Seven Cafe Bar

Bars in Lourdas

Bill T           

Makis, you know that there is no pleasing some people, but if that is all they have to moan about then they are the ones with the problem, see you in 4weeks 6days, not that we are counting. To all other user of this website Bar Seven, is excellent great views, relaxed atmosphere and unpretenious staff and customers, well worth the visit, and it is about the same price as anywhere else on the island withe exception of Fiskardo, which is extortionately expensive.Wink

Makis K           

HELLO FROM BAR 7!just to let you know that we did have feta!!!!!!! and now we have extended our menu even further!we wait for you!

Sarah C           

Gorgeous view, shame about the food!!. They didn't even have any feta cheese!!! Prices a bit steep too. Wouldn't come here again!


Excellent,great views,food ,games and staff.Comfortable and welcoming.
The only place to go.....thanks to you all and thanks for the T shirts!


This is an excellent bar/cafe.The location is great with cool sea views.Very comfortable and welcoming.Lovely staff...Hi Guys!!!Thanks for the t shirts!Lovely club sandwiches and Vanilla milkshakes too.
The use of the games and internet was a god send.....loved every minute of it....ate there most lunches and dranks there EVERY night!
I miss Seven already and ive only been back 2 days!

Go see....

Neil W           

Best bar in Lourdas by a mile. Great view, great music, great cocktails and drinks, great service (makis, makis and ghina are really nice people), great place really. I'd recommend their white russians. Snacks are of much better quality than Patricia's (located directly underneath bar 7), better priced, and, unlike Patricia's, you will actually be served with a smile. If you are on the beach or just near the bottom of the hill and you fancy a drink, an ice cream or a snack, don't even consider going anywhere other than Bar 7.

Sylvia W           

To Dave Green.

The bar is right at the bottom of hill on the left hand side (opposite Patricia's Restaurant. We thought it was the best bar in Lourdes. We actually still keep in touch with the staff via email.

Susan W

the chairs are from athens, the make is hoi an. the phone number is:0030 2103212034. we are at the bottom of the main road on the beach front in lourdas, above patritsia's

Dave G

where is bar seven situated,never seen it(dont think i have)is it down the hill

Gary E

Does any one know the make of the wood and canvas cream chairs on the outside deck at Bar Seven internet cafe as I want to get a couple for the deck at home.Thanks, Gary.
P.S Looking forward to going back in July this year. Nice bar.

John B           

You sure you had the correct place Ian ? { Upstairs on the corner of the beach } because when we were there they only served snacks and you could get ice cold Mythos on Draught for E2.70 a LITRE !

Ian R           

Now better as a taverna than a bar. Actually had two of my best meals of the holiday at this bar. Very friendly efficient staff. (Trusting too - sent me off without paying one day - told me to pop back whenm I had change).

Slightly over priced on the Mythos, as only sells small bottles. Good place to kill a few minutes waiting for the new minibus up the hill!

William T           

Discovering this bar was one of the best parts of our holiday, after a day either lounging round the pool or out and about touring the island this bar is a welcome addition to the beach at Lourdas, and we were often to be found having a snifter or four of the many drinks on offer.All of these served by the wonderful Gina, what an absolute lovely girl, but chaps watch out one of the "hunks" who serves at the bar is her boyfriend and you could not ask for a nicer couple to run a bar, along with the other Makis. Highly recommended, and the games and internet access make it a good place to chill or to connect with the outside world.

Susan W           

it was a very relaxing place to go and cool off after an afternoon on the beach. They served snacks, and we also got to watch the grand prix. the toilets were very clean and you can tell that the bar is new. my only quibble is that it was near the beach and too far from our apartments for us to venture down later at night.

Sylvia W           

Fantastic bar right on beach front, certainly our favourite (also has internet facility and board games). Run by two dishy Greek blokes and one lovely English girl from Burnley called Gina. We spent most nights there as they always made us feel very welcome and were excellent hosts. Suitable for any age group. Brilliant cocktail menu and ice cold Mythos. We met lots of great people there and always had a good laugh.

Tony M           

excellent sound system and tunes.lourdas best night spot. two happy hours-bonus!

Lily S           

an excellent shelter from the rain! everyone squashed inside and were made to feel a lot better about the terrible weather with the friendly, smiling staff. The cappuccinos are excellent!i am only sad that we found it on our second to last day

Wendy M           

The staff at seven are welcoming and friendly. A truely enjoyable afternoons retreat from the blazing sun with ice cold local beer and toasties made to suit your taste. Seven bar has a fantastic view which face it, most here do! but to add to the experience the owners have provided games for those with a sense of fun and in case your not tempted they have a kicking stereo system to boot!

Bill F           

Makis,Makis & ghina are very freindly, making the best cocktails in loudas, try the pink the bottom of the hill over looking loudas bay.well with a vist. shall go back again.

Wilma P           

the cleanest toilets in greece! A brand new bar, and after our many years of visiting Lourdas, it was wonderful to find this new addition. It was suitable for any age group and we felt completely at home there. the staff were very welcoming, and we hope to see them again on our return visits!

Terry M           

Lourdas is quite quiet and this is the place to liven it up! The music was the best on the island! The bar itself is right on the front, above a restaurant, overlooking the sea. It was very relaxing. And everyone was so friendly. It was open in the day too, very good for a mid afternoon 'cooling down' drink!and those club sandwiches....mmm!

George R           

This was our favourite bar while we were on holiday. The ambient music was very relaxing. The service was excellent and the people were very friendly and welcoming. The view out over the sea was amazing and it was like being on a boat! The computer kept us in touch with our emails and the board games kept the kids busy! Jenga was entertaining for the adults as well!There were two happy hours,which we found very convenient, one before our meal and one later on afterwards!Definately worth a visit!

John B           

Excellent location right on the beach { upstairs on the corner at the bottom of the hill } Great for either a lunchtime toastie and litre of Mythos, or for a cocktail in the evening whilst watching the sun setting. { watch out for the happy hours !! }
The young greek lad who owns it and his girlfriend from Burnley are excellent hosts and I'm already looking forward to visiting them next year.