Grand View Apartments

Accommodation in Lassi

Sophie B           

I don't know what all these comments are about the grand view being dreadful! me and my family stayed there in 2004 for 2weeks and we loved it! we didn't care about the appartment being on the ground floor, just being there was good enough for us. the service was brilliant, and although it was a walk to lassi, the views on the way down are brill! ur abroad, y drive???? if i had to make a bad comment then it would be that the pool bar wasnt open but 1 out of how many that were??.

Amy R           

We spent 2 weeks at the Grand View Apartments in Lassi a year ago.  The place certainly lives up to its name - the views from the hotel are spectacular...if you are not on the ground floor.  When we first arrived we were put into apartment 13 - this was ground floor, dark, damp and grotty.  We had no balcony...there was a patio table outside our apartment door which at night attracted all the wild cats and one night a rather large dog!!  After complaining to our rep, she informed us that all the apartments were full until our second week.  We braved it and had a pretty rotten first week - it is a hell of a trek from the apartments to Lassi - i would definately recommend car hire - the cleaners are noisy and the owner is extremely loud, rude, and rather scary.  There is a small shop selling a small selection of items, although this was only open an hour a day - only if the owner could be bothered.  The pool is a good size and was pretty clean...there is a 'pool bar' which was never ever open.  In our second week we got relocated to the top floor apartments which had a fantastic view and were cleaner and airier we also hired transport and had a good chance to explore the wonderful island.  In short - island beautiful - apartments good location and nice looking - the main problems were the owner and staff - or lack of them.

Diane C           

just returned from my week holiday. We were supposed to stay at the Grand View in a studios for 3persons, with a balcony. We had a ground floor room at the back of the property, with no balcony no view other than scrub land. It looked as if our appartment (using that term very losely) was an old garage not fit to be let out in my opinion. Outside the metal door was a tap that constantly ran so it caused the room to be damp and mouldy,and stink. The only daylight entering the room was through 2 small windows at ceiling height,with metal bars fitted on the ouside, Does this set the scene. There was no way, could you have slept at night,without keeping a nightly vigil for other,inhabitants.Thank God our rep was able to move us.

Kirsty M           

I have just arrived back from a two week holiday staying at grand view. We had a fantastic view from our appartment it definately lived up to its name. The appartment its self is very basic buts ideal as a base. The bins got emptied every other day and the towels got changed mid week and on saturdays. The pool was kept clean and the surrounding area was tidy. The only complaint I would have is the noisy cleaners who managed to wake us up most mornings by shouting at each other. All in all we enjoyed our stay at grand view just a shame its such a long walk to town a car is definately recommended.

Gary and jackie S           

We have just returned from a weeks holiday at the Grand View apartments,and it does live up to it,s name ,the views are excellent,but that is where it ends.
There was no bar for drinks or snacks,the shop was only open when the owners felt like it and they were very unhelpful and not at all friendly compared to other places we have stayed at on the island,towels changed only once and bins only 3 times the whole week,thought this should have been every day,has other places.
Car hire is essential as it is a good 2 miles into Lassi to shops and restaurants.
If these apartment,s were run better thay would be an excellent place to stay,Lassi is a lovely place,has great beaches,many good places to eat.Kefalonia is a beautiful island and well worth a visit and we will definately be returning.(but not to the grand view ).....

Martin E           

We have just returned from a week at Grand View. We booked a Room with a balcony and recieved on arrival a ground floor prison cell. Very dirty very dark and damp. We were devistated. Grand View all we could see was an overgrown tree blocking our view. When we complained we recieved no help from both the libra rep and the hotel owners. Fortunalty we managed to strike a deal with another couple to change rooms. We only had our towels change once all week and that was with an argument. Bins were not changed at all. The owners had no interest in looking after us at all, The grass was a foot long the pool was rottern and never cleaned. Broken tables and chairs surronded the pool. I would personly re-visit Lassi as a resort but never again to Grand View. Grand View ////// Grand DISSAPOINTMENT.....

Jacqui S           

I've just come back from Kefalonia. The apartments were very basic, but they were clean and the view from the balcony is just breathtaking. We sat and watched the cruise ships docking near Argostoli.
The swimming pool was clean and lovely to sit around. The only thing that would have been nice is if the bar/shop was open. (The shop was only available in the mornings!)
You do need a car though as it is a good walk down to Lassi.

Maragaret T           

My boyfriend and l have just booked a holiday to Lassi staying at the Grand view hotel. Reading the comment has really put me off l hope l like it. We are goint on the 4th october for 7 nights.

Andrew & kendra D           

The Grand View appartmnts were dreadful. The only good thing was the excellent view of the mountains and Argostoli. This is our 2nd visit to Kefalonia and these appartments were so very disappointing. They were dirty and tatty with a cooker that should be in a museum!! The bins were not emptied daily which in Greece is a must!! The pool was clean and nice to sit around, although there were not enough sunbeds for everyone. These appartments are more than 2km away from Lassi and car hire is a must if you want to get around.

Brian K           

We stayed at the Grand View for two weeks from 9th August. The first room we had was No. 15. A one bedroom apartment on the ground floor with only one window in the entire apartment. The toilet/shower room stunk and there was no ventilation. To let our two kids sleep my wife and I took turns staying up with the door and the one window open. When we complained to the rep the following morning she said she could not do nothing for 24 hours and that we could sleep with the door open or stay up all night again. We promptly went and booked a hotel in Agostoli. We got moved a week later to No. 13 which had five windows. The setting for the Grand View is great. the views are wonderful we found the pool to be clean and well kept until a mob of young British yobs descended on the place for our second week. They smashed chairs, threw rocks and plates in the pool. The owners of the Grand View were not happy and were going to call the police and ask us if we would be witnesses to the damage. The mob should have been in Faliraki not Kefalonia.

Allison W           

We returned from the Grand View on 19th July 2003, we thought the apartment (ours was a two bed on the ground floor)was adequite for sleeping in, but the pool was dirty and full of bugs, the pool bar is not going to be opened this year...even if it was you wouldn't seriously spend time around there. The aparts are too far away from the main resort of Lassi or Argosteli, Im only 29, but the walk over the MOUNTAIN to get to the resort of Lassi would have killed me!!, we hired a car for the full week, which youn really need. We travelled all around the gorgious island and to be honest Skala and Fiskardo even Argostelli would have been better places to stay rather thamn Lassi. The evening entertainment is poor in Lassi, Argostelli has the "action", well if you call sitting in a restaurant enjoying a good meal and sipping on a cocktail action!, I would definatley return again to Kefalonia but I'd stay in Skala "its gorgious with everything on hand for you". We found some really good aparts in Lassi called the Olive Garden (First Choice do them), these were fantastic, really clean, entertainment and aqua aerobics on a morning, great views over lassi too!!

Sarah T           

Breathtakingly beautiful views. Quite some distance from shops/tavernas etc but car hire or taxis cheap enough, unless you seriously like walking! Apartments were adequate for sleeping in!! The greeks idea of self catering and cleanliness are quite different from us brits so don't expect luxury.

Colin H           

Situated near to the top of the hills above Lassi, the views from the balcony were absolutely breathtaking, as was the walk back from the beach at the end of the day. Would recommend car hire or a taxi.