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Restaurants in Lassi

Joanne V           

We have been to Lassi for the last two years for our fortnight away and have visited the Olive Press both times, this year we came twice, as the Souvlaki (kebab) was the best I had tasted. It came with a lovely side salad,pitta bread and chips. The litre of House Wine was also very reasonable. In fact everything tried here (steak, chicken in red sauce)was well cooked (chargrilled)and tasty.It is also a great setting, with the vines hanging down, very romantic and greek.

Graeme G           

The Olive Press was our favorite place to eat both years we have been in Lassi. The setting is great the staff work really hard (Emma & Adonis were great) and are always there when you needed them and nothing was ever too much trouble. Food is fantastic and the Meat Pie is just wonderful.
Great place to eat great atmosphere and always a nice welcome.

Thanks hope we will be back soon!!!!

Roz S           

The food was a big let down. I thought I would treat myself to fillet steak in a cream/mushroom sauce. Bearing in mind this was twice the price of the greek dishes, I was very disappointed.

Lisa L           

We ate at the olive press about 6 nights out of 14. the food and service was excellent, and very good value. We never paid any more tha about 20 for two of us with beer, wine and desserts. The live music on a fri, sat and sun was very good... traditional greek music. i'd definatley reccommend it

Cathy D           

We don't like it we LOVE IT - Lassi would not be the same without the Olive Press. We've been going now for 3 years and Costa, Spiros, Steve and the other staff are our friends, as they are to everyone that returns year after year. Costa's bar always provides a lively evening - especially if you answer 'IN' when he asks if you're 'In or Out'. Excellent food, excellent bar and excellent company. The tan might be fading but the memories aren't!

Jane D           

It was a pleasant experience dinind in the Olive press. As it was very busy we waited at the bar for a table. Once a table was found for us up in the balcony area we found the service was very good, we got our drinks straight away which is always a good sign. Even though the waiters were so busy they were still very pleasant. We had the fillet steak which was the best I have tasted so far! We then had coffees and sweets. I can find nothing at fault with this taverna! I would cerainly go back again! As far as the price is concerned it is no more expensive than other places, but the quality of the food was very good!

Sheila P           

We had 2 very good nights in the Olive Press. Food was lovely. Staff excellent. Afterwards we had a few drinks across the road, with the Dwyers and The Fleetwoods, Great Crack. Only sorry we did not have a chance to say good bye to the Fleetwoods in Dublin airport.

Bob S           

We dines at the Olive Press taverna at least 7 times out of our two week holiday to Kefalonia. Its not that we did`t try other restaurants it`s just that they did not compare. We sat up the steps amongs the well kept garden.The young couple who worked up there where always pleasent and when they had time would always stop for a conversation. The food was always fresh and tasted like home cooking. Next year I will be going back again!

Anon A           

I am angered by the people who have responded to this website!I work in Kefalonia and I know the taverna and the staff that work like slaves to do everything in thier power to see that you people have a pleasant evening.Before you send anymore inconciderate, hurtful comments please spare a moment for the staff who work at least 8 hours a night for six months on little pay.Think about the miserable, self rightous tourists they have to put up with night in and night out.Think about the extreme tempretures that are working in next time you are sitting sipping your wine complaining that you have waited five minutes for your bill! The ladies and gentlemen who work in the Olive Press do a mighty fine job and if they are having an off day for one reason or another please don`t sit on your computer and bad mouth them, it is just not necessary!


Thought the food was o,k, but nothing special enough to make you want to go back.

Trevor M           

The first time we went here we really enjoyed our meal, so later in the week we went back again - what a disappointment.
It was as if we'd gone to a different place but with the same name.
The food was only average,so was the service - nothing like our first visit.
Maybe caught them on a bad day?
With so many other taverna's around, you can't afford to have off days.

Esther B           

Played live music and does extra garlicy taziki. Prawns and fish were very tastey.

Laura A           

Just back from a great 2 week holiday in Kefalonia, staying in Lassi, and I have to say The Olive Press was my favourite eating place on the island. I persuaded my boyfriend to eat here even though we had read a few reviews that claimed this taverna was 'average'. We found it to be 'excellent'. It was beautiful inside, the staff were very helpful and friendly, the food was fantastic and was very reasonably priced. I'd recommend the cocktails too. If you do decide to eat here, try and get a table on one of the terraces near the entrance.

Leanne G           

After being highly recommended to visit, and especially recommended to try the Swordfish, I was a little disappointed.

However, waitress was full of personality, and introduced us to Prokris. Which then inspired us to visit the Metaxas winery.

Lucy C           

This was the only restaurant we tried in Lassi and we weren't very impressed. Although the service was good the restaurant lacked the relaxed atmosphere of Klimatis (Lourdas). The food was nothing special - although their Greek Salad was superb, and the Kefalonian Meat Pie was a huge letdown (very fatty).

Lucy & Aaron

Ed F           

Wasn't over impressed with the restaurant. Prices were reasonable, but the waiters always seemed distracted by other events going on along the road. Also had to wait 20 minutes to get the bill despite asking 3 different people. Tip - ask for the bill when you make your last order.

Shaun T           

One of the better places we tried.

Hm B           

Actually we never ate in the olive press because we had been advised that the food was pretty average, but we thought the staff were pleasant enough, and on the one night we did try to eat there - the live dancing night - and it was fully booked the waiter who told us was most apologetic.

Our good experience came from the bar - we returned to the restaurant after we had eaten at another one to join in the end of the live entertainment and sat up at the bar watching the traditional dancers go through their repertoire with the traditional Zorba the Greek to finish. The barman, Costas, was a bit of a comedian and the restaurant is definitely worth visiting if only for him.

We visited the Olive Press bar a number of times after that, and when we were fed up with paying through the nose for cocktails which tasted of no alchohol content whatsoever, we tried Costas' own versions which were a little less expensive and far more potent (which wasn't hard compared to those at So Simple and Aquarius).

And if you go there bet Costas a large drink that you can work out how come his command of the English language and its idioms is so excellent - after the usual guesses such as working in the UK, English Girlfriend, originally born in Essex etc, you can tell him its because he was born and lived in South Africa until he was 12. That'll confuse him!!

Lynne L           

Went on my birthday as was recommended. Found the staff rude and miserable. Told my 3 yr old daughter off for getting out of her seat! Brought the bill before our food. Terrible!

Kim S           

We have just got back from Kef and went to this restaurant as it was highly recomended to us, I think that it was overrated and very expensive, the setting though is lovely. I had a beef dish which was ok my husband had swordfish (so they said) which was very bland, our drinks were more expensive than the meal!!

Jim H           

On our 25 Anniversary we could just afford a cheepie Holiday so we got one to Kefilonia through a friend in the travel game, What a place, we were stunned, the people were fantastic to us, and on our special night we booked into the Olive press for a meal, couldn't fault it, the staff were great, for a full night of drinks, including a bottle of Champagne and starters and a main course of fillet steak and sweets afterwards and drinks at the bar till the early hours of the morning, came to under thirty Quid, What can I say, Beaches were great and clean, beach bars were cheap and very friendly, Can't wait to go back.

James H           

Best atmosphere by far. Food good but a limited menu. Greek dancing night is great fun and you can join in. On the other nights there are some old men who play guitars who are also good value. Look out for Steve the waiter, if you can't figure out his accent - he's not Greek, he's from Preston.

Kilsey W           

We went on a Greek night, big mistake, once a table was found had to wait over 30 minutes to get served. The food and service was rushed to say the least. The Greek dancing was not overly good. Not enough room was set aside. Food was nothing to write home about and service was horrid. Not enough staff. Not recommend when you have children

Kieran F           

Have been to the Olive Press on several occassions over the years and have to agree with most other people... The setting is indeed beautiful; down the steps into a pretty covered dining area on several levels. The service is a little slow and a little abrupt; but generally well intentioned - but we knew that. Book for Greek nights and you're likely to get a good seat by the front. (or a bad one if you want to avoid being pulled up to dance!!) The only disappointment is that the lively dancers play to a tape and it's wearing a bit thin now!! Prices were very reasonable we thought - but we tended to keep to the simple dishes and the cooking wine!!! Will return next year as the surroundings are so pleasant!

Carolyn M           

Food was good, they were very busy, staff could be abrupt, particularly the blonde girl but I think that was just her manner as they were very busy. Glad we went just to form our own opinion. The name seems to sell it. Pretty average. If you want decent lamb and better service go to the Sunset Bar and see Lorenzo.

Chris B           

This place tries too hard to be trendy and lively. Intrusive Greek dancing and live music - why bother when you have a setting of this quality? Food was alright but service could take ages as the place was heaving - the best Marguerita in Greece though

Tracy P           

Big mistake - don't do it. After being ignored we found our own table, ordered the food then waited ages and ages for our very small portioned but over priced meal - huff!

Christine B           

I went to the Olive Press one night and had the Pepper steak. The steak was very poor and I did not enjoy this meal at all. I had to leave about an hour after the meal with a bad stomach, I won't go into detail about that. The service was not very friendly and they definitely took their time serving you. The restaurant is nicely done out and that inticed me in. I won't be going there again.

Helen M           

Very nice atmosphere and lovely setting. The staff were friendly but the service was slow as they were extremely busy - but when you're on holiday there's no rush! The food was good but not the most memorable. Watch out for 2 gorgeous puppies who are very friendly and love a bit of fuss!

Emma W           

This was a lovely restuarant but the staff were a little abrupt. The food was of a good standard but becareful when ordering and check the price as I was suprised at the price of a starter that I had ordered! As it worked out at 11euros but did not state that on the menu. The restaurant is in good surrounding and quite pleasent

Chloe T           

We saved this for our last night and it was ok. Service was quick but not overly friendly. Food was ok, we both had steak which was meant to be fillet but don't think it was. The setting is lovely, very pretty. House wine is not very nice! The shop with the same name is great for presents.

Kathie G           

We visited on our first night having being rec. by a friend. After trying several other rest. we returned for our last 3 nights. The food, entertainment and service were great. We found a wine we liked (merlot from Rhodes) and enjoyed every meal. Steve, Katie and Stavros were excellent and the setting was delightful.

Birgitta N           

OK food but really rude staff....

Adrian H           

Excellent, what more can I say!!

Gemma T           

The restaurant is really gorgeous! There are loads of fountains which look especially nice at night. The food was feel priced and tasty. However, it took ages for the waiter to bring the bill ( over half an hour).

Beverley P           

Fantastic setting, which you pay for ! Food average and not a lot of choice.


Definitely worth going for the atmosphere. The Greek music and nice surroundings make for a very pleasant evening. But I was disappointed with the food. I had the pepper steak, and found both the sauce and the quality of the meat to be poor.

Neil G           

We went there five years ago and the olive press had a very relaxed and comforting air. On special evenings there was a Greek guitar player, Christos, who played traditional greek songs as well as well known ballads. Excellent food and good service - cant wait to go back again this year.

Susan B           

Our Favourite. Excellent food with good friendly service