Makris Gialos Beach

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We visited here this summer (2004). The beach was really nice, very close to Lassi so it was handy. Lovely sea to swim in, and nice friendly atmosphere, although at times a few too many sleezy school boys hanging around eyeing up young english girls!! Staff very nice, especially the sunbed man, even though he kept asking me out all the time and for my number. He even told me he was falling in love after 3 days and 1 kiss. I loved it though, had a wicked time. x x


this beach is super!


this is beach is amazing! i have no idea why its only got 4/10! only a while back it was 10/10! i have been 2 kefalonia many times! and will be back in may! this beach is lovely! good for kids, beautiful sand, even though it can get quite hot when the suns on it. the sea is lovely and clear, and u can see the white fishes. there are water sports, and good eating places along the beach.(not that expensive either)there are always life guards around. this beach is just the best, and anyone beach lovers who go to kefalonia.. defenly go to this beach! soo relaxing! me and my two friends met some gorgous greek boys on this beach! 2 years ago, and we still all good friends now! cant wait to see them in may!

Pirro K

hello! costa costa the best beach bar in kefalonia u gon afine a relaxin wher u never do b4r long beach the best!

Pip B           

Does anyone know if there is a windsurf school on Lassi beach or on Kefalonia?


This beach is lovely but was very busy during our stay (last week of August); you had to be there before 11am to get a decent set of sunloungers. We hired a motor boat from the Albatross Watersports centre which was a disaster and I would not recommend it to anyone. The propeller turned out to be faulty and we got stranded up the coast. After rowing to shore and then hiking to the nearest town with all our stuff we found that the telephone number that the watersports centre had given us was out of date so we had to make our own way back. No apology or offer of a refund were given - if you want to hire a boat it would be much better to go to Argostoli where not only are they cheaper but the boats have an emergency back up motor for such situations.

Julie F

Can anyone tell me what Silo Studios in Lassi are like,we plan to go there in 4 weeks!

Joanne V           

To John Clare

As far as I know the pool bar is no longer open in Eleftheria at all. We stayed there last year (3rd July -17th July) and it looked very run down, as if it hadn't been used for a long time, and wouldn't be used again. The nearest shop / supermarket is at the bottom of the 'the hill'and across the road, stock up with water for the climb back up! The 'hill' is lovely to walk down in the evening for your evening meal but it the day it is a different story. If you plan to spend some time by the pool, I would buy your provisions in thevening when the climb is a little less painful, then you have everything for the next day.

Martin N           

This is an excellent, pretty and sandy beach with a couple of bars and a restaurant offering good value food and ice cold beer. Good shady parking. Boat hire, skiing and other watewrsports on the beach. Two beds and a sun umbrella for 8 Euros. First class

John C

We (family of 3)are booked for end of July this year our first package holiday. We are interested in Jet Ski/Scuba diving/snorkelling etc. Can anyone give us an indication of costs, queues etc and best places for such activities.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, we are staying at the Eleftheria apartments in Lassi, does anyone know if there is a local shop etc nearby and if the poolbar is open in July/august 04.


Sophie B           

Great beach with water sports. A fab beach to chill on and top up your tan!

Rose G

I am only 12 but me, my brother - 21 and my Mum are visiting Makris Yialos this summer, there are apparently only 12 appartments are there likly to be children my age here?

Sophisto C

I am visiting kefalonia again in May and would like to know if the water sports and beach bar are open because last year they weren't.

Stephanie N           

This was one of our favorite beaches. The water was so clear and you could see tons of fish. They would follow you around like little pets.

The fresh doughnuts were a nice treat.

Don't miss this beach for a perfect beach experience.

Robert C           

Our first view of this beach (Monday 8th September)had us looking at 6ft waves with the beach bar surrounded with water,later into the holiday the waves were 2inches high and the sea a millpond. This is however a beautiful beach and if you get a lounger on the front row it could not be any better.


This beach is another excellent one around the island. very relaxing, beautiful clear sea that is great for swimming or snokelling. Overall a excellent beach to relax on.

Mike R           

What can I far this is the best beach on Kefalonia, best facilities, best sun loungers, best beach bar..Costa Costa (excellent chillout tunes and regular afternoon DJ also), and best swimming, waterports also available closeby. Normal sun loungers cost 7.50 euros for two, but try out the wooden ones with the soft cushions as a treat, they cost 12 euros but believe me after ten days lying on them it was worth every cent. You'd expect a lt of posers on this beach, but to be honest there were only a few. Best beach I've been to in Greece so far!!!

Mick/jane/laura/becks/ m           

Godd sand. cheap snack bar. good times.

Gill B           

Makris Yialos beach is one of the best beaches I have visited in Greece, purely for the soft sand, safe swimming and the it's just the perfect beach for families with young children. You can hire sunbeds and umbrellas right near the waters edge so you do get to relax whilst the kids play in the sea. (10 Euros though a little excessive !!) Kids loved the doughnut man every morning (& the doughnuts arrived warm and fresh) Beach was clean and there were no wasps! The Bar Restaurant over looking the beach was perfect for a drink, shade and a bite to eat and was too expensive either.

Fay W           

Have a look at my photo of Lassi Beach that I have added (see
top of page). Just says it all really!!!!

Fay W           

This beach is breath taking when you first walk down the steps
to it. We found if you go to the right, the sunbeds thin out to
having their own little coves in between the rocks. Further on just
put your towel down on the beach and go snorkelling in fantastic,
fish filled waters. EXCELLENT!!!

Sara P           

Fantastic beach - lovely soft sand in and out of the water. The sea was perfect for swimming and you could go a long way out before being out of your depth. Views are also really lovely.

2 sun beds and a brolly are a bit expensive at 10 Euros - also the sun bed man really does need to get a proper system going as he can't remember who's paid and who hasn't and was often offending people asking them for money when they'd already paid (us included).

However, this didn't put us off and we thoroughly enjoyed our days on the beach, especially our morning 'fresh doughnut' - absolutely delicious!

Jim R           



Watch out for the dodgy eyed sunbed man who kept touching me as I sunbathed. Apart from that it's a wicked beach if a little busy. You will hear the 'Fresh Doughnuts' guy walk up and down the beach which amused me and my friend. A must is to go to the new bar at night which is at the very end of the beach. The cheapest drinks by far which on this Island is rare. Cool Cafe Del Mar feel to it.

Jamie W           

This is the best beach I have ever been to. The water is crystal clear and great for snorkelling as the fish come really close in. Get a sunbed near to the waters edge as the sand gets *very* hot. One slight criticism - 10 is an awful lot to pay for two sunbeds.

Kieran F           

Prices getting silly now - 10 euro for a set - (11 at the quieter Antonio Beach).
Otherwise ok - the Albatross watersports takes up a big patch of beach which
is a shame. Anyone else see (allegedly) Sean Connery's yacht SY Salperton
17-18th June???

Richard C           

The best beach we have ever been to. The sand is clean (and red hot come 11am!!), the sea is as clear as crystal, and was mainly flat calm when we were there. We found that when you go down the steps on to the beach, turn right and go to the far end where there are some rocks in the water. My daughter snorkelled here for the first time and couldnt belive the amount of fish present.
I thought that the man who charged 10 Euros for two sunbeds was ripping people off. One day he gave me a receipt, the next few days he didnt, wonder why??. Like other things in Keffalonia, it is sad to say that overcharging seems to have become the norm. But going back to the beach it is great, it even betters the one we spent time on in Cuba last year.

Lynne L           


Simon W           

What a great beach!! I can honestly say it's the best beach i've ever been on. Litter free, and the sea is almost crystal clear.


this is a lovely beach and is nice for a lovely relaxing holiday. but beware in the sun the sand can get very hot!!! but we still think its the best beach in the whole of lassi! kerry, karen and natalie x x

James H           

Lovely beach. Go to the far end if you want less crowding.

Cathy P           


Kerry and karen            

this is the nicest beach in the whole of kefalonia, it is every safe. the sea was very clear and the the sand was a golden yellow, lovly for the whole family, can get crowded!!!

Carolyn M           

Nice beach and food at the bar was excellent. We paid 15 euros for four beds and one umbrella. Only paid 10 euros on the Gradakia beach which was much friendlier. Guess we paid more as Makris is more popular and the hunks are better.

Irene H           

This beach was lovely, although a bit overcrowded. Beware of the man who rents out the sunbeds, he seems to charge what he likes between 8 - 10 euros, depending on if your English, Greek or Italian. English being the most expensive.

Gina P           

absolutly gorgeous!never been to a better beach!

David W

Has anyone out there had any experince of the following (Fiscardo region): Snorkelling Boat Hire Fishing Eating Out Food Shopping I'd be really, really grateful if you could get back to me. Oh, also, my daughter has always wanted to swim with Dolphins (and David Beckham, actually), has anyone got any tips? David.

Emma W           

Excellent beach with a bar on there to get your drinks and snacks from. Depends on the colour of the sun loungers on how much you paid for the day which was between 7.50 - 10 euros. Sand was excellent, sea very clear. Opportunity for water sports!! Good beach but could do with fewer cigarette ends!!

Jessica F           

Lovely beach.Had some really good times here before.I went here with Christos the dancer from Zorbas restaurant.Geeeesh-it brings back some happy memories!!!Jess ;)

Giles M           

Nice, if a bit crowded and touristy. Someone nicked my tobacco here while I was swimming so we didn't go back.

Gemma T           

This beach is absolutely gorgeous! Theres loads of white sand, the water is really clear and its not far to walk from the main road. Its especially nice at night when the sun is going down!


A gorgeous beach. Perhaps the busiest one though, its well worth searching the coastal roads for quieter beaches as this one became slightly over crowded. But the beach has good facilities, sunbed hire and a cafe. The beach was very clean, tiny amounts of litter, but no more than anywhere else.

Deborah K           

Well looking at the other comments, what a difference a month or more makes. Despite bins in situ there was a lot or rubbish around (including dog mess) and so many tourists.... if this beach needs a big tidy up at the end of May what on earth will it be like in July/August??

Eileen F           

Beautiful long sandy beach that has great facilities in the way of tavernas and beach bars. The view from these bars is awesome and the sea when you are out there is equally awesome. It does get busy, and there seems to be a busy period around 4pm around the volleyball area. Locals exceptionally friendly (as all over the island)and don't seem to resent the tourist invasion - or if they do they have the good grace not to show it.

Alexandros L           

this beach is the most beautiful beach in all the world i think this not only cause i live there in the summer but because i think it is awesome the wildlife in these waters are very diverse they have turtles stingrays fish octipie fish starfish this island is beautiful and the coolest place on earth.

Paul C           

One of the best Island beaches in Greece

Andrew B           

Excellent beaches and also near to Argostoli.

Irene C           

Beautiful beach with sand right into the water, no pebbles!Plenty of facilities including watersports and cafes/tavernas/snack bars. Is quite busy around noon.