Eleftheria Apartments

Accommodation in Lassi

John .           

Tried toi post here a few times but neer managed to get the damn thing on line. ANyway, if this works, we stayed at Eleftheria in last wekk July frst week August 2004. The hill is a HILL. In the heat, seems very far and tiring, rocky underfoot and not pleasent, but, to compensate for this,m the apartments were very clean, justa a couple of visiits from some ants which we got rid of by insect spray. The pool (when clean) was lovely, on three days however a green tinge appeared an dwe decided bnot to use it. When cleaned though it was lovely, swallows would dive bomb from the sky right by you and snatch a dringk from the pool, great fun.
The apartments have NO AIRCON, and do get very hot, you can hire a fan from the shop at the bottom of the hill for $10 for a week, we got two, needed them both.
To sum uo, the aprtments were clean and functinal, a very tiny 12 ring camping cooker? was all you got as a kitchen, but the rooms were clean and quiet. The location is lovely when you are 'at home' but a pain when you have to 'go out'. then again a taxi is only 4 euro and well wortn it.

We would recommend this apartment as basic but pleasent.

Wendy T           

we stayed here for two weeks fm august 24th. First night we got there opened the door and huge cockroach on the floor, second night one of the local cats came in through the window and frightened my kids to death! On the whole clean apartments, if you get a choice and there are three of you ask for either apartment A1 or A6 brilliant views. They are very basic, kitchen area is useless if you intent to cook. The hill is ok but i wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has kids or struggles walking... quite steep especially going back up the hill in the afternoon fm the beach. A taxi will take you back up the hill for about 5 euros

John C           

The apartments are in a great location, lovely and peaceful, clean and tidy, great relaxing pool...ahhh heaven. but there are pricfes to pay for this!
Firstly there is no air con. a real problem as the heat and humidity really works on you, you can hire fanc for around 20 euros from the local supermarket at the bottom of the hill, better than nothing i suppose. An talking of the 'hill' it is a bugger, very steep and rocky under foot, in the sun and humidity it really does affect you, ou can go the long way round on the tarmac rtoad (extra 10 mins walk) but the heat and slope still affect. Then again a Taxi is onlu 5euros so wheres the problem?
I enjoyed Eleftheria and wiould stay there again, hire car is essential though as that hill does stop you 'popping out' for an ice cream etc as there are no food/drink facillities at all on site.

John C           

stayed here ebd July - first week august 2004. Lovely apartments, very basic, very hot and no air conditioning. you can hire a fan from Marnies market just down the hioll for a 20 euros, better than nothing. The pool was great, let down on three occassions by some kind og contaminent that turned it green, but whern it was clean it was brilliant. The end of the day is, that the apartments a re very clean, very peaceful; and with great views. You get what you pay for. The hill is a bugger, it really is, the shortcut is better but hard work underfoot with loose rocks to contend with, but then again a taxi is only 3-5euros!

Lisa E           

Can anybody help, Thinking of booking to stay at the Eleftheria apartment last two week of August is there air conditioning or fan's to hire? and does anybody know of a good car hire company? What's the hill like?

Wendy T           


Bod B

I'm thinking about booking a fortnight here in June/July and would really like to hear from anyone who's stayed here recently. Maybe the most important questions is, IS THE POOL BAR OPEN this year?! I'd be interested in any other info/views people had about the place too.

Cheers in advance!

Joanne V           

We stayed here for two weeks during July (before schools finished)and it was very peaceful, especially by the pool, although would of been great if pool bar was open. We found numerous creatures in our apartment (1 bedroom appartment, which was same price as studio)including spiders, red centipedes, and ants, but we bought some great insect spray to keep them out. The maid was very friendly also.Great views out to sea. The hill was a bit too much to take in the mid day sun, but we hired a car for 8 of the 14 days so we didn't have to make the climb them many times. It was a nice stroll down to Lassi in the evening though, when the sun went in. Leave your stillettos at home though!

Arun P           

Just got back - it was a lovely location with a great view of the sea.
The room was basic but was very clean and spacious.The pool area was quiet and ideal for relaxing and soaking in the sun.It was a shame that the pool bar was closed !!!.Overall the apartment was very quiet and chilled out. DO NOT be worried about the steep hill - it is not that bad and there is a short cut, it takes about 10 minutes to get down to Lassi town .

The Makrios Gialos beach is defintely the best in Lassi with a fanastic beach bar.

We will definitely be back !!!!

Wilma J           

I am just back last week from Lassi and the Eleftheria appts - anyone going there please note that they are not opening the poolbar this year. We arrived from the airport to find there was nowhere to even buy a bottle of water. It was not a good start to the holiday having to walk all the way down to the main road and back up again before we could have a drink. Apts were basic but very clean and Maria the maid was lovely. I'd have to recommend car hire though as that hill was a killer!

Simon W           

My girlfriend and I went here in May 2002 and liked the apartments so much that we're going back next month (June 03). The apartments are set high up on the hillside, and you've got to be prepared to do a bit of walking up and down the hill if you've not got a car. The pool is excellent - really clean, and there were plenty of sun loungers available. Cant fault Eleftheria in any way to be honest.

Wilma J

Hi, I am visiting these apts next month and would appreciate any info you can give me. I have stayed in Liberatos Village in the past - where are these apts in relation to Liberatos - do they supply a kettle - is there a bar or shop - do all apts have sea view - see what I mean!! Anything you can pass on would be much appreciated - ta.

Jessica F           

Just a quick note; when returning to kefalonia this year we popped in to Eleftheria appartments and found that the bar was open round by the pool.Still had not changed in its beauty!!! Jess

Billie F           

We booked a 2 week stay at the Eleftheria appartments last year for around 300 and somewhat pounds per person. Set upon a high hill, the 17-unit appartments have a fantastic view over Lassi,Lixouri and the ever famous `Rabbit Island`. The appts were v. clean, with Maria the maid who came to change the bedding at LEAST twice a week. V. quiet, we had the pool to ourselves most of the time. The pool was spotless clean, you could read a newspaper through it (if you wanted to?!) it was that clear. I would not recommend these appts to people with walking disabilities as the walk down the steep hill to the shops and restaurants does use up alot of energy, i would recommend car hire in this situation for people who are not 100%fit. But other than that, the appartments are definitley a thumbs up. I would be happy to send anyone any info if needed.