Antonio Studios

Accommodation in Lassi

Jacky H           

When we arrived we were disappointed at the size of the room. The bathroom was very small and didn't smell very pleasant. The plus side was the location, it was right in the middle of Lassi and very close to the Mediteranee beach. As a last resort I would stay there again.


when we 1st got there, we thout it wos sh*t it wos all 1 room, with fridge, microwave, gas, sink, beds and a dressing table. very very, basic, the people next door told us it gets very hot during the night, so we rented out a fan 4rom the nearby LUVLY supermarket. you get alot of mosquitos here aswell but we bought 1 of those mosquito candles that scared them all off. i liked the location, right next to il gabbiano, and althout tha studios didn't have their own swimming pool, we could use the princess hotel'z one. all right, might stay there agen. regardz,
pink x x

Catherine A           

Although basic, we found the antonia studios very clean and pleasant, with a nice fruit garden. It is in an ideal location not far from the gorgeous beaches! Would definately go again - loved it!

Carol T

Any info re Katerina Apartments, Lassi. Thank you

Stefano Z

Please send me rate for two weeks of holidays from 3 of august up to 17 we need one appartament with two bedroom. We are 2 adults and 3 kids 9, 8 and 4 old. Please no too much expensive. Tank you

Peter L

if anybody can tell me what the antonio studios are like and what the location is like.also is there a swimming pool which you can use for the studios.