Galaxy Hotel

Accommodation in Lassi

Cath T          10/10

 Just got back from a 2wk holiday staying at The Galaxy hotel, had a fantastic time, the staff were lovely it's a family run hotel run by father & son Yannis & Vangelis Car or bike hire is recommended to visit the sights kefalonia has to offer, the hotel is situated in a semi rural location a 20 minute walk into Argostoli the capital this is a bustling hive of activity boasting shops & eateries, or a 40 minute walk into Lassi, lassi hasn't got that much to offer it's mainly tavernas & car rental shops although it does have a few nice beaches.

Rebecca W          8/10

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Just got back from one week in the Hotel Galaxy.

I absolutely loved the location, we hired a car from the airport so we would not be stranded as it is 3km from lassi and Argostoli. 
There are lots of little beaches scattered about and one right outside the hotel next to the Fanari lighthouse.
The staff at the hotel were lovely and very helpful.  The rooms were very clean with cleaners every day. The pool and pool area was cleaned every morning. 
a couple of days there was no hot water, there was no fridge.  The breakfast was standard.
I think the hotel is possibly 30 or 40 years old.
I enjoyed staying at the hotel and didn't really have any problems as I got a great deal.

Carol M           

I've read the negative comments on here about Anna and George and I have to disagree, I found them to be very pleasant and helpful as were the two girls who work there.As has been previously said, no matter wht time you return, George is always there to make sure everyone gets home. The room was always spotless as was the rest of the hotel. The views are spectacular, the pool at the hotel is good, catering for young children and adults alike. Although the Hotel is situated approximately 50 mins from Lassi itself and approximately 30 minutes from Argostoli, the walk to either place is very pleasant, it's no wonder the Fanari Road is known as the 'Romantic Road' by the locals!! One final point, I holidayed alone and had no worries about walking to and from the hotel, late at night in the dark!! I would however suggest that the tour operators inform anyone interested in staying at the Galaxy just how far it is from the main places, other than that 10/10 for Galaxy Hotel!!!

Liz A           

Just returned from a week's stay at the Galaxy Hotel. VERY disappointed. This was my 6th visit to Kefalonia but the worst....... Have not stayed at the Galaxy before but we had wanted somewhere with a pool and close to Lassi (!). No warm welcome by owner upon arrival, shown to small, dark, damp room, sheets damp, light switches grubby. Complained to rep,asked to be moved, even to another resort but told nothing else available. However, we were moved to lovely bright, clean, 1st floor family-sized room with sea view. Looked forward to wonderful week's stay but........1st night woken at 3am by rats in our room, complained to rep and George next morning. 2nd night visited again, but this time closed shutter as much as poss (it wouldn't unfortunately shut completely) and doors closed, put balcony light on to scare them off. Complained again to George. 3rd night, like something out of a horror film, they returned and were not frightened off by light - they sat for over 2 hours on top of shutters and left 14 rat droppings. I subsequently found that on the 1st night they had been in my suitcase. We were extremely disappointed with the hotel, it was dark, breakfast was poor and was served inside the hotel in a very gloomy area. The pool was average but we never went near it. We had to hire a car for the whole week and couldn't wait to get away from the hotel. The drinks were expensive - bacardi over 5 euros. There was a constant smell of rotting fruit from the grounds at the front of the hotel. If you are unfortunate enough to have booked this hotel, would seriously recommend that you avoid Room 60. However, have no complaint whatsoever with the cleanliness of the room. It was cleaned every day and is possibly the cleanest room and balcony I have stayed in! However, this did not deter the rats. Would thoroughly recommend restaurant within easy walking distance - "Capitol" - best Greek salad and food we tasted during our week's stay and very friendly owner and staff. Still absolutely love Kefalonia but will certainly not be returning to the Galaxy.

Nigel C           

George and Daisey great.he was always there to greet you if you were going or coming. Hotel basic.Breakfast typical but you could go back for more if you wanted sorry George did I do wrong by telling.Room service one of the best I have had in many years of traveling around .Comliments to the two girls who sorted my room out each morning much appreciated.Pool although sea water with clorine as good and as deep as you want with very few guests using it,bar prices high. long walk but interesting to Lassie or Agostoli.Taxi's dont charge more than 5Eu trips can add up if you use four times in one day.
watch out for the mossies they can realy bite and depart.use lots of high action repellent.Also reps Jenny and her Boss very helpfull and lots local knowledge

Nigel C           

George and Daisey great.Hotel basic.Breakfast typical Greek.Room service one of the best I have had in many years of traveling around .Pool although sea water with clorine as good and as deep as you want with very few guests using it,bar prices high. long walk but interesting to Lassie or Agostoli.Taxi's dont charge more than 5Eu trips can add up if you use four times in one day.
watch out for the mossies they can realy bite and depart.use lots of high action repellent.

Nic C           

We stayed at the Galaxy at the end of August and found the hotel to be very disapointing.
This is NOT a family friendly hotel, the only activity for children is the pool (which is sea water + chlorine which badly stings your eyes)which is closed without fail at 7pm.
There is a draughts / back gammon board however this costs 5 to play.
Breakfast is awful, OJ, Coffee, two types of bread & the cheapest jam you have ever tasted, if you want anything else another allow 5. Any breakfast served after 9:30 is charged (e.g. coffee 2,50
Managers, George & Anna are very grumpy and unhelpful.
Bar + food is all expensive soft drink 2, breezer etc 5, burger 5
We saw rats running around the grounds, bar & balconies during the evening so please be careful leaving balcony doors open.
Location is good for trips around the island, to Lassi & Argostoli however would recomend car hire to make the most of this. Lassi is 50 - 60 mins walk, Argostoli 30 - 40 mins.
Hotel cleaners do good job, pool is only average though.
Hotel grounds - lots of undergrowth and rotting fruit which smells badly.
Kefalonia in general was much more expensive than we expected, but even so is really beautiful and I would recommend anyone to visit.

Meera V           

We stayed at the Galaxy Hotel in August and have to say we were very disappointed with the Hotel and the Owners.

The rooms were a good size but they crammed three of us in one room which was a squeeze. One person had a camp bed which was completely useless, dipped in the middle and squeeked all night so we had to put the matress on the floor. The matresses on the beds were very old and there were no springs left so we all had back ache each day, the pillows also smelt.

The cupboards were all dusty which made all the clothes smelly and dirty.

The chairs and table in the balcony was very old and dirty, we had no desire to look at it or use it.

The owners Anna and Goerge we found to be miserable and they watched our every move. They didn't even welcome us when we arrvied or say goodbye when we left. We needed to locate an open chemist one day and they couldn't even be bothered to help us. George also shouted at us once for putting a bottle of wine in the fridge. He shouted at another young girl of 8 becuase she didn't have a shower before going into the swimming pool. The breakfast was appauling, a bit of bread and coffee each morning, stay away from the tea it is disgusting.

DO NOT buy anything from the hotel, the drinks are extautionate and the food is too, there is a cheap mini market around the corner.

They also charge you for the fans so make sure you have a handy 50, they only take cash.

I have to say that the cleaners where lovely, they were extremely pleasant and made up for Anna and George's bad temper.

However, forgetting the hotel which was like faulty towers, the island is beautiful and the location is preety good, close to the main town. I recommend you hire a car becuase you will want to be out of the hotel for as long as possible.

Maria S           

I spent a week in the Galaxy after being moved from another hotel.
Anna, George and young George, you were fantastic. I confess that I strolled in at 6am after an excelent night at the greek night club just a couple of minutes away from the hotel.Live greek singers, belly dancers, traditional greek dancing all night and plenty of flowers being thrown around left right and centre. Its free to get in but the drink is expensive but worth it for the experience. You may find your the only English in there as I was with my daughter. Its where the locals go after they have finished work. Its a must for anyone who apreciates good live music and traditional greek ways. George waited up as he does to ensure all is well for his guests and thier safe return.
The hotel cleaners deserve a mention too as they had to fight thier way through the mess on entering our room from the children and Id walk back in to a sparkling clean room. As for Daisy the dog, does anyone know what Daisy would regularly chase and bark at by the wall behind the bar? Daisy is a good guard dog and an asset to George although you must remember to speak to her in greek as she clearly doesnt have the same multi lingual skills as her dad. The rooms were spacious and clean and the general place was very clean. The breakfast was always fresh and you could eat as much as you liked.
This part is now directed at the country in general.......
It was very expensive as was all of the island when it came to eating or having a drink and clearly England is alot cheaper when eating out or drinking. The beer was the same prices be it a restuarant or hotel. It was not a cost effective holiday and in fact was probably the most expensive Id been on yet and had nothing to show for it. It does recommend that you hire a car but anyone in thier right mind wouldnt take the risk. If you go into Argostoli check out chicken or pork Gyros's at only 1.50 euro. Its like a kebab with meat, salad and chips with a tasty sauce and will fill you up. Make sure you all take plenty of mossie creams and potions as the place is riddled with the critters. Also for smokers, when you go the airport to get home, once you get through the gates and await your departure, it is a no smoking area.
This hotel is now booked through Olympic holidays for those who need to know.

Geraldine A           

We too have had our holiday at the Galaxy changed, if anyone knows the reason please add a comment. Quite upset about it we were looking foward to seeing George and of cause Daisy. Geraldine and David Allinson

Maria G           

Our first holiday abroad was to the Hotel Galaxy in September 2002 andd as soon as we came back we rebooked for the same time in 2003. We loved every minute. Now, the same tour operator - Kosmar - has cancelled our booking as they are not using the hotel this year. Does anyone know why? If we can book with another operator can ssomeone tell me which one! Maria and Kevin Gray

Geraldine A           

My husband and I first stayed at the Galaxy in July 1999 then again in July 2001 and we are going back again this July 2003. We really enjoy it George is very helpfull so are all his staff. If you fuss Daisy you have a friend for life. The pool is clean and very safe. The views from the hotel across Argostoli bay to Lixuri are lovely. We are really looking forward to going back. Geraldine and David Allinson.

Tiggy and richard G           

We think it was excellent.......The best hotel we stayed at by far......George ,his family and ALL his staff were so friendly........ THANKS GEORGE (for all the tea)

James G           

The Hotel Galaxy was great. Good centre for trips to Lassi, Argostoli and the north of the island. We are going again this year, sorry george if we kept you and Daisy up late waiting for us to come back in the early hours.

Tracey G           

My husband and I had our first holiday at the Galaxy in Sept/Oct 2001, went back there again this year and have already booked for next year. Yes the hotel is remote, but that is what it says in the brochure. It is only a 20-30 muinute walk to Argostoli or Lassi, and there are taxis! Those who complain about being charged for a phone call to order a taxi are such cheap skates. Would they offer their phone to all and sundry throughout the season? The cost soon mounts up. Yes there is no air-conditioning or fridges, but once again the brochure does say it is basic! George and Anna who run the hotel are the most friendly of people. Daisy is wonderful. It is the most fantastic place for a relaxing and peaceful holiday. Bar prices may be a bit steeper than those in a Taverna, however, what do we pay for drinks in this country in hotels compared to pubs. I think 5 euros for a greek measure of spirits (about 3.26) is very reasonable. Those who complain really ought to learn to read the brochure properly, and if they want better facilities, they need to put their hands a bit deeper in their pockets!

Ingrid V           

The Galaxy is indeed a basic hotel in a quiet surrounding. The breakfast they serve is a continental one and NOT an English breakfast. The staff is very friendly and we always felt welcome. I think one must remember that Greece has changed into a modern country and that it is not as cheap as it was a few years ago. The bar at the Hotel is therefore not more expensive (or less cheap) as other bars are. The BBQ is a must, absolutely fabulous!!!! I'm very disapointed about the negative comments on this site. I think that a lot of the complaints are not realistic. Maybe those people expected to much or just did not read the brochure good enough (no airco....)....We had a marvelous time and will certainly go again to this Hotel.

Gina P           

had an absoultly brillient time here, although the hotel is basic and situated a fair distance from the main resorts. it was the best holiday ive ever had. the hotel staff were very friendly (including daisy the dog), and they keeped the hotel well maitained. they hosted great greek nights every thursday, which i would thoughly recommend going to.the only down side was that they did not have air conditioning, which did make it rather hot in the evenings.the island is gourgeous and would recommend it to anyone.

Linsey F           

The hotel was very basic and the staff where not very friendly, breakfast was awful, only bread jam and boiled eggs, so if you dont eat eggs like me you will not really enjoy and if you would like your bread toasted you will have to pay them to do this. The bar prices were so over the top for example for a bottle of sprite it will cost you 5 Euro's (about 3.30)so getting drinks at the hotel was out of the question. It was a butiful island but i would not reccomend the hotel to anyone so think twice before booking this hotel.

Sarah J           

Dreadful location, 35 mins to nearest resort, not on a bus route. A very isolated hotel( which will charge you for a phone call for a taxi!!!) Breakfast consisted of bread & jam & a stale hard boiled egg. Food & drink prices very expensive, and staff not particularly freindly. Would think very carefully before booking with Kosmar holidays to this resort and hotel as the only thing their interested in is selling their trips and not their customers. The worst greek holiday we have had in 10 years!!!

John S           

Small,clean, reasonably friendly hotel. Good location approx 2 miles from Lassi. Good sea water pool. Basic rooms - could do with some t.l.c. and decent showers! Watch the price of breakfast & drinks at the poolside bar - it's much cheaper to go out!