Nefeli Restaurant

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Cat N           

We really liked nefeli. The food was amazing, especially saganaki starter. Waiters very friendly and service quick. We ate here twice- it was lovely.

Kevin D           

We went to Nefeli's twice (July 05), all aspects were were top class. The service was friendly and fast, the food was well prepared and tasted great. Prices are on par with all the other quality tavernas. They also have a childrens menu, not all the tavernas we tried did.

Norman D           

Only went here on our last morning, and only for a Full English breakfast before the flight.

Service was very good, very friendly staff, and a  breakfast better than most. We're sorry we didn't try
this place earlier !

Rebecca L           

Great place, great food. Try the hummus and chicken Stifado.

Irene C           

What more can I say! Brilliant. We have been to Lassi the last 5 years and ate in the Nefeli most nights. Food this year was even better and it was good before!! Thanks to Katy, Gerry. Aimilios, Costas and all the rest of the staff for making our holiday enjoyable.

Sharon T           

THE best restaurant in Lassi.  We ate here twice in a week.  The second time was after waiting 1hr 40min in Cafe Nero before we even got our starters and within 1/2 an hour at Nefeli we had our main meal.  Absolutely delicious and the staff were really helpful and friendly.  Must try their Kleftiko and Meatballs - no place better.


The service was very prompt and friendly and the cheesecake dessert was delicious as was the potato saganaki (turned out to be like dauphinoise) but my main of lamb on the spit with spices (which was the night's special) was not so nice. It was like stewed meat in a very salty sauce somewhat like chip shop gravy.  However, the nice setting, decent starters and pleasant staff redeemed this place.

J P           

Just got back last night after a week in Lassi.  Nefeli was our favourite restaurant and Amelios was extremely friendly and funny with the children.  We ate at Nefeli three times during the week and they were the best meals of the holiday.  We were given 10% cards by Katy for the gift shop, which we spent but also found later in the week we didnt need them as the shop was giving 10% off anyway.  Would recommend.

Tracey C           

We ate at this restaurant twice. The food was excellent - I had moussaka, my husband pork chop. Good sized portions and fast, efficient service.  They also gave us a map showing 5 of the best routes to tour the island and discount from the jewellery shop. The icecream dessert was huge with sparklers - we had to take a picture! If (when) we return to Kefallonia we will definately eat there again.

Carole P           

We had a meal at this restuarant 2 days before our holiday ended and wished we had went there first as it was lovely. I had chicken kebab etc and my husband had fresh fish and we thoroughly enjoyed it, it was the first time that we finished our plates on holiday, the kefalonia cake was really nice seemingly one of the waiters that works there his mum bakes it.No guessing where we went the following evening, lovely staff very friendly.

Michelle W           

Really liked this restaurant, ended up going here 3 times during stay, and enjoyed everything each time. Fantastic food, the only slight let down was that although service is quick on the whole, it is hard to catch their attention when you want to settle up, as they are concentrating on new people coming in.

Tried something different to eat each time, and all was delicious.

Kevin W           

Really enjoyed this place last year - see 2003 comments but this year had a bad meal the first visit,thought it was a one off but also had a bad meal the second time,breakfasts though still good-there are better places

Wendy T           


Cheryl S           

Visited this first before any other restaurant. They bought us the wrong food for 2 people and by the time it eventually came, one of us had finished our meal so it was rather annoying. Then to make matters worse they charged us 32 euros for the privilege of having the wrong food bought to the table and having to wait. I tried them again later in the week and found them to be slow and I decided not to go back again. Food was ok-ish but not much to write home about.


This place was ok - not one of the better restaurants on Kefalonia (this was probably Sto Psito in our opinion). Food was nice but service let the place down a little.

Jacquie C           

We started our holiday in the afternoon in Nefeli, and the staff could not have been nicer. We were only in for a beer, then we had some starters, and a bottle of lovely Brillante rose wine....a fantastic start to our two weeks....we came back to the restaurant a few times and had lovely food, great service and nice views. We tried
meat balls...great....chicken stifado...fantastic....and better than anything they actually make chips out of potato....a first in foreign retaurants in my experience... 10/10

Lois B

PLease does anyone know the name of the waiter with short dark hair thats geled back and dark eyes? i never found out, it was quite hard because im very shy. im not sure who this Amelios guy is but it might be him? can anyone help?

Lois B           

The best restaurant in Lassi! If you like good food then this is the place for you, dont listen to these people bashing it, that was 2 years ago, iv just been and came back on the 10th and we went there 3 times and enjoyed evry meal there. My parents, sister and i all agreed that it was the best place to eat and would've gone there everynight if we werent so open-minded, and wish we had for no-where was as good as there. by the way does anyone know what the waiter with the short, dark hair and dark eyes was called? Its driving me mad! please can someone tell me! a pic would be good too ! lol!

Katy P           

Nefelis is a lovely place waiters are lovely foos is nice i had chicken la creme and my aunty had friend sole both very tasty
well worth a visit

the breakfasts are gorgeous too

Katy P

what is the girl waiter called with the curly hair?

Martin L           

Spot on, very nice place, decent beer, good music.

Paul C           

We enjoyed this restaurant. There are prettier ones but the food and service are good.

Kevin W           

Have enjoyed many Greek islands and restaurants over the years and I can genuinely say that the food on Kefalonia was the best we've ever had.(Sorry George and Demetria on Kos).From the full English and european breakfasts through salads -various for lunch and the wonderfull evening meals - starters spetsofi and stuffed aubergines,main- fish,stuffed chicken,chicken fillets and desserts- almond cake,choc cake .All served brilliantly ,but special mention to Katy and Amelios who made our first holiday to Kefaloina really special.We look forward to meeting up again next year

Robert C           

We had three evening meals and a breakfast and enjoyed them all. Well worth a visit when in Lassi.

Kieran F           

Been here over the years but this year found it to be rather cramped this
year(more covers!!) The chairs are uncomfortable and potentially dangerous -
my daughter got her arm caught between the metal back rods...

This aside, my meal never turned up - and the boss woman seemed to think it
was rather funny every one else eating in our party and not me - but no offer
to 'whip something up' for me...

Watch your head going to the loos downstairs also - I nearly knocked myself
out (I am 6ft 3)

Generally quite a pleasant location up steps along the main Lassi drag - with
vines growing on the ceiling beams. It's a long thin dining area and seems to
be very popular. Nothing much to write home about in the food department -
but then I did have to make do with scraps from other people's plates!!

Mike R           

I found that Nefeli is a bit overrated to be honest. The meal that we had was unspectacular and the service quite poor. The waiters also used wireless communications to send the orders to the kitchen, not really required in my opinion for a restaurant that size. There are much better eating options closeby...Phaedra, Monte Nero.

Elaine G           

We have holidayed in Lassi for several years now, and find Nefeli an extremly friendly taverna, Food is always excellant, expeically the stuffed mushrooms, the staff and owners always pleased to see you each year and make you feel very much at home we normally eat their three or four times out of the 14 nights we spend on the island and have never had a bad experience, maybe a little waiting for our meal but thats fine, its Greece we are on holiday so whats the hurrey just sit back enjoy the evening and music - we most surely look forward to seeing everyone again in October when we take our children this time to celebrate our 30th wedding aniversary and show them the island we have fallen in love with

Ray & jean P           

Just returned from our 8th holiday on the island and Nefelis is the place we always return to. Katie, Gerry and the rest of the staff really make you welcome and we feel like part of the family. The food is great (try Grandma's meatballs) and the prices reasonable, we have worked our way through most of the menu and have not found anywhere to beat it. But please don't all go, there won't be room for us, just kidding.

Nicola D           

We went to Nefelli one evening and we were not too impressed I'm afraid. Admittedly the food was very nice but the atmosphere was more suited to a place to eat at lunchtime as opposed to enjoying an evening meal. We would go to Nefelli again but for lunch only.

Roz S           

We went to Nefeli twice for a meal during our week in Lassi, but we popped in nearly every evening for a night cap and also to say goodnight to my niece who worked there. Katy is a lovely lady, she made us very welcome and looked after us very well. The food is excellent, especially the Stifado and Kleftiko, washed down with a chilled bottle of Robola. Luli and Amelios, the waiters, were absolutely charming.

Jackie S           

Went to Nefeli 4 times during our stay and every meal was great. Can highly recommend the fried squid and the vegetable spring rolls. The lamb was beautiful whether it was kleftico,or done in spices and garlic. My dad really rates the beef stifado. The service was excellent, all the waiters and waitresses were very friendly and did not hurry you at all. Visit the Nefeli jewellry store below the restaurant, some great items. Bought a ring and received a voucher for a free caraf of house white wine.

Irene C           

I am putting up my yearly plug for the Nefeli. I just love this place.We have been to Kef. 3 times and have spent many wonderful evenings in the restaurant. Katy ,the owner ,is just brilliant and we keep in touch through the course of the year. The staff are superb and the food is excellent. Prices are comparable with other restaurants in the resort and the setting is lovely. I did notice this year that the service was VERY quick and perhaps it could be a little more laid back , but they can't win as lots of Brits are sadly very demanding when it comes to the time taken for service. I thoroughly recommend this restaurant.

Maureen B           

We have been to the Nefeli many times and consider Katy and Gerry as good friends. The meals we had this time could not be faulted (as ever), we had kleftika (Stan, my husband enjoyed it three times) as well as lots of other things on the Menu. The service was very good and the waiters very friendly the prices were reasonable and on average with other restaurants in the area. We never saw a chip, they did excellent potato wedges. Katy and Gerrry are NOT Albanian, Gerry is short for Gerassimos (the patron Saint of Kelfalonia)

Jerry L           

We were served our starters in good order but then had to wait more than half an hour for the main course to arrive - When it finally appeared, the waiter left our dirty starter plates on the table and we were given no fresh cutlery either. Good food totally spoiled by the shoddy service.

Trevor M           

We ordered traditional greek food - kleftico,meat pie,moussaka etc.which must have been cooked and ready to serve because it all came before we had eaten our bread.This was the fastest service we have ever had, is it all down to the high tech computer ordering?
The food was nice enough, it was just a shock to find anybody in a hurry!

Carole S           

We had breakfast here most days. The full English was delicious and the continental was scrummy - chocolate croissant - mmmm. The staff were really friendly and if the restuarant is quite the daytime waiter ( Aimilios ) would come and talk about England. We became friends and were always greeted with a warm sunny smile. At the end of our holiday we were sad to say goodbye as they presented us with a gift.

Shaun T           

We rated it the worst place we tried.

Hm B           

The food was very good, particularly the aubergines stuffed with sausage and the spetsokai. Also the hi-tech ordering and invoicing machine was fascinating (but the price reflected the hi-tech).

The live singing was really good and added a great deal of atmosphere to our evening there. But I was a bit disconcerted to find my main course arriving while I was still tackling my appetiser.

Louisa C           

Nefeli was by far the best restraunt in Kefallonia! The staff were excellent and the food divine espeically the chicken in white wine garlic sauce best I have had. The breakfasts are also excellent value for money infact this restraunt was one of the cheapest and one of the tastiest.I dont actually think the restraunt is run by Greeks they are Albanians but they still cook as good as the greeks!

Lisa M           

Brilliant place!!! Go abroad and try the local cuisine... pork chops are bland wherever you go.. As for the stuffed peppers.. they were lovely and no way spicy.. I was very happy here

James A           

The Food was Bland I had a steak & My Wife had a Pork Chop. There was no taste to it whatsoever! We were both really dissapointed as the restaurant looked lovely.

David R           

Nefeli was the second restaurant we tried and we thought it was so good we made it our "eating place" for the duration of our holiday. We went right through the card and never had a meal we could find fault with. The staff were all very friendly and attentive and by going there regularly we discovered that many other guests were doing the same thing.

Christine W           

We had some of the best souvlaki (kebabs) here, the meat was very tasty. The very young and efficient waiters had a laugh with you and I even was encouraged to speak some Greek.

Irene H           

It looks like this restaurant is declining as the year goes by. We visited on two occassions, and was disappointed with the food. Maybe they have a different chef. Small portions, and chips and rice with each meal. The waiters could have done with being a bit more friendlier to make the atmosphere much better.

Julian P           

Nefeli was the best restaurant we found in Lassi. The only one with decent non standard items on the menu. The squid stuffed with crabmeat was unusual (tried it twice) and more than a hungry man could eat. My 13 year old daughter loved the stroganoff and my son found the anchovy sauce on the swordfish made it stand out from the bog standard dry swordfish in all the other restaurants. Waiters friendly and helpful. Price reasonable.

Karen C           

Would not recommend, chips and rice with everything which is not always bad - just that these chips and rice were! Small portions and not good meat. Tables are all squashed together, which is ok if the atmosphere is good, but there was none.

Sarah O           

The waiters were efficient but looked as if everything was too much trouble food okay but not the best we had - bit pricey too

Chloe T           

We had the worst meal of the week here. I had chicken which wasn't chicken,the rice wasn't cooked, the sauce was cold and very salty and it was the same price as a UK meal! Service wasn't great. Much nicer places to go.

Kathie G           

We visited the Nefeli and had the worst meal. I had to return my steak due to it being rare and the cost was what you would pay here. It was meant to be fillet but was pieces of meat. We also refused what was meant to be the best wine on the menu after tasting it. It was like cough mixture. The atmosphere was also non existent.

Thomas M           

Best English breakfast. Friendly staff, excellent food and good prices. Bonus of a jewellery shop attached.

Giles M           

We liked it enough to go back, but it wasn't the best in Lassi. House white was very good.

Gerard D           

Superb food, especially the sole fillet stuffed with crab meat. Staff were very hospitable and efficient. Well worth a visit.

Irene C           

Just back from our second visit to Kefalonia and returned to the Nefeli. As expected the place was as brilliant as last year. The food is excellent and you are guaranteed a warm welcome from all of the staff. Katy the owner is a lovely , hospitable host and the waiters are friendly fun loving and very accomodating. Nothing is too much trouble. SUPERB

Beverley P           

Excellant Friendly service, very good specials each evening. Very reasonably priced


Good location and nice restaurant. I had the "mushed cheese with chilli peppers" which although tasty was too strong for me. The main course of prawns was nice. The only complaint would be that we were asked to leave at about 11pm, where other restaurants seem more relaxed about customers finishing their evening.

Irene C           

Superb restaurant with friendly staff and an extensive menu.( Excellent childrens menu as well) Service was excellent and the location on the main street in Lassi meant that you could sit and watch the world go by!