Lourdas Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Dave F           

I thought Lourdas beach was ok, but not as nice as other beaches. It seemed to commercial with most of the beach covered in sun beds which are rented out to you as you sit down on them for the day. At the day i visited the beach was quite busy, and due to this there was lots of litter in the sand which was not nice to see, as other beaches did not have this. The beach is quite stoney and I though the sharp drop as you walked just a few yards into the sea was quite dangerous for the kids, and a life guard was on duty - which made you aware of the dangers of this. Overall I thought the beach was a little over rated but it had a reputation for the beach to be seen at for posing your best assets to the locals. Perhaps I am a little too old now to be doing this now lol

Jed W           

Lourdas is one of the best beaches on Kefalonia, not too sandy, but the pebbles are smoother here than at Skala, so don't hurt your feet as much. Had three concecutive days here, two extemely calm one a bit choppy, but still the warmest water I've ever swam in.

The backdrop to the beach is spectacular. Dark Pined covered mountains and the odd pastel covered villa dotted around. Plenty of tavernas, but one of the best is the grape vine covered one by the vegetable gardens and mini-mart.

I S           

We only visted for a day. Glad we had a car to get back up the hill!
Have to say we were a bit disappointed by the beach. A bit stony. Water was reasonably clear but not as good as other beaches

Helen E           

We weren't staying in Lourdas but we did go and visit. We thought the resort was horrible- terrible for the elderly or disabled. It was just a huge hill that was very very steep
However, the beach was ok although not overly impressive. It was too big and too much effort to get there.

Louise D           

we liked the beach and its bars but god the walk was awfull!!!!! if you are staying at the top or middle section of Lourdas you wont want to walk in the heat - especially on the way up. A local bus service does run which is very reasonable and this was a god send! Lots of umbrellas and sunbeds which due to the quiet location are always available.

Julie F           

Had a relaxing time in Lourdas, unspoilt location, friendly people and good tavernas.
Go to Seven cafe bar overlooking Lourdas Bay,at the bottom of the hill on Lourdas beach.
Gina, Makis & Makis are very friendly and happy hour is good value.
Looking forward to going again.

Bill F           

Great location, unspoilt resort, good tavernas, friendly people we look forward to going again.

Fay W           

Only stopped for a Greek salad in a beachfront restaurant so
have left votes unchanged. Looked OK, but nothing to write home
about and the hills are steeper than Lassi. Just glad I wasn't
staying here!

John B           

A great beach spoiled only by those most selfish of people "smokers".
Around every sunbed and parasol there are invariably dozens of cigarette butts in the sand. The only people I saw putting their butts into the many rubbish cans on the beach were Greeks.
The highlight on the beach for us was visiting bar Se7en { upstairs on the corner as you turn onto the beach } A litre of cold Mythos in the 40Deg temps. we encountered was just what the doctor ordered.
The young girl from Burnley who runs it with her greek boyfriend was delightful.

Sophie H           

Beautiful. Perfect swimming (when the sea was calm!). There is an excellent local bus service up and down the hill (goes all the way up to Vlahata and across to Trapezaki beach too, it makes it even better knowing that you don't have to walk back up the hill...

Ann D           

Perfect for chilling out.

Water was always calm and beautiful

Carolyn S           

Just perfect.

Paul M           

Steep road down to the beach - either make sure your apartment is close to the beach or hire a car (which is cheap and necessary to really explore the island). Beach is really great - very calm water which is very safe, and a mostly sandy beach. We personally thought the beach to the left of the road was nicer and their are beds/brollies for 8 euros. Plenty of tavernas to get your beers and ice-creams - go for the local Mythos beer and you'll not be disappointed.

Jenny K           

Beautiful and clean. Small and not too crowded (in June) . Very nice man who rents the blue and white unbrellas and longers (gave us a free ride home twice and apricots from his garden!)Lovely - went here every day for a week

Sharon B           

Trapezaki beach is much better with fewer people and nicer sand..were not v impressed with Lourdas..seemed a bit messy and more litter etc

Martin H           

Had our second holiday in Lourdas the last week of May and will return a.s.a.p. Hot and sunny the whole time. Easy to find quiet beach spots if you dont mind walking - and occasional nudists!
Some of the tracks down to the beach have been washed away but if you follow the shepherd and his flock down(track just before 'Crystal Palace' taverna on road to Trapezaki) you can't go wrong. Leave walking back up 'til late in the day - the swimming is better then anyway.

Alison W           

This is a lovely beach, once you have done the very steep hill to get down, the getting back up is the worst and we are pretty fit. Very clean beach lots of beds and umberellas 8 euros for the lot. Did some snorking bit nothing really to see apart from the sand. Best beach in Lourdas.

Matt W           

The sea was lovely, big waves on the first day so bought a body board, didn't get a chance to use it the rest of the holiday as the sea was so calm - much to my girlfriend's delight. If you walk to the right from the road to Lourdas the beach is much quieter and there's a great little bar.

Louise C           

Hello everyone!!! Lourdas is lovely - it is a shame about the huge walk to the beach but ok if you take it slow and you might even find you miss it when you get back (or not!!) The beach is beautiful-i am not a beach person usually but actually spent the whole day in the sea on a couple of occasions because it was so crystal clear-didnt c any watersports as advertised and unfortunately no shelter-but if you walk along the front you can go up to ionian sun which is open to the public and is very lovely-get your lunch up their too!!! Nice pool-pretty surroundings and a free jacuzzi! If you walk right along the beach it is sometimes a bit quieter and the water is better - to the left it is shallower if you hav kiddies!! Have fun

Laura S           

Lovely beach, only bad thing was the walk back to the apartments! Plenty of sunbeds, 8 euros for two and a brolly!

Rob E           

Its a superb, secluded beach, very safe, with two good tavernas. We did "the climb" from beach to village once. Sane people would take the car.

Vicki R           

The beach is a mixture of sand and shingle. The sea was usually very calm for 1/2 of the day and then choppy for the rest of the day.

Honey B           

beauty spot is fading rapidly due to too much sun and no honey, longs to be back into the arms of a much missed honeypot

Honey P           

Exclusive beauty spot close to beach - highly prized - much sort after - still found in shade on hot sunny days - has been spotted near pools and at night hip hopping across to livelier areas - desperately missed in the UK

Dave F           

Found new beauty spot Just outside Lourdes Beach - has been spotted beside quiet pool areas and secluded beaches - been known to put other sights of beauty in the shade - and has been seen occassionly at night

Steve T           

Don't attempt the donkey track Uphill after a hard day at the beach in 38'c, It was the hardest climb of my life and I'm a fairly fit young bloke. Beach is shingle with a bit of sand. Water is the best I've ever swam in and I've swam in many countries around europe and south-east asia including Australia.

Ian C

This will be my first visit to this island although i have visited Aghistri last year, and would welcome information on the beaches in this area

Cathy M           

As everyone has said, Its a really steep - long road down to the beach at Loudas and when its 35c it can be a killer- hire a scooter or a car It's mostly pebbles with a little sand mixed in. Nice and wide and kept clean. Umbrella's and sunbeds have gone up this year, last year only 2.00 for two this year 5.50 due to the wonderful euro. Nice on a night sat at one of the tavernas.

Ian W           

all beaches in kefalonia seem to involve a walk typical of the lake district down to them but they are worth it usually and lourdas beach certainly was.from the main part of the resort it is quite a hike down the road but there is a track signposted lithero beach opposite the fiona appartments which takes you down a donkey track and through some allotments to the beach.this is steep in parts and does not seem inviting but is much quicker even after 5 or 6 hours baking in the sun!2 sunbeds and a brolly 7 1/2 euros per day.more shingle than sand but still very nice.

John S           

A nice clean beach with plenty of sun beds and umbrellas for hire. Not too crowded as it is very wide.

Allison F           

Not as good as Lithero Beach next door

Liz H           

Not the sandiest beach you'll ever visit, but nice scenery. Sea varied between crystal clear & calm, & murky at the edges & quite rough in first week in May. Distinct lack of sunbeds on our visit, but apparently we were a bit early in the season. Beaches were unusally edged by allotments, complete with local Greek horse!

Joanne L           

There is a steep climb down to the beach but we enjoyed the exercise going back at the end of the day. The beaches are certainly worth the climb, with white sand and crystal clear water.