Restaurants in Lourdas

Louise C  (August 24, 2002)         

Sorry to c the bad comments on here-had a pizza and it was one of the nicest ive ever had-went quite late in the evening-lovely view, breeze. 4 of us and all our meals were lovely-only went there once though so perhaps opinions could have been changed?! Mind out for that service charge too!!!

Mary D  (August 13, 2002)         

Disgusting meal - inedible. Ordered Souvlaki - was served five pieces chicken placed across plate, not on a skewer and definately not cooked that day or even previous 2 days. Came with cold oven chips, tinned peas/carrots and very very salty mushy rice.

Graham A  (August 11, 2002)         

Not impressed. How this place is at present rated 7/10 I can't understand. The pizzas were burnt, one so badly that we had to request a refund, the prawn thingy was exactly the same as a previous correspondent has written, all shell, legs and head, and the spag bol and carbonara were nothing special. Spotted Danny though, but that didn't make up for the disappointment.

Rory F  (July 28, 2002)         

Would like to say the food was excellent and would have done if we had not gone back a second time. The first time we had pork steaks, souvlaki and Kefalonian meat stew. All of the meats were cooked to perfection and the meat stew was the best ever. Just like mother makes. Then the second meal was not so good. The pizza was fine but three of us had specials of roast beef and it was a mistake. It tasted salty and out of a tin. The veiw is great though.

Steve T  (July 24, 2002)         

This was the worst meal we had during our stay. The stiffado had 2 little pieces of meat with too many onions. My meal was 6 king prawns with all the heads and shell on with melted cheese over the top, I was spitting shell and spikes all night after. Thought it was very expensive with the highest cover charge of the restaraunts we dined at. Did not go again of course.

Gareth J  (July 12, 2002)         

Good service and friendly staff. Got serviced by Danny de Vito which was a bit surprise.

Cathy M  (July 04, 2002)         

We went in June, Food was average, service excellent, price a bit expensive. Nice Views over the bay at sunset, worth it just for that

Ian W  (June 30, 2002)         

efficient and friendly well prepared and presented.their stifado was excellent tho i could have done with a bit more meat and less onions.its worth going just to see how much he is like danny de vito!

Muffin R  (June 27, 2002)         

Food ok...veggie limited to pizza or spag;...staff were lovely...saw Danny...but they could do with some different chairs the ones they have are very uncomfortable....& the fruit salad was out of a tin.

Allison F  (June 24, 2002)         

Much better than Spiros next door. Very clean, good waiters, spacious.

Ron H  (May 20, 2002)         

The chicken and king prawn was excellent with a green salad, served in classic surroundings by very helpful staff and a courteous owner.I also saw Danny DeVitto.

Geoff D  (May 13, 2002)         

Next door to Spiros. Excellent range and quality including very good Italian food. I had the Fillet with King Prawn and Mushroom sauce (sort of like a stroganoff on top of a steak). Very reasonably priced and good service. Look out for the Danny de'Vito lookalike waiter. He is brilliant.