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David H          5/10

 I think Mandy is spot on with her comments.

Unfortunately Skala is rapidly being spoiled by the new developments. Our recent visit will be our last.
It's rather sad really and sad also that only the threat of legal action from the Katelios Marine Turtle group put a halt to recent plans for a deep water port at Katelios. Can you believe that! A deep water port in Katelios! 
The secret of selling a good product is to know your market. Someone is losing the plot here.
I know that visitor numbers to Zakynthos are well down this year,which has actually made it very easy for us to go back three times already. Kefalonia will surely follow that trend with this sort of thinking.

Mandy H          8/10

 We have been to Scala four times in the last 8 years and stayed at different hotels in the village.  We first went on our own then with our twin boys and last time our little girl joined us. We love Scala and have noticed the odd new bar and find that it is getting the commercialised taint about it, because we like the quiet beach holiday when we return in September 07 it may be our last time to Scala but not Kefalonia, as we love the island. We are due to stay in "The Pines apartments" this time and wish to know wether it gets to smelly from the restaurant below or if it gets to loud in the evenings.  I would rate Scala as quiet beach lovers holiday and reccommend it to anyone young or old (if it stays exactly as it is at the moment).  I feel that the village could not take any more new developments (bars or hotels) as it would spoil that typical Greek village atmosphere and loose its charm.  When we first went I would have rated it 10/10 and now would rate it 8/10 due to the extra bars.

David H          5/10

  Got back from Skala a week ago.

It was our tenth visit to Kefalonia (usually Skala, but not for the last few years). It was also our 51st visit to Greece, so we do have a little bit of experience.
Does Skala really need loud music bars? Watch this space, folks.
As for check-in at the airport...words fail me. A ten year old could organize it better - absolutely DIRE.
(I thought Zakynthos was bad, but worth putting up with several times a year)
Kefalonia is pretty, but it's becoming pretty awful - and expensive, too.
If Kefalonians aren't careful the Croations will eat their lunch.
By the way if you are staying in Skala with Thomsons watch out for self-assured Sarah. She knows ALL the answers. Unfortunately many of them are wrong.

Stephen M          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeWe stayed at Crystal Palace Resort from 17-06-07, for one week, we had a great time the apartments are almost brand new, and excellently equipped.

They are of a good standard, and I will definitely being going again, the pool area was quiet, and not crowded, peaceful atmosphere too
They are family run,which was nice, as the owner Nick, and his wife Vicky were very helpful and pleasant.
All in all a lovely place, 5 minute walk to the village(brisk), and you will need a torch if you are walking back at night, a taxi is 5 euro's.
We were a party of six, ranging from 18-46(family).

Terri H

Andrew Madden,

Thanks for the pictures, would love to see more, we are going there in 3 weeks time.  Were the apartments near to the centre of the resort.  Your comment says to email you, but I'm a novice at this message board and cannot find a link to email you.

Andrew M          10/10

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Just been to Crystal palace (scala)

Hotel almost ready...............No .....the only thing not ready is the path to the Front, you will need a torch at night to get back. The apartments are 10/10 ...... email me if you want to see more pics.......

Alan B          10/10

It has been seven years since we went to Kefalonia and although Skala has built up since then it has still not lost it's charm. In fact I would say it is better now.There are enough restaurants and bars to keep everyone happy. We went for a walk most early mornings along the beach. An excellent resort that we will not be seven years before we visit again.

Sam W          10/10

 We have just got back after staying for two weeks in Scala. Had a drive around the island to see if we had chosen wisely ,and from what we saw were perfectly happy with our choice of resort . Scala is just a small seaside  village with a  large beach, and a mainstreet which contains a bakery ,car hire places, a dozen or so restaurants,3 or 4 supermarkets , four or five bars,and a few touristy shops. More or less everything needed  for a quiet sunny seaside holiday.

Terri H

We are due to go Skala in July and we are staying at the Crystal Palace Resort.  Can anyone let us know what its like, as unable to find any information, and pictures would be great.  Is it near the beach and resort, like it states, or is it miles away?  What were the rooms like?

Lisa P

Paul, the airport is small and can get a bit crowded on departure day, with all the UK flights going out at similar times however the reps try and organise things as best they can ( but this does mean quite a lot of queueing - take water and be patient )

Emma M

Hi Julie. I cant say I have heard of those apartments!!!!

We love Skala. Great restaurnats, great bars, great sceney, great beach, great main street.

What more could you want???

Lisa N

hi there my family and myself will be holidaying on the beautiful island of kefalonia in july we will be staying at the eleanna studios in scala any information about this would be very appreciated as we have not been there for 7 years and that time we stayed at poros although i must say that it was one of our best holidays ever hope we have made the right choice in returning

Lance F          10/10

Great Place, August 2007 will be our 4th year, lovely people, great beach, good food,  but hire a jeep from Greekstones and see the Island. What a place these people have! Can't wait to touchdown at the airport again.

Susan P          10/10

i shall be in skala in the makis my favorite place for to wk to see my friendly friends  dennis poppy irene ria nikos andreas sprios  tina monica vangelis  illios  fanny  and all my freinds in skala my favorite place

Linda and andy V           

Hi Vera, I see you were after advise on getting married in Scalla if you would like to put a reply with your emale on then i will get in touch with you.Iwould say the paper work is the hardest bit but if you realy want it then go for it it is worth it.

Linda and andy V           

click to enlarge

This year was our second visit to Kaf we fell in love with the place on first visit in 204, so we knew when we revisited Kaf the only place to stay was Skala.We have being out and about  on the island and never come across any other resort we prefare.The locals are so friendly in Skala and always greet you as if they have known you for ever,they are all very trusting we went in more than one shop where the owner was elsewere only for them to come in a few minutes later.We loved the place that much the first time that we decided to get married there and that is what we did on the 4th oct and had a fab day,better than anything we imagined it could ever be.

Vikki W           

Kefalonia is a stunning place marred only by the majority of the islanders attitudes towards animal welfare. Skala was a lovely place but like everywhere else on the island, if you like animals pack your heart in a box and leave it at home.The beach was lovely, and most of the resataurants clean and welcoming.

Avoid the Andreas I & IIapartments like your life depends on it - the owner is a malicious battleaxe who will make you feel welcome only if you're over 60 and pouring Euros into her pool bar. Anyone under this age, especially if you have kids or like animals, avoid like the plague.

Rose D           

On the 24th Sept we are off to Kef.Been there twice before,absolutely adore it.We are staying at the PasPalis,marvellous Host and Staff,excellent food(the locals go there so it has got to be good)clean rooms albeit basic,beds could be a little softer but Hey you get used to it,just thinking of all that sunshine,can't wait see you there! 

Steven D           

just returned from scala...second time in three years.  stayed at tara beach hotel...didn't like hotel as was too are better...can recommend melidron appts.  beach wonderful...sea crystal clear and warm.   food fantastic especially sallys bar, acqarios, pines ....scirroco good for brekkie...try kefalonian scrambled eggs!!!   bars all good but try pines too on the beach....christos and his piano...very romantic.   must book capt makis' glass bottom boat day trip ...about 54 euros but the most fantastic experience.  just one complaint....there were a lot more children this year and many were left to run riot and not pleasant to have screaming toddlers/babies in romantic bars at midnight/1am - (parents please note)......otherwise a perfect place to go on holiday....we will return

Claire B           

Just come back from a great holiday in Skala, we have an 8 year old daughter, and it was pitched just at the right level for us, plenty of tavenas and bars, all child friendly and a large, beautiful sandy/small shingle beach with warm sea, excellent for swimming and snorkeling, surrounded by pine trees. there is a small square with a fountain that all the local children gather at, and let other children join in their football games. There is also play areas,swings, monkey bars and slides, all quite safe, whilst they play you can watch having a drink. 

The shops and supermarkets covered all the basic needs, with a few souvenier shops for treats to take home. Everyone was warm and welcoming, will definetely be going again!.

Lesley S           

Back yesterday boo hoo!Scala is a lovely resort. Many restaurants/ tavernas. We didnt have  bad meal once in our 2 weeks stay. Not the place to come to if you want 18-30 type holiday (thank goodness) Lovely beach, never too busy,water sports if you want them, friendly people supermarkets etc etc.

Hire a car/jeep and see the rest of the island, the views and scenery are spectacular. Missing it already. Not many other cars on the roads, bliss.

Samantha B           

We have just come back from Skala and neither myself, husband or kids got stung or bitten in the 2 weeks we were there. We even ate at the Scandinavia most nights and didn't see a wasp! Hope you have a great time we did and if you go to the Scandinavia say hi to george and nico! We MISS them!

Albert H           

Quite a few wasps, especially near the sea. Tried to eat an apple on the beach and ended up trhowing it half eaten in bin after being hounded by them. We stayed at Paspalis right opposite beach, and someone got stung at breakfast,. These were the only 2 incidients in our week, though.

Albert H           

Anna - it took us about 2 hours to drive from Scala to Fiscardo at the Northen tip, although it's probably only about 90km via Argostoli! We took this route as our Hertz car hire map showed it as being a much better quality road. This was not helped by a storm knocking out the traffic lights on the edge of Argostoli, adding about half an hour, or the useless map taking us into Argostoli when we were trying to go round the edge of it. About half that time coming back via Sami and cutting through to Scala. Do try to get a good map, though - again ours showed us roads cutting through where none seemed to be, and a decent surfaced cut through from Macropolo was shown as a dirt track.

Bev D           

This was our 1st time to Kefalonia and we definately chose the best resort! Skala has something for all. We hired scooters to get about(about 6 euros of petrol lasted us DAYS!)Loads to see and do.Loads of car hire places about but we highly recommend scooters!The coach tour of the island was great-you get to see the whole of the island and find out the history of the island,there was loads of brilliant snorkelling, the beachese were clean and the sea was warm!We hired a boat which was an experience(mainly good apart from breaking down on the way back!)Don't bother going on the 3 Island Tour! We were picked up at 8am,got back at 9pm and only spend 1 and half hours with our feet on land-the rest was travelling! The Rep didn't give us much info on this one-now we know why! Go to Flamingos to eat(great meatballs!)and you HAVE to go to Captain's Bar for a cocktail! Scandinavian Bar is great for drinks and dancing later on at night.Try Vetos for a drink too.Night life is good but no clubs there(apart from Speilio which is a long way out -need a taxi and we were told a small beer was 8 euros!)Nice relaxed atmosphere everywhere day and night. We stopped in Makis Studios-clean and friendly. Can't say enough how brilliant Skala is-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Ian D           

We absolutley adored Skala for us this was the best choice of resort we are a yound married couple with no kids but still did not feel out of place, there was a good variety of ages staying in Skala. The pictures we had in the brochure did not do this place any justice the beach was better than expected as was our apartments. We were there just two weeks ago and the beach was still quite deserted for this time of year. Plenty places to eat and drink with alot of friendly locals.

Toby L           

Skala is the ONLY place to stay on kefalonia. Not too busy at night but just enough for a decent atmosphere. Most of the restaurants we ate at were very nice. Short walk to the beach which is perfect for chilling out and snorkling. Locals were very friendly, extremely polite and helpfull. I cannot stress how important it is to hire a moped or motorbike to see the island. Sod the aircon in a car. Feel the breeze and get a tan whilst travelling. What could be better?? oh yes and visit Flamingos restaurant...IT'S THE DOGS DANGLERS!!!!!!

Karen C           

We loved Scala.  Two visits in as many years and cannot wait to go back.  Just the right mixture of bars, restaurants and shops and lots of friendly people.  Hope it won`t be spoilt in the coming years with redevelopment and `over-building` of villas and apartments. 

Lisa J           

We are going back AGAIN in July... third time in 4 years, same resort just different apartments. Love the place! 


Paul J           

We really love Skala. We've been twice before and going back again this year - 7 weeks and counting!!! You can't go wrong with this place, beautiful beaches, great atmosphere, feels safe and secure. An all round winner


First time in Skala and found it very relaxing - beautiful gardens at Nine Muses.  Restaurant there is v. good but our favourite was Symposium - went there in the evenings for dinner about 3 times!  Will go to Nine Muses again definitely!  Pity the bus service wasn't operating whilst we were there (2nd week in May) but will get a car next time.

Susan L           

Stayed at the Tara Beach, Scala. Beautiful grounds and very friendly staff, very quiet and relaxing. The only downside was the room. Had a great view but the it was was damp and plastered with pebbledash - felt like the Count of Monte Cristo! (you'll know what I mean if you stay there). Couldn't stand it and have now booked to go elsewhere. Breakfast rubbish too. Nevertheless, don't let me put you off! Pool great, resort wonderful, island magical - going back this year so it couldn't all be bad, just staying elsewhere.

Lisa T           

Skala is ideal for those looking for a little more life, but not too much its just right with its mixture of bars, taverna's and shops. The People are very friendly and welcoming and the beach is lovely. I spent my honeymoon in Kefalonia last year and it was perfect , I dont know anyone who has had a bad holiday on Kef.

Alison T           

this is our second time in skala and i have to say i would come back again it is one of the most friendliest resorts i have been to. it is a resort for couples you can just sit and watch the world go by. it is also somewhere for excellent food.  there is a good selection of bars and resturants and wherever you choose to go you wouldnt be disappointed. the high street hosts a selection of gift shops,supermarkes,car hire,bars,resturants etc but go onto the back roads away from the main road there you will find the wonderful traditional greek tavernas and all the greek hospitality.  The only thing i find dissapointing with skala is when it is time to come home you can make some really good friends in skala.

the beach if you are beach lovers is a pebble/shingle beach which i am not much for however there is more water sports taking place.  there a boat trips, hire a boat, banana boats etc but not too much to be overdone.

Chris S           

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Roman Villa Mosaic

click to enlarge
The Kiosk

Chris S           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Skala Beach
click to enlarge
Skala Main Street

Sally P           

Had family staying in this resort (we stayed in Agia Efimia... lovely) think it would be a good resort for families as the beach is more sand than stone and looked very clean. Your typical beach/pool holiday but didn't feel tacky.

Tim & donna H           

Kefalonia/Skala General comments:

Unless you plan a pool/beach holiday ONLY, then to appreciate the beauty of our favourite Island you MUST rent a car (bikes only for those who are very experienced motorcyclists pref. with their own gear/helmets really!) as the island is large, we usually cover 1000kms in a week and we don't go everywhere at that!

Skala has a roman villa which is worth a look and an old temple also (bit of a walk on the Poros road for that though!)

The beach is shail/sand and pebble -walk up and down to find the best spot, nearby beaches are better -Try Katelios/Kaminia/Mounda.

Favourite tavernas/estiatoria (we are Greek/Italian food lovers) Socrates/The old village/Noufaro, these are the ones we found to be superior to everything else we tried! There are also a couple of take away places too.

A decent meal for 2 with local wine and starter/dessert will cost anything from 25 euro upwards, portions are generous and we found ourselves having less starters and certainly no room for desserts!

Largest supermarket is nearest to the Nirithes, but is not very cheap, best bet is (with a hire car of course!) to go along the direct road to Argostoli from Skala, where you will find DIA discount supermarket and Lidl (no credit cards though!) which most of the locals shop at.

Petrol stations usually have attendants -just tell them how much you want!

If you (like us) haven't been abroad since the Euro, you will sadly notice that prices have rocketed, petrol is similar now to UK and I guess only the taxman has really benefited!

Get your phone cards and fags from the 'periptero' on the main road, fags are no cheaper whether bought as an individual packet or as 200! 59% cheaper than UK prices.

Phone booth next to the kiosk & bottom of the road etc.

Booze: 75cl of decent vodka is about 14 Euros, cheapo stuff from Lidl about 4 euros!

Beer in most bars -Amstel and Mythos mostly is about 2.50 Euros for a 1/2 litre (1.1 pints), shorts are quite expensive at twice this!

Plenty of exchange places for travellers cheques at 2% commission, DON'T USE THE BANKS -they charge a whopping 6%!!

Excursions -(better to hire a car again IMHO) not to be missed -Myrtos beach one of the top 5 beaches in the world, -pebbly though!, Melassani lake (like a beautiful fridge in the middle of the desert!), Assos town/castle, St Georges castle (Kastro), Fiskardo (expensive northernmost resort -visit the charming volunteer Environmental museum next to the church!) and if you like your history -The massacre site and memorial to the Italian AQUI division (only 33 out of 9000+ survived) a la 'Captain Corellis Mandolin' and the AQUI museum next to the Catholic church in the main shopping area in Argostoli, again, very moving! The nunnery and cathedral at Agios Gerasimos, located, conveniently next to the Robola Winery -free tasting all day-yum!

Plenty of museums are all worth visiting, the archaeological and folklore ones particularly so (both in Argostoli).

Rule of thumb -if you see a brown sign -it is telling you of a sight worth seeing -stop/turn off and take a look!

Learn the Greek alphabet as Greek road signs are usually located before their English translations and will make sure you don't miss turnings -although it can sometimes be fun to get lost -you'll see the real Greece that way!

As you head further north/inland you get tantalising glimpses of old  (pre earthquake) houses that show a small part of the real beauty the island was, however it's own natural beauty blows most other islands away.

Hire cars we have had and would use again are Pefanis and Aenos travel (although I think Napoleon (Nirithes apartments) has his own business which can supply cars so try him when you arrive!) worth getting air con, bearing in mind it does drink fuel!


Patricia H

Hi hopefully going to have a blissfull two weeks at the porto skala hotel in kefalonia. We are really into snorkeling. Should we buy our equipment in the UK or is there a hire shop available

Emma V           

the whole of holiday was excellant. we will certainly be visiting kefalonia again. skala was very nice with the the right mixture of bars and eating places, everyone of which was perfect!!!.the weather was very hot which was just what we wanted.. ps there is definetely a cash machine

Elaine W           

We enjoyed Skala but found it a bit "British" which is`nt necessary a bad thing. To answer a few questions first, there are no ATMs in Skala so either make sure you have enough cash or hire a car/taxi to the next resort of Poros which is very near and has a bank. Best for car hire in my opinion is Greekstones and i highly recommend them. Nightlife in Skala consists of meal in taverna and then cocktails in a bar later (captains bar has the best atmosphere) There is now a childrens bar opened called Zebras which has lots of things for children like tabletennis and kiddie rides. Most of the tavernas are quite expensive - did`nt find any cheap ones! To sum Skala up it is pretty, very relaxing, lovely atmosphere and nice tavernas. The average age of the other tourists i would say is 40+ and they are all british!

Paul A           

I am staying in the Ermioni apartments in May 2006 and would like to know what they are like as i am taking my wife and two young children. Also, what is the nightlife like in Scala and has anybody got any recommendations as to the best cheap restaurants.

Andrew B

This is a very good website and as we are staying at the Melidron Apts at Scala, the info we have been able to read about this accomadation and Scala itself has filled us with confidence we have made the right choice. We intend touring the island by hire car.It seems some routes are a bit scary--sheer drops and no barriers. Could anyone recommend the parts of the island to avoid these conditions.Also which Car Hire company in Scala offers the best deal

Sarah R

I am going to Scala in August and would like to know if there are any ATMs(hole in the wall) in the resort.

Arwen A           

Last year, a taxi from the airport to the centre of Skala cost me 35 euros there and 40 euros on the way back!!.  Not sure exactly where your hotel is though, don't think its in the town...  Hope this helps

Karen S

Can anyone tell me the cost of a taxi from the airport to the Porto Skala Hotel & Village, due to be travelling next week with 3 year old son. Thanks

Marki W           

WAW.The nicest beach on the nicest island.Loads of restaurants and bars.We will be back this June.

Barker F           

We had the pleasure of staying in the Ermioni apartments,the views were stunning.We all found skala and kefalonia a beautiful and relaxing place to stay and are already planning another visit in 2005.
Good tip for a relaxing evening,vist our very good friend Dino at the Panorama.
If you get the chance hire a car,Anthony at Greekstones was very helpful and friendly and gave us a brilliant deal.If you decide to travel to Fiskardo be aware that the roads are very scary and the drops huge!!!

Angela T           

We have just returned from a week in the Asteris, Skala. We loved the whole holiday. The apartments were large and very clean all staff and owner very helpful and friendly.Costas (owner) told us next year their should be a restaurant and he has bought the land in front of apartments and is hoping to have a road built for beach access. Beautiful views, hire a car to see the rest of Kefalonia the from the dramatic coastline to the mountains this is truely one of the most beautiful island I have been to. Skala is small but has everything you would need with some lovely tavernas (who wants to cook on holiday) these are all resonably priced.Weather was good one day of rain but still warm. We will definately go back next year.

Angela M

We are looking to visit skala in july 2005. We are looking for a studio or apartments with two bedrooms.We have 2 young children so we need somewhere that would suit them ideally with a short walk to the beach. Our youngest son has a disability so if someone could recommend somewhere that isnt high on a hill or that doesnt have steep access that would be fab - i know it a lot to ask but you seem such knowledgeable folk out there lol. Any help would be great. Thanks Angela.

Linda L           

We had two weeks here and having done an island coach tour thought Skala to be the best part. Everything is to hand and you are spoilt for choice of places to eat and there are many shops and lots of nice walks and the people are so friendly and can't do enough for you. Although there is plenty going on it is also quiet. The tavernas stay open till the last person has gone. Beach is a bit shingly and you need beach shoes. Two sunloungers and a parasol worked out at 6 euros a day. It felt very safe and I was able to go out and mooch and shop on my own without any worries.

P N           

been there three times now. trying to catch up with the many who have clocked up well over ten visits. great place for a break from the rat race and to get back in touch with fun and relaxation. this is where the make friendliness and people remember your name the next year too! it's no wonder that the popularity is growing... actually, its a real s**t of a place, you would hate it! try cyprus, i think they arent bad there. or maybe the canaries? south france? goa's nice, go to goa, give skala a miss... please!!!!!!

Mel L           

T'his is in reply to Kylie Nottage,

The Makis Hotel is very nice, right opposite the beach, very clean and only ever heard good reports about it. Kefalonia is child friendly but you do not see any children about (however, we went in sept) so not sure about August. If you hire a car from GREEKSTONES and travel the island you may be able to avoid them. You will have a wonderful holiday. Also drive to Fiskardo, and hire a speed boat for half a day, after 1pm! you can have the boat till 6pm and you can spend the day on your own private beach! its around 40 euros and 15 euros for petrol. DO NOT hire a boat in Skala, overpriced and you can not go as far!!!

Mel L           

Noticed a question on the Makis Hotel. This hotel is beautiful of which I remember. There are hardly any children around in Kefalonia, which is excellent. But if I were to have children I would definalty take them here, very safe and clean!!!!

You are in for a peaceful holiday. Try and hire a car from Greekstones car hire, cheapest by far and they offer excess free and unlimited mileage!!!!

Mel L           

We stayed in Skala, in the Paspalis Hotel. Skala is beutiful and you will not be dissappointed if you stay there. However we had a car and travelled all over the island and after seeing Fiskardo, would definatly stay there next time. Restaurants to definatly go to are AQUARIUS (best by far, try the Paella) THE PINES (on the corner) The one to avoid is THE FLAMINGO (awful fish dishes, and over priced)SALLYS BAR is the best bar on the island, cheap cocktails and excellent atmosphere, Sally the owner and her husband Babis are very friendly!

Kylie N           

we are off to skala next august for two weeks staying in the makis studios. any tips welcome. not our first time to a greek island. does anyone know if makis studios has many children visiting as we would prefer more of a child free break?
good places to go for snorkelling or diving?

Christine L           

We stayed at the Panoram Hotel in Skala in September 2004. Dino welcomed us with open arms and treated us as if we were family. The resort is lovely - the pace of life is so laid back that we came back vertical. We could not find anything to lower our views of the resort. It is a great place for the children. Well enjoyed and we will be returning again.

Annika G

Planning to go to skala in beginning of june with my parter. Just have a few questions.... many beaches around? Boat trips? Shoppingtrips? Carhire etc. Would be really greatful about all info! Thank you!

Steph G

I am due to go on holiday to skala in kefalonia and will be staying in the elisa apartments. I really wanted to know what they were like? Is there any pylons nearby? I need to put my mind at rest about this one as I have a phobia of them.
If anyone could let me know I would be really grateful

Ros T           

We stayed at the Asteris Apartments in end July. They were great, large, clean, modern with stunning views. We would definitely go back again.

Carole G           

My husband, daughter and I have just returned (7/9/04) from two weeks staying at the Asteris in Skala. Like previous commentators we can not praise it enough. We had a excellent holiday. The Asteris is very clean and friendly, whilst it is a little way from the town centre (taxi cost 5 euros to Skala - one way) the tranquility and views make it worthwhile being away fronm the centre of Skala. Ths pool was so lovely and clean (a bit chilly at first!) we didn't bother with the beach. The island is beautiful and must be explored if not by car then take a coach Island tour.
We too enjoyed many restaurants in Skala; The Sunrise, Mi-abeli, Scandanavia, and Aquarius all our meals were very enjoyable. We would also recommend 'Agrapidos Taverna' above Poros harbour. We first went there on a meze night with First Choice holidays and had a great time and we then made our own way there, up the 99 steps from the main road. It is not fancy but very basic and authentic with a very warm welcome from Michiel and his wife. Both he and his father appeared in the film Captain Corelles Mandolin and will be more than happy to tell you about it. If you happen to go please tell him that I mentioned him on the website as they don't have the internet and when I said I would recommend him on the internet he was amazed.
The day before we left we did encounter a cloudy day that produced rain in the evening, but on the day we left it was back to glorious sunshine.
If you are going to the Asteris please say Hi to Costas, Jean and Mary they will give you any further information you require about Skala or Kefalonia.

Samantha W

i'm going to kefalonia on oct 3rd for a week and was
wondering how hot it is likely to be? i was told it can be
very nice at that time with temperatures in the 20's. any


Dave B

Visiting Skala in a couple of weeks for the first time. Would appreciate any info going ie where to eat places to visit etc


Ruth P           

In reply to Jan Baxter, we stayed at the Asteris apartments in June for two weeks, and we're going back tomorrow for another week!! The apartments are pristine, very modern and spacious, with excellent self catering facilities. The pool is very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. Jean and Mary run the bar and shop and will tell you everything you need to know about Kefalonia, as both have lived there for a few years. The shop is small, but has the essentials. The snack bar is open from 9am-4pm and serves breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, salads etc. The bar has most drinks, milkshakes, cocktails, tea,coffee etc. We would advise car hire as the apartments are approx 3 miles from Skala. However, taxi service is great and Mary or Jean will book a taxi for you.

Skala has a great sandy beach, watersports and restaurants and shops. It is a lively resort but it is not rowdy. There are a couple of car hire places, CBR and Etam come highly recommended.

Poros is approx 4 miles from Asteris, and is a beautiful port. There are plenty of shops, tavernas and a quiet beach although it is pebbly.Try Pantelis, Vanessas and Dionyus for excellent food and service.

We are sure you'll have a great time!

Michelle H           

We have just returned after two weeks in Skala.The resort is excellent with some fantastic places to eat.The beach is also fantastic long and sandy and really clean.There was just the right level of nightlife for us not too busy.The little square comes alive at night with locals and tourists alike sitting around relaxing and chatting.

Yvonne R           

Have just returned from a weeks holiday in Scala. We stayed at Hermes House, which is fairly new. Unfortunately they do not have air conditioning, but we hired a fan which did help to some degree. We also had a ground floor room, our view was not fantastic (an 8 foot wall on both sides), so if you can, request a non-ground floor room. Scale itself is lovely. There are plenty of good restaurants (we liked the Mi abeli, Flamenco, the Old Vilage and Aquarius). We ate at the Pines and thought it over priced and lacked atmosphere. The chinese (sizzlers) was OK, but the service wasn't great.
We booked a boat trip which left from Porus and went to various little islands. It was great but if you go take plenty of water as they don't sell it on the boat! We hired a car for the day from Greekstones Car Hire(not long enough if you want to see the whole island). However we got to see the caves and the lake -both were spectacular and well worth a visit. Driving was also OK. We had a lovely relaxing holiday in Scala, and will return at some point. I just hope that it remains low-key and doesn't become one of these "commercial" resorts

Jan B

Staying in Skala (Asteris Apartments) in late Sept. I know it's new, but can anyone comment on the accommodation/facilities etc? We'd lilke to know if the on-site shop/bar are any good.

Also, anything you think we should know/handy tips/what to remember to bring (bottle opener?!)

One last thing - what do you think the weather will be like (please say shorts weather)

Kerina M

me and my husband are staying at the san giorgio apts in skala.would love any info on the hotel and resort.the best bars and restaurants.(karaoke) too,also about the excursions,and if theres anything romantic to do or go.thankyou

Helen B           

Just returned from the Melidron apartments in Scala. Absolutely fantastic. Newly opened in May and the place is pristine, friendly, welcoming and the owners are great. Try Soula's cooking - all the snacks are home made and melt in the mouth. Ate out every night and would recommend The Pines (tad more expensive), Paspalis, Sunset (Victors place). The Pines Too was a bit noisey with their Piano player who drowns out all conversation - however food was great. Would recommend the Island and the Resort - hire out a car and visit Myrtos Beach, The Kastro near Argostoli, Melissani and Dragotaki Caves. Best places for Car Hire are Greekstones and 2 places on the Main Street (CDR and Sunset I think).
The friendliest bar, with a free Cinema most evenings, was at the Annasa Hotel - say Hi to Tarek the barman for us.
If you like Snorkelling head to the Rocks at the end of the beach, known as a Nudist Beach but you don't get many of them!! Alternatively try one of the Coves on the road up towards Poros. We are definately going to return to this fantastic resort and just hope that they don't build too many Hotels and ruin it.
Helen & Chris, Luton

Donna J           

Stayed at the Nine Musses Hotel July 2004 fantastic, great food great apts great holiday Kefalonia is for couples tho not realy for kids.

Elaine G           

Have just returned from 2 weeks holiday staying at Paspalis Hotel which was excellent. However, disappointed with the attitude of some restaurants, Piano 2 (very loud piano and very salty food) and La Luna (advertised Porterhouse Steak which turned out to be grilled pork) we complained in both restaurants and their attitude was "take it or leave it". Star restaurant has got to be SOCRATES - we found this 3 days before the end of our holiday and ate there for the last 3 nights. Cook is mom (Rebecca), waited on by son Dimitri and daughter Anastia. Lovely people, fabulous food and a very romantic setting for meals. Restaurant situated just off main square. You will not be dissapointed. We would return to Kefalonia but much prefer Skiathos and Thassos for friendliness.


Donna, the train can be found near the square where the bus stop and telephone boxes are-just near the Pines. it is really a tourist train that goes along the coast and back-great for kids. it only runs at night. Hope this helps and have a great time if you manage to go back.

Wendy P           

Just returned from 2weeks in Scala (6th July 2004). This was third visit to Scala and as usual we were not disappointed. Stayed in the 9 Muses Hotel which was the best Greek accommodation ever.
The only downside to the holiday was when I lost my new digital camera in the open air cinema. Someone must have thought Christmas had come early because they didn't hand it in at the bar. If they would like to contact this website, I will provide them with the instruction booklet and battery charger etc free of charge!!!

Donna C           

Went to Skala in May with the family, We all loved the holiday. We are trying to go back in septemeber. We heard there was a train in Skala but we never found it? If someone knows where it is we would love to know for when we go in Septemeber.
We stayed in the Aelos beach appartment. Totally recomend, very peaceful staff were great, esp bar staff George! We miss you!

Can't wait to go back!

Andy M