Jenny Studios

Accommodation in Lassi

Sue M           

i agree with the lady who went to jenny studios in october 2006.
 we went in sept 06 and had a fantastic holiday thanks to tony and jerry. the food was fantastic and  tony is a p***y cat when you get to know him even tho we got told off for leaving the outside light on. 
the people who did not like the studios can not have got to know jerry and tony and all i can say is you missed out.
well done guys see you next year

Jenny M           

After returning home from our fantastic two week holiday @ Kefalonia we decided to see what comments previous visitors had made about the Jenny Studios.  To our amazement we discovered the comments posted were far from fair.  The Jenny Studios are run by a very welcoming and helpful family, Tony and Jerry are lovely people and we could not have asked for more, considering it was a studio accommodation we had payed for it was the best one we have stayed at and we have vistited the island three times.  The barbecue's Tony provided every friday were absolutely fabulous (better than any meal we have had @ Kefalonia) and for only 13 Euro each we could not have asked for more.  We were pleasantly suprised with our accommodation (room no 4) on arrival and had maid service once a week which was what we expected.  The views from Ozzies Bar (part of Jenny Studios) where beautiful also and the food there was lovely. We will certainly be returning next year and are looking forward to meeting Tony and his family once again.

Joseph G           

  stayed there in 2003, the apartments were well below average the cooker did not work after repeated complaints he tried to rectify the matter by canabalising other apartments, he the invited us for a greek meal that he was going to cook personally, then billed us 33 euros . then on our last day we were only to leave at mid day, to our surprise we were thrown out by the owners cleaner, we had to dress in the courtyard "appalling place, minus 10"as a postscript , one evening we  were playing cards on the courtyard , the next day he had the audacity to tell us to turn our light off because it was upsetting his goats

Dave H           

Stayed here first week of August 2004. Rooms long overdue for refurbishing. Location convenient but sometime lots of noise from the main road. Nearest available pool at Lassi Hotel too far to be useful.

Carolyn B           

Apartment 9 had no view at all - we generally found it unclean. The cooking facilities were poor and the utensils were very greasy - hence we used the apartment as a place to literally sleep in. The island made-up for the accommodation though - in a big way. We would not recommend Jenny Studios or Olympic Holidays due to others in the party who had experienced similar problems with their accommodation.

Dario C

I need to know the prices and availability in yours apartments for four people in august between the 14th and the 21st.
thanks a lot

Jane F

PLease could I have prices of this accommadation for September/October 2003