Nefeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Michelle W           

Really liked this restaurant, ended up going here 3 times during stay, and enjoyed everything each time. Fantastic food, the only slight let down was that although service is quick on the whole, it is hard to catch their attention when you want to settle up, as they are concentrating on new people coming in.

Tried something different to eat each time, and all was delicious.

Ionio Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Michelle W           

Lovely food, very friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere. Wasn;t quite prepared for the intensity of the garlic mash (more garlic than potato), the effects of which lasted several days!

Sirtaki Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Michelle W           

Went here on our first night and didn;t dare go back. We had overestimated how much food we could eat and ended up leaving quite a bit! The waiters seemed really offended and were quite cross with us, and at the end of the meal when we got up to leave the chef came over to us and asked us very crossly if there was something wrong with our food. They made us feel really bad! Needless to say we ordered smaller portions for the rest of the week, but didn't dare show our faces here again!

Nikos Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Michelle W           

Just returned from a week here. Very nice apartments, clean and well looked after (although it was at the end of our week we discovered there is an old block and a new block, we were in the old block, and the new block is even nicer, if you are able to specify when booking I;m not sure.).

Downside is its at the top of a very steep hill, and with whining children on a hot day the trek is not much fun.Hiring a car makes this far more pleasant! Other problem was on checkout day, moved out of room at 11am, shared courtesy room until 5pm which was great, then there was nowhere to use the toilet until our taxi pickup at 9pm. Had to ask another guest if we could use their toilet, which was quite awkward, as there is nowhere you can use, without a long walk down in to the village.
Apart from that it was lovely, nice clean pool which seemed to be cleaned daily, and clean towels and rooms cleaned every other day.