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Susan H           

Just back from Skala on Tuesday (6 July 04) after a first time visit and it was fantastic, we loved everything about the place and can't wait to go back. An added bonus was that Greece won the Euro 2004 Championship and the atmosphere was electric. That aside the resort is lovely, not too big, just enough shops to wander around and lots of good eating places. Not a good resort for the young trendies, but great for couples. I would think it might be a bit boring for kids with only the beach and hotel pools to keep them occupied.
If you want a grown up holiday to soak up the sun, chill-out and re-charge your batteries then Skala is the place for you. If you want trendy bars and nightclubs and lots of daytime activities, go somewhere else.
Kefalonia is delightful and the people the nicest Greeks I have ever met. Hire a car and get out and about and see the island it is beautiful

Lyn I           

with reference to the weather end september, SHOULD be fine. however last year, we were in Skala end August, departing 7th September. August was absolutely roasting, always over 100 degrees. As soon as september arrived there was a very slight drop in temp during the day, but the evenings and nights were much more bearable for sleeping. The day we left though, the heavens opened( our friends were still there)for a good couple of days. They had terrible weather with floods down the main street. All you can do is spend hours in the bars ;)but i wouldn't worry too much-i believe Greece had freak weather most of last year with a particularly bad winter.skala is lovely though. Very chilled and relaxed with a good sense of typical Greek spirit. Enjoy.

Emma M           

Amanda, we went to Skala last year, and we are returning this year because we loved it so much! It sounds perfect for everything you want, and I recoemnd the Pines, Gallera, (down a side street), and Sirocco for eating out.

Mark B           

We are planning to holiday in Skala for the first time end of September this year. Is the weather pretty good around that time?
We are also thinking of staying at the Nirithes Aparthotel and wondering about the steep hill that everyone is commenting on! Is there a good taxi service in operation or if we walk, good lighting?

Kay R

Two young girls going to Kefalonia from the second week of July, for the first time.

We are staying in Skala and at the Eleni apartments/studios..has anyone stayed there before and what is it like? Is it near the beach as we would like a relaxing, quiet holiday but not too quiet.

Is it worth hiring a car and what would the weather be like?

Damian D           

Stayed with girlfriend at the Melidron hotel 06/06/04 - 13/06/04. Only just opened and some work still being done, bar should be in place very soon (although plenty of bars/restaurants close by)
Hotel itself was nice enough and staff are very friendly. Rated at the moment as a 2* but I think it should be a 3*
Rooms are well equiped, toaster, kettle, fridge and two hobs and are of good size. For those of you who like to watch TV, one is included.
Safe was 2euro/day.
Pool is nice and very peaceful and gets sun all day.
Rooms were mopped most days and beds made.
Recommend walking to the main street as opposed to eating/drinking on the seafront
Beach is only 100m down the road, waters are clear torquoise/blue.
Two supermarkets, main street with bars shops and restaurants all within walking distance.
Recomment a little cake shop/bar in the square, sciroco and there is a restaurant called kelimar?? has Greek dancing whilst you eat (beef stamnas was very nice) in the road opposite another restaurant think it began with a P near the football park serves lovely kefelonian meat pie very nice.
We took just over 400 euros ate both at lunch and dinner including wine or beer.
Overall Excellent would deffinitely go again ****


we visited alykanas in zante last year although skala was very good we preferred alykanas

Tom H           

Gone to the resort for the last 15yrs, fantastic! Peacefull, excellent selection of tavernas, good pebble beach. A visit to Victor's taverna end of the beech before the nudist section is a must (just like faulty towers). Freindly people, great place to chill.

Charlotte T           

to amanda and anyone else who is hesitant about skala - don't be! we've been twice in 12 months and love it. the beach is fine shingle, very clean with beautiful turqoise waters and is lined with tavernas. restaurants sell pretty much the same thing but you won't find egg and chips or an english pub anywhere!!the food is mainly bbq stuff or greek...nothing like corralejo where every 10 steps theres a chinese .there are cocktail bars for drinking into the night - or just sit in your choice of restaurant with several carafes!!

Jason A           

to jac h use to find user reviews of hotels appts in skala and everywhere else pls ignore review ratings as i havent been yet but will be in july

Jason A

Hi we are going to Skala for a fortnight in july
could anyone please tell us if there are many places of historical interest (i.e. Mosaics, ruin etc...)
Also some good places to eat and ave prices for food and beer and RETSINA as I love the stuff
Many Thanks
See ya soon Skala

Krissi R           

to Yvonne re taking 1 year old to Greek Islands

Wow - you are very brave, June will be very hot for a 1year old - suggest May or late September/early October for baby in any part of greek islands, especially if baby got pale skin - when its too hot, very uncomfortable, and baby might not sleep at night, unless you've got air con!

Nicola B           

i went to skala on my honeymoon september 2002 and it was great, the people are lovely the place its self is breath taking. my husband and i are going this year to cant wait skala it self is very beauitful everything you could wish for in relaxing holiday


Hello, please help.
Is this the place for me? I want good beaches with calm warm waters. Good resturants with fresh fish at good prices and NO LAGER LOUTS!! I don't like any of these places that have been taken over by overbearing Brit's and their JOHN SMITH and EGG and CHIPS. Is this the place for me?? Ideal day... beach or exploring, back to room to get changed and chill for a bit, out for some very good food and drinks to top the night off!!! Will i get this?
Thanks for your help folks!!


My partner an i are both in our late twenties and would like to visit Kefelonia this year. We went to Fuertaventura last year and stayed on Corelejeo, it was quite but had a different restuarant for each night. I need to know if this is the right place for me, i don't like the Costa's etc where everything has been spoilt by overbearring Brits and their lager. I just want somewhere where the beaches are clean and beautiful, the water is warm and calm, plenty of good restuarnts serving fresh fish with an evening drink to cap it all off. Is this possible here? Will i be disapointed or is it a good place to go? Please help me...your comments are much appreciated.

John H

My girlfriend and I have been thinking of going to Kefalonia in September for two weeks. We are looking for a relaxing but not too quiet resort and fairly close to local amenities. Can you recommend any good apartments (even studio). We have been recommended Skala as a possible resort. We would like to hear from anyone who has visited Kefalonia who could give us their opinion of the Island and if necessary any alternatives in resort.

Emma S

Geting married in September and stopping in Skala with over 30 guests coming as well. Some have been asking if there is a karaoke bar (sad i know). Also where's the best place for a large group in the evening.

Yvonne R

hi, thinking of booking a week in scala as i have heard it beautiful, only dilemma is i will be taking my son who will be just 1 year old when we go in June, has anyone got any advice on taking an infant to the greek islands

Alison E           

We have just got back from our honeymoon on Kefalonia. We had been to several other Greek Islands before but Kefalonia is the most beautiful. Of all the resorts on the island, we thought that Skala was the best all round place to stay - excellent beaches, a good choice of tavernas and a relaxed atmosphere.

Lucia B           

Came back from Skala yesterday.Stayed at Captains House. I cannot say a bad thing about the place.The hotel was situated literally on the beach.I can recommend the Captains bar:Monika and Tina are the most friendliest people on the island.Monikas cocktails are a must!The Scandinavian bar is a good laugh also. If your planning on taking excursions while your there,go on the 'Taste of the capital'it is very good value for money.

Mark H           

I wasn't sure what to expect, and at first I was a bit surprised how residential the small area was. I was looking for peace and quiet, and I found it. No one bothered me and the local Greek people were very friendly. I can appreciate comments that there wasn't a lot to do, but fortunately I have an imagination and a brain so I didn't have to rely on someone 'entertaining' me. Shopping was a bit touristy but I understand from a local bar owner that the whole place goes to sleep in the winter and a lot of the locals leave, so there isn't really a need for a mall!...that's not a suggestion!!

Iain M           

Just spent our honeymoon in Skala, staying at the Nerithes studios & Apartments. The apartments were excellent and very clean and would definately recommend them. Hired a Suzuki Jimny from CBR rentals and went everywhere in it. Try going through the nature reserve on Mount Enos for breathtaking views! A good map is essential. If you want to have a relaxing holiday, then come to Skala. Would definately come back!!

Lyn I           

Scala is a beautiful part of the island. Its centred around a village so locals and tourists mix happily. There is a great sense of family community feel here which makes it quite traditional. Yes, there are shops that just sell sovernears and the small train thats takes you to knowhere, but you know, its a resort-they have to make their money somehow. Aside from the comments below, you cannot fail to be impressed with the beach(unofficial nudist beach to the right of beach near the rocks)the gorgeous smell from the outstanding pine trees and the incredible view to the mountains.A good selection of bars and restaurants.We never had a bad meal.For traditional greek tavernas-head down the side streets.Excellant food,service and about 10 euros cheaper than eating on main street. A must is a trip to Old Scala. A good 3 hrs walk.Take plenty of water and dont go after 9am.You can't fail to appreciate what the whole island went through during the earthquake of 1953, but seeing these amazing ruins will help you.Fantastic views to Zante from up there. You can get a guided tour booklet from Myas gift shop at the back of the kiosk in the corner(3 euro)

Joanne M           

We've just got back from a 2 week holiday and won't be returning. It's not awful we just expected a lot more after reading the comments on this site. We stayed in the Golden Coast appartments (now called Annassa) which are situated right on the beach and about ten minutes from the main street. They're fine, spacious and clean but no air conditioning which is a bit of a nightmare. Skala itself looks quite nice on first impressions but after being there for a few days you soon realise that all of the restaurants offer exactly the same food and most of them are very average and over priced. Didn't find one that I would call a decent restaurant. The best of them would be the Pines and Sallys Bar is good.

Gordon B           

After staying in Skala for two days I had seen enough. It is just like the little train which runs from Skala up the road to nowhere and thats it for 3.5 euros, generally a disappointment. Stone & shingle beach which drops off sharply to deeper water after ten feet.Restaraunts don't know what quality is, they are all glorified cafe's.

S G           

We stayed just outside Skala at Mounda Bay - which had the best beaches in Skala - very quiet, sandy beach which shelved gently into the sea which was just round the corner from Skala beach (past the nudist beach). Although Skala beach itself was much livelier with lots of watersports - it was made up mainly of pebbles & shingles.
The nighlife in Skala centered around the main street which consisted of many restaurants, a few bars which closed around midnight but there were one or two nightclubs if you looked hard-enough, there was also a handful of Supermarkets and gift-shops and car-hire/excursion/exchange shops (no bank in Skala but one "tempremental" cash-machine. I would say the resort is suitable for couples & families (if you're looking for all-night revelling then Skala is not for you !). All the local people were very open, honest and friendly and resort also attracts Greek families from the mainland. We would defintely recommend Skala to anyone considering a holiday here, and we would definitely go back again.

Emma M           

the only downside for us to Skala was that the beach was fine shingle rather than sand, but that is the same across most of Kafelonia and you got used to it.
The nightlife tended to revolve around a meal followed by drinks for us, and was perfect. There are plenty of resturants to chose from, some better than others. There is a very good supermarket towards the end of main street that stocks most things you will need, as well as souvenirs, and most of the shops here are souvenirs shops, but they sell intersting and unique gifts.
Skala is very charming and a perfect place to relax. Neither of us wanted to leave and we will be returning next year!

Louise M           

my whole family loves Skala, beautiful hotels, beaches and restaurants. every time weve been we stay in Skala, the people are lovely and its a fantastic part of the island. There are watersports on the beach and LOADS of restaurants and bars so the choice is great, definately reccomend it as a place to visit if not stay.

Kris C           

My girlfriend and i went to Skala at the beginning of July. We wanted 2 weeks of peace and relaxation and we were not disappointed. Skala is superb. Great coastline, great resteraunts and in Palegos Bay we had great apartments. We hired a car and explored most of Kefalonia, Poros, Agia Afimia, Sami, Loudas, Fiskardo etc and we were not disappointed with Skala as our choice to stay. The whole Island is beautiful but i'd certainly go back to stay in Skala.

Alan W           

Excellent for beautifully presented clean restaurants. They close the centre off at night to cars making it far nicer to walk around. Not spoilt yet by the 'rowdy crowd'. Hopefully there won't be too much development of the area - it will lose its charm if they do.

Tracy M           

Just returned from skala one of our best holidays yet.We usually go to Ibiza so didnt know what to expect.Sorry to say Spain the Greeks have won us over we will definetly be back.

Lucie C           

I have just returned from a two-week holiday on Kefalonia in Skala and it was wonderful. We hired a car (from Greekstones) and toured all over the island visiting all the resorts but can safely say that Skala was the best resort. The beach isn't very sandy - a bit shingly but other than that the place is first class. The tavernas are great and locals are very friendly. The weather was amazing and so were Monica's cocktails! Skala even has it's own tommy train running along the beach - choo choo! Fantastic!

Lucie C           

Hi, this is a message for Cath Wohlers. I've just spent two weeks in Skala and would say that a car is an absolute must. The bus service isn't great I don't think (although didn't us it personally). Try Greekstones rent a car.

Cath W

Thinking of going to Kefalonia next year-possibly Skala. What are the bus links like in Skala or would I need to mhire a car?

Sarah A           

Just returned from a 1 week holiday to skala, if you are going you will love it!! Very peaceful,clean and charming. Everybody really friendly. Not over run with tourists but just the right amount of atmosphere. Go down to the main square at night and have a go on the little train, we went on it twice with the kids and loved it. It does get very hot during the day, it peaked 43c whilst we where there. But we loved it and will be going back!

Jodi K           


Kathy S           

Just returned from Skala after 2 weeks of beautiful weather. 40 degrees most days. The resort has enough to keep you entertained and ideal for a quieter holiday. Great beach and warm sea. Views spectacular.

Barbara S           

Have just come back from a weeks holiday in Skala - absolutely beautiful! Stayed in the Aeolus Beach Apartments - best holiday ever!

Rebecca N           

Have just returned from Skala and can honestly say it is the most wonderful place. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a week or two of relaxation, stunning scenery and gorgous weather. The main street is lined with restaurants, the beach is clean (a little shingle near the sea but not too bad) and the water is clear and still. The locals are welcoming and not at all pushy. Nights are spent having a quiet drink and a lovely meal. A perfect holiday if you don't mind returning home tanned, relaxed and FAT!!! We have booked to come back later in the summer. Catch it before it gets too popular as the charm is unique.

Mandeep G           

Me and my wife spent one whole week out in skala, had a loevly time and will definately being going out there next year.

Linda F           

Have just returned from Scala. Had a fabulous holiday and plan to return next year.

Layla J           

fabulous. i love it. betty! its great. love the beach. have a good time! i want a free holiday!

Roisin F           

i have just c*m back from skala, kefalonia and we had a great time...the best. we stayed at the nine muses hotel and it was a woping 10********** (!) it was very clean and it was sooooo friendly that i have made many, many friends. if anyone is looking for a bit of night life visit the bar but if you just want a quiet night then you can simply visit the restaraunt at the frount of the appartments!!! it is very peaceful. it's a great place to soak in the sea/pool and just relax!must me! (especially the 'nine muses hotel'!!!)

Phillip H           

the shingle beach is not ideal for kids.hire a car,excellent beaches locally.plenty of food outlets of all katelios any day.

Ian S           

We came back from Skala on 12th May. We had an excellent holiday and recommend Skala. It was fairly quiet but there were still a fair few people around, in other words it is not a rowdy place. There were enough restaurants and bars to give some variety. The beach is really big and everything you need is in easy walking distance. If you like a quiet holiday with plenty of Greek character then try Skala. I didn't think it was particularly "British" like some people on the site have been saying.

Paul S

Hi there, me and my girlfriend are looking for a relaxing holiday in Kefalonia. Can't decide whether we like Skala or Katelios. What do you recommend? We like peaceful but not too peaceful!
Don't want to be isolated at night. We would like the option of an evening out, but at the same time trying to aviod a british invasion! Would really really appreciate any advice. Thanks

Geoff J

Going to Scala , Kekos apartments with
Any comments on the apartments ,
restaurants and places to visit ( or not ) would
be greatly appreciated

Cilla L

We stayed at the Marietta studios last year, they were ok, but we want to stay somewhere different this year. Has anyone stayed at the Makis Studios in Skala? They're in the Airtours brochure, and look ok, but it would be interesting to receive some honest feedback! Thanks.

Alan F           

I Went with my girlfriend and stayed in Skala in May 2002. The Eleana Apts were very clean and the owners friendly. We were so happy with our stay that we are going there on our honeymoon (May 2003)

Leanne P           

We stayed in Skala in August for the second time and we loved it. The tavernas in the town are lovely and the staff are so friendly. The beach was a bit shingly but the sea was nice and warm. We stayed at the Porto skala and had an excelent two weeks as expected. It is great if you hire a car because you can get out and go and see so much more of the island. Cant wait to go bk next year.

Jono W           

Can't help wondering if Kate Fox went on holiday by mistake. If you were disappointed by the number of places that were geared up for the 'package holiday maker', I can only assume that you flew to Kefalonia on your private jet, or sailed there on your yacht. Live and let live, perhaps?

Jono W           

Had an excellent time. Accomodation a bit basic, but otherwise the resort was about right. Went off season so not too busy, and managed not to have a full english breakfast once. Recommend the Ti Apathia restaurant (the one where there's always a queue) as it is head and shoulders above the rest.

Kate F           

Didn't stop for long because it looked so grotty with lots of building work going on. Also, the Roman Villa there was shut. Shops were very tacky touristy places. Didn't eat or stay for nightlife as we didn't like the look of the place - looked very British. Katelios is much less spoiled.

Carolyn M           

Had a day out in Skala on a day trip from Lassi. Liked it, didn't stay for the nightlife but I guess there were a few more bars than at Lassi. The beach was pretty good for snorkelling but a difficult to walk on near the water's edge because of the shingle. Some jelly bean sandals would be a good idea if you have kids.

James N           

Just returned after a great week in Skala. We visted most of the other resorts for a day (apart from Lassi) and Skala was tops by a mile. Make sure to visit the old village Skala in the hills - about an hours walk up the hill.

Alan P           

Skala manges to be a resort without going over the top. It is very chilled but there is plenty of everything. It is very British but not in a grungey way. The bars don't stay open very late but that's not what you go to Kefalonia for any way. If you want to go clubbing there is a club on the Poros road but you need transport to get back.

Anil P


Louise C           

If you want some nightlife then skala is probably the best! A bar called scandanavia is good-can dance there and a bar opposite is nice and does cocktails-bar opens till bout 3-thats if you can stick the greek men-DONT get eye contact!!! There is an open air club here too-but you would hav to ask the locals-it is called cave in greek!! It is off the beaten track jus past skala-worth seeing if you like nightlife!!

Hayley S           

Great resort but too many brits and the vast majority of the restraunts serve chips with virtually everything. I would go sooner rather than later as there is alot of developing going on. We didn't go to the beach much as the sea got pretty deep quickly.

Linda H           

If you would like a completely relaxing holiday then this resort is ideal for you. We went during the feast of St. Gerasimos so there was a lovely festive atmosphere. I would recommend anyone visiting to hire a car as there are many beautiful places to visit and the roads aren't too busy. Good food, lovely location. Will return asap!

Heidi W

(sorry, I have put my question in wrong section). I am going to Scala and Lassi on 13th August and am taking my 11 month old son. Do you know if I will be able to purchase jarred baby food in any shops as I don't really want to lug 20 jars with me on the plane??

Stephen S

Is it easy to change Travellers Cheques (Euro's) in Skala? - Please advise details of banks (opening hours etc.) and /or hotels/shops that will change Travellers Cheques?

Jeni S           

Scala is a very pretty place and has a genuine "village" feel to it making it unspoilt and quiet. Maybe it needs a few more bars to compliment the excellent restaurants there, and maybe a "club" type place to keep closet party animals happy. The tourists are 95% British, which is a bit of a shame, it's always nice to meet new nationalities. Overall, a lovely place to relax and soak up some rays and Ouzo.

Sharon W           

We stayed at Mouda, which is a few mins drive to Skala or 25 imns walk. Excelent base in which to explore the Island & the Travernias very good, esp. The Restaurant in the Garden (Zorbas)

Jo P           

From what we saw during our stay, Skala is definitely the resort we'd choose to go back to. It's only an hour from the airport and is a good base from which to go exploring the island, but if you prefer to stay put there's enough to keep you occupied with the beautiful beach and lovely restaurants and tavernas.

Nigel F           

We will be going back to Skala for the third time this year.I fell in love with Skala on the first day it is the best resort on the island with Poros coming a close second.

Arlene B           

we think skala is the best resort on the island. Just the right amount of nightlife and lots of fantastic restaurants to dine from.The greek people in scala are friendly.Skala is not too big and the beach is close to the main square.Beaches are lovely and dont ger too crowded. Easy to get to argostoli by bus or car from skala. We will be going back again this year cos its so great.

Carl R           


Andrew B           

This is probably the best resort in this part of Kefalonia with excellent beaches to the south, but accomodation is largely block booked by british package operators making finding accomodation more difficult than the islands without airports and direct charter filghts!

Paul S           

Skala makes an excellent base to explore the island. With a car all week, we explored Fiscardo, Assos, Argostoli, Lixouri, Sami and Aghi Effimia. The drives though the mountains were fantastic, followed by excellent meals by harbours or in small town squares.