La Mer Restaurant

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Joseph K           

Excellent food, great atmosphere and reasonably priced, the service is great also. You will not be disappointed 


The best in Lourdas by far

Varied menu and good service (and the world cup on the telly!)
Cheese pies for starters are a must!

Mary J           

We climbed the hill to have breakfast here and were not disappointed. The service was friendly, great orange juice and sausages that didn't taste as if they had come out of a tin. The only negative was Sky TV on large screens at either end of the restaurant. Not all Brits like to watch or listen to tv 24 / 7

Jodie P           

Not bad at all, although we only ate here once, as we were put off by the fact that they have Sky sports on every night as you eat.  Fish was good, service was good - found the menu a little Alglified though.  But a lovely setting to eat in - the only place you have to wait for a table!  Pretty good meal over all. 

Lisa H           

What can I say yum, yum,yum!!!

Ate here every other night and it was the best food in Lourdas!! Can't recomend one thing as everything is so good!

Sarah S           

After not enjoying this restaurant last year, we have to say they have improved drastically.  Good food, lovely setting, pleasant staff and good service.  Highly recommended and the strawberry cheesecake and coffee's with baileys are just to die for.  Well done La Mer and keep up the good work.


Great food, great service, fantastic setting and very reasonable prices. Excellent variety of choices on the menu and cater extremely well for vegetarians. Top place to eat.

Colin L           

Great location

Colin L           

just come back after a fantastic week in lourdas made espeially by the excellent food and hospitality of Andreas And Natasha at La Mer. We recommend everyone try their superb Breakfasts and if possible their even better evening menu 10 out of 10 .  Dont forget to try the cheesecake or one of Natasha's excellent cocktails.

Cant wait to return next year.. 

Rod and kath K           

 Spent 5 days in Lourdas and found La Mer on the main beach road. Beautifully clean and comfortable restaurant with a menu with a difference.  We ate here 5 nights, it was so good we returned each night, sometimes early evening other times late after visiting the bars.  The food was always exceptional with Chicken a La Mer, Solefish and Crab, Swordfish, Lamb, Pork and the most wonderful Carbonara to name just a few. Nice vegetarian dishes too. The service was great, friendly, helpful and fun from Makis, Natasha and the owner Andreas ensuring we enjoyed the evenings.  Great background music and the setting is magnificent with gas lamps and the moonlight on the sea lighting the restaurant. Find La Mer and you won't be disappointed. Enjoy your holiday.

Kath and Rod
ps Don't miss the homemade strawberry cheesecake - delicious.

John W           

Always eat at the klimatis thought cause we had a car would try somewhere different,food wasnt to special ,prices were on a par with klimatis,service was very good and they had a greek night which was 2 guys who were quite entertaining I think the crowd were just starting to warm to them as we were leaving,the restaurant itself is nicely situated and bigger than it looks from outside.

Mike M           

The food was ok, we had one of the daily specials, which were the same for a week at a time I think! It was good value.

However, the service was awful, the staff were not friendly and I had to ask for the bill 3 times.

It felt as though they were doing you a big favour by serving you.

David H           

 Returned from Lourdas this afternoon. Having had dinner here once during our stay

Nice restaurant with friendly staff and pretty views.
Food was alittle above  average  and not all  typically " Greek" but fairly priced,  saying that this was made up by the lovely atmosphere and great service.
Worth a try for one evening maybe.

Steve C           

The food here is very good, Lamb La Mer is excellent, My partner had the Calamari, which was also excellent. There is a good selection on the menu of traditional greek food along side more English style dishes. The service was prompt and polite, the only complaint I had with the waiters, was the fact they were not Greek. A little petty, maybe but I prefer to try to enjoy the local atmosphere and culture, which becomes a little difficult when you have a waiter from Eastern Europe and ond from England. The price of the food was typical for the resort, around 30 euros for two courses with house wine for two people.

Pam S           

Visited La Mer twice last year and will be coming back soon.  Friendly service and good food and wine, great location.

Pam & Steve Scaife

Lee O           

Visited here once for dinner and for breakfast.  The food was good and the scenery was superb but had better service in Lourdas and didnt seem overly friendly to newcomers, only their old customers which was obvious to us - nevertheless, the food was lovely and that's the main thing.

Rachel P           

This restaurant really is the best in Kefalonia, the food is great, chicken fantastic.  ANDREAS and NATASHA were fantastic hosts, the best! Please say hello to my wonderful friend Natasha when you go 

Amy W           

Amazing views and pretty good food. Only a fairly limited selection on the menu, but what we ate was pretty good. The 'lamb le mer' was really very tasty and their tatsiki fresh & very good. The fanous 'Mythos' beer is well worth trying here as it arrives in a pre-frozen glass - perfect!


The rating os too high for this. Menu not very extensive, food OK, views out to sea superb, service Ok. It is not 10/10 though.

Joanne B           

We ate here 3 times during our stay, the food was excellent, and the waiters are very friendly. The menu can get a bit limited though especially if you eat there regularly. The view is spectacular as you can see across the sea to Zante. You must try the Lamb La Mer it is excellent.


Great food and excellent views.Food beautifully presented and good service and prices.Limited menu but all good.

Mark P           

In my view the rating is to high, granted the food was superb but the service leaves something to be desired


Good food but the menu is very restricted, not a great selection. We went for lunch and the pasta is good. Great views over the sea.

Susan H           

We have just returned from a fortnights holiday in Lourdas. We ate several different meals at the La Mer,all of which were excellent,both in quality and presentation. We would definately reccommend it. The staff were very friendly and attentive. Excellent value for money,and the views over the bay made the evening perfect for us.


The saganaki cheese here is lovely, try it! We ate here 3 times and were not disapointed.

Barry R           

Super views from this good restaurant. Quick and attentive service.
Excellent food at good prices.
The only downside was the rather loud background music which sometimes was fighting with the TV sound !!

Stephanie N           

We went to this restaurant 4 times over two weeks. We kept going back for the Red Snapper which was excellent and the price was unbeatable. We also tried other items on the menu and everything was very good.

The views from this place are stunning, especially if you at sunset. Really breathtaking.

Kevin R           

The choice was limited however what was served was excellent. Fantastic views (Worth a visit for this alone).


I ate here on the first night of my hols because the welcome drink with the Olympic rep was here, it was fine, nothing special but i only had a Greek salad! I met other people who had eaten hot meals there and their comments varied so widely i'm not sure if they ate in the same restaurant!!! The staff were friendly enough and it was fairly cheap, nothing to make me go back though.

Mat T           

spent 4 months in and around laurdas, i rented a lovely two bedroom apartment with my girlfriend at a place near passarda, can honestly say it was the best 4 months of my life got a nice little job in laurdas and made some good friends!the best place to eat by far is la mar! adreoss and pedro made me and my girlfriend at the time very welcome and the food was supurb!!!

Judith R           


R L           

Complete opposite to the awful casa de blue. The menu was extensive, the food wonderful, the staff were attentive but not intrusive. The price very good in line with all other greek resturants. The view breath taking and romantic. The best resturant in Lourdas without a doubt. In peak season arrive by 8pm-8.30pm for sea view seating.

Dave F           

Just returned back, after spending 2 weeks in Kefalonia. Ate at La Mer 4 times during my stay. Food was always excellant, service was great especially from Andreas who was always attentive and on hand to assist with the menu selections. Can especially recommend the La Mer specials of both the Lamb and the stuffed fish. Hopefully will return next year for more of the same.

Xaxas X           

Mr Baird (or should i say Lorrain)
I didnt say a bad word about other restaurants which were great too like Patriccia's Blue Sea Blue Island and Klimatis...which were good but not the best...The two restaurants i was a little cruel i told the truth...
Truth may be bitter but must be told............

A. M           

you can try the rest but la mer is the best

John B           

If Axias or Agios { got any more pseudonyms ? }are really greek tourists why, oh why, would they be so hell bent on making so many disparaging remarks about every other restaurant in lourdas apart from LA MER. I find it incredible that some people can be so petty and vindictive about other good restaurants in order to try and get tourists into theirs. You should learn to take criticism in the way it was intended. { After all, your restaurant is hardly Gordon Ramsay's !! }

Katie S           

My boyfriend and I ate in La Mar 3 times whilst staying in Lourdas, and found it to be by far the best restaurant in the area out of the ones we tried. The whole place is just classier. It is very clean, friendly and the views of the sea whilst eating your meal where lovely. The prices are very good and we found the service to be very efficent. The Lamb La Mer is the nicest thing I have ever tasted, the meat melts in your mouth and the lemony mustard sauce was perfect!! The only thing that disapointed me was that I couldn't eat it all!!!

Xaxas X           

Dear Mr Baird
If you re not a Greek and owner or friend of the owner of Magic Hill, give me your address in Brittain to convice me. I m a Greek tourist visiting Lourdas every year. Are you really sure you ate octapus in LAMER this year? If other visitors of this page know i call them to talk

Mick P           

We went to "La Mer" twice and enjoyed well prepared food and relatively fast service. As with most eateries, you get good nights and not-so-good nights! The portions were generous and we all loved the meatballs. If you're in the area try it. Mick, Pauline and Kids (17th - 31st July '03)

B T           

Had great meals,service was brilliant,fabulous puddings
with sparklers in,laughed a lot.Brian aged 12

John B           

Dear Mr Agios,
Unlike some of the others who appear to frequent this site and who have ulterior motives for their very poor and un-called for attacks on individuals and restaurants, I am indeed a tourist who tried to give an honest and frank summation of my visits to local restaurants. I take it that you either work or own LA MER and have a vested interest in your attacks on others { especially Lorraines }

I can assure you that having eaten all over the world for many years that my visit to LA MER was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. { And whether it was octopus or squid that I had for my starter it still had black hairs stuck to the coating !! }

Louise D           

We ate here twice on our holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it on both occasions. The meat balls are lovely, as is the mediteranean chicken. Although we arrived very late one evening, the waiters were still extremely welcoming and friendly. We tried all the restaurants in this area and La Mer was by far the best.

Jamie C           

I have visted lourdas 3 times and we went to the LA MER every night
and enjoyed it to bits!The food was excellent ,the staff are great with children.

Agios A           

Dear Mr Baird
This year octapous was not on the menu of LAMER. I wonder if you are really a tourist and not a local owner of restaurant. Im surprised you liked Lorrain's food .It was awful. It is obvious because the cook is a car engineer and last moment choise....

Brian T           

Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful setting,the staff are really
friendly and nothing is too much trouble.Excellent value for

Karen B           

It's a great place to eat ,the food is great and the staff are
very friendly thay make you feel very welcome.

Claire H           

Have just come back from lourdas and ate here 5 out of 7 nights.
Staff were really friendly and make you welcome. Enjoyed every
meal i had especially the lamb LA MER.

Alison G           

Highly recommend this restaurant. The staff were so friendli and the
food was very tasty.

Martin B           

Average food and as previously stated poor wine. I'm sure Sylvia realises that Robola is a grape variety, and not a wine as such. Like every other grape variety the variation in standards of wine from the excellent to the very inferior is inevitable.

Sylvia O           

Dear John,
Think you have the wrong restaurant as the Octopus isn't served in batter and there is no chicken in green sauce on the menu!! The 'house' wine is the same Robola wine as is served in all of the restaurants, so I don't understand why it would taste worse in this one?!!

Sophie H           

An excellent restaurant, good food which is fresh and properly cooked (Spiros and Casa de Blue could learn a thing or two about that!), staff friendly and helpful. We ate here several times during a two week stay in Lourdas and all the dishes we tried were of an equally high quality.

Karen & brian            

Ate here only once during the three weeks based in Lourdata. Although it was recommended we found the food pretty ordinary and the "fresh fish" questionable. All in all very bland but surroundings and view nice.

Ann D           

We have just returned from our stay at Lourdas and I must say that we ate at the La Mer twice - the food looked ok but unfortunately on both occassions there was a hair in my main meal. Therefore I didn't go again.

Jackie S           

This place was very good,we ate here twice during our stay and
found the food and service excellend on both occasions,the waiters
are all very friendly your not rushed and we didnd have to wait
too long.

Pete R           

We ate here twice, the first time the meal was good, however the second time, the moussaka somehow arrived luke warm yet it was burnt around the edges and top, which suggests it may have been reheated. Service was good both times however, yet we think it's slightly overrated.

Richard B           

Dear j.p.
If you are going to set yourself up as a critic at least learn how to spell and get your facts right. La Mer (Mar?) is not 'right on the beach front' it overlooks the sea which is about a mile away. Remember, (or as you put it remmember) if you are going to trash someone at least spell their name correctly (Lorraine not Lauraine)Also have the guts to put your name to your personal attacks (see j.p. comments on Lorraine's pages)

J P           

This is a fantastic Greek restaurant right on the beach front. You must remmember greek cuisine is not the best food in the world but the simple attention to detail and fresh produce make La mar well worth a visit. If anything else you can sit and laugh at all the poor folk making there way up to lauraines 'tragic' hill!!!!!!

Jane T           

Having eaten at most of the other restaurants in Lourdas,we kept returning to La Mer and agreed that it was by far the best in Lourdas (in our opinion!) Although obviously busy,the staff were always friendly and attentive.The food was excellent and the view superb.

Richard B           

We had a pleasant meal here slighly better quality than the average Lourdas fayre. The views, especially at sunset are worth the visit alone. A couple next to us had their main course bought up and they were only half way through their starter, they complained but the waiter didn't seem to think it was a problem and left their meals on the table.

Sylvia O           

Ate here numerous times and had excellent service and food every time! Perfect view across the sea, excellent atmosphere. Would highly recommend.

Victoria B           

I was expecting alot more from this restaurant after seeing the comments on this site, but I got the feeling that they are living on their reputation?? Obviously others disagree!! The setting is nice though - lovely view, and the chocolate ice cream was especially nice. It was quite a hike from where we stayed at the beach too.

Carolyn S           


Gill D           

We ate here 5 nights out of 7, excellent food, especially the fish meze!! Gets very busy, so get there early!! Absolutely gorgeous views from the restaurant! Excellent service.

Harry S           

We ate there 4 or 5 times, on every occasion the meal was faultless the service superb ,the views out of this world and the price perfect.

Michelle S           

The meals are fantastic, The menu includes lots of local dishes all at a cheap price but the quality was first class. All the staff are friendly and welcoming. Higly recommended.

Kate J           

We have just returned from two weeks on Kefalonia. La Mer was very close to where we stayed. We found it a very lively popular place. The food was delicious - we chose local dishes like the Kefalonia Meat Pie, Moussaka which were beautifully cooked.


We have just returned from a week in Kefalonia and ate at La Mer 3 times !!
The pasta dishes (Carbonara & Tortellini) were lovely and washed down with the locally produced wine - you cant go wrong.
The service was good and the waiters polite and friendly. All in all I would definately say to give it a go !

Kate H           

Nice food but the service was a bit slow and they seemed to want rid of us quickly, we did go late so maybe would have had a better experience had we gone earlier. Food was good though and view was nice from the balcony. Bit chilly later on though so would be an idea to take an extra layer!

Shelly,jez,jack and ben            

We always enjoyed an evening eating out at La Mer...Red Snapper..never forgotten..poli good! EVERYTHING cool, the service warm and the location cosmic.The delicious service was warm and so was the atmoshphere chilling,as we have introduced the game Passing the Pigs to our young sons....cannot wait to return.

Richard F           

we returned to kefalonia this may after having a great two weeks last year. we ate in la mer again several times, the food and service was excellant again but was very disappointed to find out jeanetta was not working here this year. last year we found her very welcoming and freindly also full of information about the island better than both reps this year and last.

Ros U           

We have been visiting Lourdas now for 3 years and La Mer is our favourite Taverna in the resort. This is not only because the food is excellent and freshly prepared,(no microwaves here!) but the local familiy who own it are very friendly and give service how you want it - fast, if you are going on somewhere, or Greek style for whiling away the evenings under the stars admiring the view over the bay. Sorry, you folks who like to be served by British waiters/waitresses, but we can meet fellow Brits any day of the week at home, so why not ask for Makis or Andreas. Their English is very good, they are charming, amusing and can talk to you about the real Kefalonia.

Susan W           


Liann L           

Everyone keeps going on about how good Jeannete is. Well let me tell you, I found her very rude and a nasty piece of work. She spreads rumours and gossips about you to try and get you sacked! Everyone else at La mer is great though and the food is ace.

Tahira C           

I came to Lourdes at the end of the season and was able to call in at Ler Mer before it closed, great food, very good service especially from Jeanetta who was impeccably dressed, very welcoming, helpful, made me feel important - A DEFINATE ASSET TO THE RESTAURANT AND ISLAND. One of the reasons I will return next year.