Skala Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Emma V           

.the beach was excellent with the sunloungers actually being really good and in full working order. the sea was beautiful and cafes also really nice

John & marie P           

click to enlarge Fabulous beach, room for everyone and the swimming is just fab.  This is one of the nicest locations we have ever been to.  We love it and hope to return again.

Karen C           

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Having just spent one of the best weeks of our lives in Skala we cannot wait to go again.  We have a 7 year old daughter and everyone made her feel very welcome, from the waiters in the many fantastic restaurants to the staff in our hotel.  The beach was almost deserted every day, lazing in the sunshine gazing out at the turquoise waters...... heaven! Go you certainly will not regret it, but keep it to yourself! Kefalonia is in danger of becoming very touristy over the coming years and I don`t want to share it with anyone!

Lee O           

Thought Skala beach was a lovely beach.   We stayed in Lourdas for one week but drove here twice as we liked it so much.   There was an outbreak of jelly fish on our second visit which put our 12 year old off from going in the sea and we did hear that a little girl had been stung and when you looked along the coast line, there was no one in the sea  at the time but I dont think it lasted too long.  Enjoy. 

Lorraine B           

i went for 2 weeks in skala the beach is very clean, beautiful and long, ideal for privacy. being a bit on the above size 14 mark it was ideal to have a swim without anyone over looking you.the water is so blue and warm,also it was lovely to see the fish swimming so close to you, only darting away when you started swim.i would love to come to this part of kefalonia again its well worth a stay.

Christina B           

We would suggest hiring a speed boat from the guy who does watersports on the beach, Mike, near the Pikiona bar. He is a fab guy and approximate cost when we hired about a year ago was 80.00 for the day. We had a great time and would recommend it. You pick up at 9.00am and bring back at about 6.00pm. Hope this helps and have fun

John H           

Just returned from a week in Cephalonia. We ussually avoid the big tourist areas and we sayed in the village of Assos, but we hired a car for the week and spent the afternoon in Skala. I was really impressed with the place. The beach was lovely and the pine trees that line the sand give the place a very unusual (but very pleasent feel).

Tracey M

Does anybody have any information about where I could hire a speed boat from in Skala and approximate price please

L N           

Brilliant place to just kick back and relax. Something for everybody and very beautiful area. Clean. Safe. Lots of space. Find your spot, lay your towel, get that brolly up and just whip out a good book. Too hot? Tchshhh, open a beer. Or SpLASH! have a swim. It's all good!

Jen N           

Lots of places to chill out. Can be windy and hot and hard underfoot in places. That's nature for you. If only it was man made. The even have buzzing wasps sometimes. Beatiful. Clean. Lovely. Great views. Just be prepared for nature. POTENTIAL FOR FUN = EXCELLENT.

Ian C           

Shingle, not sand quiet not overcrowded, all sun beds bunched up together, but miles of beach to find a private spot. can get very hot (42degrees) so take shade, shoes ( a must) and water. spend the whole ay here and relax. perfect

Stephanie N           

Although the setting is really lovely and this is a huge beach, we found the loungers really close together and the pebbles really hard on the feet.

If you want a really beautiful quiet beach with lovely sand and a very peaceful atmosphere go to Kamina beach. It's between Lourdas and Scala. We spent 4 days there and it was bliss.

Andy M           

Just excellent, take some sea shoes though !

Alastair M           

The beach at Skala was really nice, and very peaceful.
It's not all sand though, and could be a bit tough on the feet when you were getting out of the sea, but it works great as an exfoliant!!!
The sea was great too, very 'refreshing'!!

Michael C           

We loved Skala beach, and spent most of our days on the sunbeds outside the Tara Beach Hotel. The water is so clear, and it was really quiet there. Very relaxing.

Sarah P           

we made the effort to dirve from lassie to skala 3 times during our 2 week holiday. the neach is huge (very long, but not wide) the quality of the sand and shingle varies along both its wideth and length so search for a sandy spot. a pare of flip flops are a must as the shingle getting into the sea is very sharp. we went because there is an area past the big rocks on the right which is unoffically designated as nudist. i hadnt done nude sunbathing before but thought i should give it a go, and it was a lot of fun. very liberating and no nasty tan lines. its suprsingly natural and un-p**vy, with people of all ages taking part. snorkeling is fab around the rocks but watch out for trouser snakes lol.

Lynne W           

Gorgeous beach, really clean, great for snorkelling, mostly shingle so a bit hard on the feet and no good for building sandcastles. Not too busy even in August - we always found a quiet spot.

Yvonne H           

Just returned from Skala and having withdrawal symptoms already. We had a wonderful relaxing time. The island was beautiful, the Tara Beach Hotel an oasis and its staff brilliant. Skala is the best resort of the island by far - quiet,pretty and the locals very friendly. Plenty of tavernas to choose from - the best being Sally's which is situated half way up the high street and right at the square - does the best Kefalonia meat pie in town. Old Skala town is a must but go early in the morning - takes about 3 hours round trip - worth it though. We will be back!

L. S           

We returned from Skala yesterday. Had a really excellent holiday. Snorkelling is a must as lots of fish to see and you really do not need to go too far out.

We hired a speed boat for 80 for the day (from 9am until 4pm). Was perfect. A chance to get a beach all to yourself, or if you are not a fan of the beach you can just drop anchor and lie out on the boat, jumping off when you feel the need for a swim. Saw quite a few turtles as well between Poros and Skala. Take a picnic - a great day out!

Emma M           

The beach is actually very fine shingle....I would take a pair of flip flops to wear in the sea. Refreshemnts are very close to the beach with various restuarnats such as the Pines too serving cool refreshing drinks. Sunbeds are available to hire.
The sea is lovely to swim in, but does get deep very quickly. If you are into snorkelling, fish come really close to the shore line, and it is amazing watching them.
I would say to walk about ten minutes towards the right,a nd you will pass the cafes, but then come to a quite cove that is fantastic. It is private, and if you get there early enough, you can have your own private bay. However it does take a lot of effort walking in the heat and in the shingle, so take plenty of cool drinks with you.

The only let down for us was the fine shingle, rather than sand.

Jeff P           

Got back today after two weeks in Skala. Agree with the comments on snorkeling, excellent. Octopus can be seen 10 metres off shore. Depth of water is very sudden from beach, shale on entrance to water all along the beach. Sunbeds and umberellas 8 euros per day, buy an umberella for 7 euros from one of the many supermarkets and give it away at the end of your stay (make someone's day). Quiet resort, perfect for unwinding.

Alan W           

Loads of room for everyone. The beach beyond the rocks is best for snorkelling - fantastic array of fish that will come and feed from your hand. Take some shade with you and something to tie it down with. It's always a sign of a good beach when there are naturists around - that's if you like quiet unspoilt areas - which this beach has a plenty.

Fay W           

I was a bit disappointed with the south of the island, its obviously
still a developing area. We only stopped for a look here as Pine
trees mean only one thing....WASPS! But the beach looked
spacious and clean. Again, glad I wasn't staying here.

Sue B           

we usually like fine sandy beaches and this is not one, but we did like it, the sand didnt get flicked into your eyes or sandwiches. The large pebbles & shingle are hard on your feet, thought the kids would miss making sandcastles but they made pebble pictues in the sand and took felt pens on the beach and sat for hours decorating the stones. we found the beach in front of the Tara Beach Hotel (turn left at seafront) best for the children, not quite as steep and stoney. sunbeds are 8 Euros for 2, you can buy a beach brolly at the supermarket for 6 Euros. If its windy watch the kids on the lilo's the sea gets deep very quickly and they'll soon be out of there depth. In all very beautiful.

Tracy & kapoon M           

The beach was excellent. There was a lot of people on the beach but there's
still a lot of beach to have your own space. We had a our own parasol instead
of renting the parasols with beds and found this to be fine. The beach is sandy
but when you get closer to the sea there is a lot of stones. We definately
recommend flip flops.

Mark M           

Lovely beach, fairly quiet (for such a popular beach) and nicely spaced out. Not sandy but found this better as there was no need to keep rubbing sand off all the time. Hurts your feet a bit getting in and out of the water, due to the pebbles, but so what, be quick, it helps. Lovely clear, calm water. Good choice of watersports without interfearing with sunbathers and swimmers. Popular with Greeks too. Shame there doesn't seem to be anyone selling drinks, or anything for that matter, though I expect that's to encourage people to go to the restaurants. Not always good for the pockets, or the physique!

Ann D           

Nice beach but pebbles hurt so much when you were trying to get in and out of sea.

Dan C           

OK buy a snorkel, get one of the more expensive ones it works out cheaper in the long run as they don't fall to bits after a few days! get on the beach and turn right at the pines too......and keep walking forget the beds and brollies, they cost loads and are forever blowing away, go past victors bar (intersting service here! cat lovers only!)and carry on to the big rocks and beyond, get naked amd swim! There are plenty of little coves and rocks to give you some privacy. Feed the fish (they like apple and bacon frazzles best!) and dive for small shells, and if you feel brave, jump off the rocks just don't tell your travel insurance company!. The beach has a steep shelf about 5 meters out so gets pretty deep quickly (5 metres ish), some impressively large fish about 10/15 metres out, you cannot fail to enjoy this beach! but you will need a decent pair of sandles as the shingle can get a bit much on our british soles!

Sarah A           

Abit disappointing as the children couldnt really swim here as the undercurrant was quite strong and my 2 year old got swept in and then my husband lost his wedding ring!! Make sure you wear flip flops or jelly shoes as the shingle beach is quite sharp!! Its ideal if you want to go snorkelling!

Dean K           

Bloody rock and pebbles everywhere! Interesting Nude bit down the right side of the beach past the big Rocks, didn't mean to go there though!

Rebecca N           

Nice beach shame about the shingle which was very uncomfortable. Is next to the road but this is very quiet apart from the few made racing greeks!

Lynne L           


Beth L           

This was the beach we spent most of our time on - brilliant for water sports - we did water skiing, parasailing, hired a pedalo with a slide, went on banana boats, ringoes and these weird ufos. The people there are really helpful and ready to try and capsize the banana boat for you

Cheryl K           

The beach was gorgeous. The fine shingle was a comfortable alternative to sand (after a week, brushing sand out of your clothes can be pretty irritating!). Sunbeds were expensive. The beach is lovely earlier on when it is very quiet and there is no-one else around (but that soon changed - get there early to get a sunbed).

Neil R           

Nice beach but there are some dodgy sights on the nude beach at the far right hand end. Best beach on the island is Petani beach which is over the ferry at Argostoli and then at the top eastern end of the peninsula from Lixouri. Place is stunning and quiet if you like that sort of thing.

Matt W           

Nice beach to lie around on working on your tan. Preferred the water in Lourdas but better snorkelling near here.

Chris H           

To get to the best (or only) naturist beach on the island, go down tom Skala beach turn right and head on past the headland. Beautiful clean waters, nice sand, great snorkelling.

Alan P           

The beach is massive and the nicest part is at the right hand end beyond the Sunrise where it is quieter and the shingle is very fine. It does shelve very steeply if you are not a confident swimmer and is not really suitable for small children. If none of that is an issue it is glorious and crystal clear with different bars to choose from

Helen M           

The beach hut bar served great cocktails "zombies" that helped you get through the heat of the day,

Julie W           

If you go to the end of beach heading towards Katelios, go past the big rocks and round the corner you're on the unofficial nudist beach. Fab for swimming, we fed bread to the shoals of silver bream, they will take the bread from your hand (wear a cozzie for this activity, they get quite keen!) Lots of posers but a lovely beach, worth the walk.

Louise C           

ok beach but i wasnt as impressed as the rest of the island - however skala makes up for the lack of beauty with its night life - it is one of the busier resorts! there is supposed to be watersports but sea was bit rough on the day i went there so didnt get to make use of them - there is a roman villa though at the top of the stepa down to the beach if you like a bit of history and plenty of souvenir shops!! the beach itself is coa**er sand then the others and the water is not so clear so would recommend lourdas or myrtos if you have a car x x

Joanne Y           

Lovely beach, bit pebbly so it's a good idea to get some plastic sandals to go in the sea! The sea was lovely and calm most of the time so very safe for swimming. Sunbeds are a bit pricey though (8). It adds up if you go there a lot.

Laura S           

The water was not as good as other beaches (Lourdas and Myrtos) but it is still nice. The water sports it says it has don't exisit! At least not when we visited.

Michael M           

Not the most beautiful of beaches, as its one long stretch with few features. However, the sea is beautiful and warmer than most of the other beaches. The snorkelling was by far the best on the island, with large scholes just offshore. Just round the corner at the west end of the beach is a nudist area. This is the best area for snorkelling, just watch out for stray eels!

Leanne P           

A beautiful strech of soft shingly sand and shallow warm waters. A friendly cafe serving cold drinks and meals. The spaghetti bolognais is yummi.