul M           

Excellent Taverna right on the beach. Relaxed friendly service

Lucy C           

This was our favourite restaurant....well worth the walk to the beach! The venue is perfect for a relaxed evening meal overlooking Lourdas beach. The food was superb - if you've not yet tried Saganaki (fried hard-cheese), then here is the perfect place! Atmosphere is completely relaxed and staff are extremely friendly. Big helloooooo to everyone at Klimatis - esp Yanna the vodka drinking Slovakian and Leo the part-time pig farmer!

Lucy & Aaron

Ed F           

This was our favourite restaurant, great location down on the seafront. Choice of food was great, recommend trying some of the fresh fish.

Rebecca S           

Great Location to watch the sun set over the hill. Staff were very helpful and food was excellent. Particularly nice is the bread you get when you arrive, hot, fresh rolls and cheese sticks with a herb butter.You have to try it at least once.

Alison W           

We had read the comments on this page before we went so we went and tried it out. Nice setting, friendly staff however the portions where small and the presentation of the food let them down. Much nicer places to eat at.

Jason L           

we know marina very well and love her resaurant . can't wait to return in september. yes the service is slow but who wants to be rushed when you are on the most beautiful greek islands. we urge people to try the kefalonian meat pie,it will blow you away!

Katrina P           

Very laid back service here, waited over an hour for the bill, on other occasions we went up to pay. Food was excellent, Garlic bread, Tuna Salads, Bacon & Egg Sandwich all excellent, value for money.

Jackie R           

This was the best meal in Lourdas, plenty of it value for money and perfectly cooked. Excellent

Marilyn S

We are arriving in Lourdas mid afternoon on a Sunday in September. Will there be any mini markets open or restaurants?

Sue L           

We loved the Klimatis. The food was good, the waiters friendly and what a fantastic location. This was our favorite restaurant in Lourdas.

Steve T           

As per the other comments, service slow (V slow) and you have to CHASE the bill. Ate their twice and both meals were excellent. As with everywhere else, price is 40% up on last year (Euro smoke csreen).

Gareth J           

Good location, service a bit slow but who cares when you can have a drink and look out over the sea on a warm evening. Food was good.

Ian J           

a good all round taverna, the best bit is Mikeys bar which is tagged on the side of the taverna, nice bloke, good music which you can still talk over and a bloody good tequila sunrise.

John S           

Very good food at a fair price but I found the service a bit on the slow side even though I like to take my time over my meals.

Allison F           

Slow service, food not special.

John P           

Excellent - pick a warm evening as there is only a roof of vines. Spelling is KLIMATIS. Bill takes ages - enjoy! Nicely presented meals.

Liz H           

We ate there several times (it was second closest to our apartments) Portions were always a good size & hot & staff were very friendly - free roses on our first night! Not the fastest service (but what do you expect in Greece?!) & the bill used to take ages to arrive, but better than being pushed out in a hurry! Cheese balls were excellent!!

Geoff D           

Excellent fresh food right on the beach front. They have a vegetable plot next to the restaurant. When we ordered mezzes (mixed plate of starters for two to share which is excellent) and greek salad, the salad came dressed with fresh herbs picked from the garden especially for our order. You can't get fresher than that.

Lea R           

Great place to watch the sun go down - right on the beach. Staff very friendly. If you're a steak person you MUST try the T-bone steak it's the best!