Ionio Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Hm B           

The Ionian is the best restaurant in Lassi. We tried it on our 3rd night and went back again after that. The food is excellent - we had fried calamari and the Kleftiko (which came flaming!!). And on the last night I tried their Moussakka which was fabulous. Also their house wine was the best we had in the resort.

The staff are also genuinely friendly.. highly recommended

Sirtaki Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Hm B           

The food was good in the Sirtaki, although I had stuffed peppers which didn't look like any stuffed peppers I'd had before. The kleftiko was very good but the stifado wasn't really anything special.

The only really outstanding thing about the restaurant, on the night we were there, was the table with a Greek family obviously celebrating a birthday and they all ordered the chips (while we were desperately trying to find a meal that didn't come with them!!).

So Simple - (Bars in Lassi)

Hm B           

The only thing of any interest in this bar was the decor - and the smoking cauldron in the one corner. The cocktails were hugely expensive and mostly fruit juice....although this wasn't confined to the So Simple, all the cocktail bars seemed to have the same policy of showing the spirit bottle rather than adding any.

We finally resorted to cocktails at the Olive Press bar where we could see the barman actually make up the drink.

Sto Psito - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Hm B           

Although the food was passable (the moussaka wasn't anything to write home about) and I can't disagree that the setting with regard the view was the best in Lassi, I would warn that anyone particularly prone to mossie bites might find the whole experience rather uncomfortable. The nicest part of the restaurant (overlooking the bay) was set under a leafy canopy and flanked by two ornamental pools which were acting much like a mossie farm. It was a bit disconcerting sharing ones feta with a family of mossies - although that was preferable to them eating us I suppose, but even though we seemed to avoid getting bitten we did spend the whole evening feeling terribly itchy.

As for the service - I didn't think it was that brilliant and having eaten in the TRATA, didn't think the latter compared unfavourably.

Trata Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Hm B           

I wasn't struck on the appetisers selection in the TRATA, but the fish was very good. The staff appeared friendly enough and were quite attentive and this was the only restaurant where they produced a complimentary glass of metaxa with our bill.....must be worth some points

Nefeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Hm B           

The food was very good, particularly the aubergines stuffed with sausage and the spetsokai. Also the hi-tech ordering and invoicing machine was fascinating (but the price reflected the hi-tech).

The live singing was really good and added a great deal of atmosphere to our evening there. But I was a bit disconcerted to find my main course arriving while I was still tackling my appetiser.

Mystic Gusto - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Hm B           

Actually we never ate in the olive press because we had been advised that the food was pretty average, but we thought the staff were pleasant enough, and on the one night we did try to eat there - the live dancing night - and it was fully booked the waiter who told us was most apologetic.

Our good experience came from the bar - we returned to the restaurant after we had eaten at another one to join in the end of the live entertainment and sat up at the bar watching the traditional dancers go through their repertoire with the traditional Zorba the Greek to finish. The barman, Costas, was a bit of a comedian and the restaurant is definitely worth visiting if only for him.

We visited the Olive Press bar a number of times after that, and when we were fed up with paying through the nose for cocktails which tasted of no alchohol content whatsoever, we tried Costas' own versions which were a little less expensive and far more potent (which wasn't hard compared to those at So Simple and Aquarius).

And if you go there bet Costas a large drink that you can work out how come his command of the English language and its idioms is so excellent - after the usual guesses such as working in the UK, English Girlfriend, originally born in Essex etc, you can tell him its because he was born and lived in South Africa until he was 12. That'll confuse him!!