Jerrys Elliniko

Restaurants in Katelios

Vicki C           

This came to be our fave restaurant. A great location-the ducks are adorable! The staff were very good and the service great although on Live Greek Music nights (Fridays when we were there) they were very busy so things were a bit slow.

Kelly A           

Very good meal unfortunately, we happened to have very poor service the night that we went - I think it was a one off though as everyone we've spoken to while we stayed in Katelios, said that it was very good.

Kev D           

found the place on first day and did not eat anywhere else ,every one was brill great nights out and even hinge and bracket the singers where made to look good by the dancer yasmoss


Just got back from a great, rellaxing holiday in Katelios.Had some wonderfull food at Elliniko and on return home thought I might try 1 or 2 recipes,the Beef Stamna is gorgeous, but I cannot find recipes any where. Please can anybody Help!!!

Sam C           

For the best meal, the best staff and atmosphere then this is the place to go. 11 of us went the year before last and my parents, my partner and I went last year and we ate here every night without fail. The birds in the avery to go and look at as you let your meal digest and the ducks! Free sun lounges in the day time and also to lay on at night after you have had a few to many drinks. Gerry and Tina who own this brilliant place are very welcoming and were more than wiliing to stay up late to accomodate our drinking habits (3am - 4am) This restuarnt has given us some trully wonderful frineds and we will continue to go there year after year.

Jessica F           

Yep!Excellent restaurant.One of my favourites in Katelios.The food is really nice at a really good price and the service is really good.Friendly place.Definitely a "must" if you`re in Katelios.Ver pretty place too.Jess :)

Tanya B           

The Garden Taverna (up side street next to second mini market) - Doesn't seem to be a place for a review for this one; We really enjoyed our food here, it was plentiful and tasty. The service was excellent and even changing the CD for us for our favourite Greek singer. I would rate this on par with Elliniko and Blue sea.

Tanya B           

We ate here several times during our recent stay in Katelios and found it to be excellent. We enjoyed the singing on the Greek night but did not find the menu personally inviting as was limited so kept to the main menu. 8/10

Gary G           

Not bad but very anglicised. Not surprising in view of who runs the place. The Greek Nights are so authentic they should have "made in Kong Kong" stamped on the bottom. Also the 3 course menus have more in common with Kings Heath than Katelios

Daren P           

My wife and i have been to kefalonia Katelios,every year for the past 5 years,try this restaurant it is excellent, food is great, great entertainment, especially greek night, friendly staff, well worth going to.

Ged S           

Best restaurant in Katelios - especially if your there for sunset. Great food, good atmosphere, recommended.

John G           

Great position by the beach.Food was always good with home grown vegetables and varied menu.Also has an aviary if the youngsters get bored and a duck pond just outside.All restaurants in Katelios were good but this was our favourite.Also has greek night each week.