Sirtaki Restaurant

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Zoe S          10/10

Went on a holiday with my mum and we returned to kefalonia as we love it so much it always feels like a home away from home. we ate in quite a few tavernas . But i loved going to sirtakis. The atmosphere there was great. the waiters are all so friendly they really di make you feel well loiked after and they are great. We ate lamb kleftiko that is amazing its lamb baked in the oven yummy . I am going to reurn to kef next year and take my friend with me she is so excited and so am i i really recomend the restaurant.

Colin T          9/10

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ate there several times this year, couldnt fault it. little wait one eve for service but it was packed. go on a wed night, greek musicans play live. food was good, waiters all friendly, especially john, the aussie in the picture. used to favour tratas, but think sirtaki is as good if not better now.

Christine C          3/10

We ate twice at this restaurant-first time reasonable but the second was terrible.  Waiters are rushing around all the time which does not make for a relaxing atmosphere.

Kate L          2/10

I went here a few years ago and never returned. The waiter made a rude comment straight off which we should have just got up and walked off. Although was meant to be a joke was in bad taste. He did apologise but when the food arrived... well it was the worst food i had had in a long while so hence i never went back.

Harold S          5/10

Liked this restaurant the least,waiters seemed to be rushing around  trying to get you served as quick as possible and out.Food wasnt that good either.

Janet M          10/10

Have just returned - yesterday from Lassi.  Went to Sirtaki's because it looked full and that is always a good sign.  We certainly weren't disappointed.  We ended up eating in there 3 nights out of 7.  The food was excellent and also good value for money.  All the waiters were really friendly and made you welcome as soon as you walked in.  Will definitely eat there again next time we are in Lassi.

Rebecca M          5/10

After being told by the rep to try Sirtaki, we gave it a go because it did look nice, however, the food was below average, tinned, etc, there were 2 really cool waiters but the rest were stressed out, made some mistakes,  and no lemon pie,lol,, Go fresh and you be busier, Lassi is lovely,

Sarah K          4/10

Recently returned from Lassi and ate here once, after reading such good reviews we really expected this restaurant to be good, however we were dissapointed, the restaurant was really busy and the staff cannot seem to cope with offering a reasonable standards of service to customers, once we got our food it was average.

Sad to say we didn't return.

Lea K          10/10

We ate at Sirtaki 4/14 days! The food was good, but that was not why we came four times. We just loved the waiters! They were really busy but they talked and laughed and didn't seemed stressed at all..

Look out for a small australian waiter with a lightblue shirt, Giannis. He's really great! A very sweet and entertaining man.
Makis is a very nice waiter too!
All though I must admit I do NOT like the boss! He is wearing a white shirt, and I really don't like him. So if possible, don't talk to him.
The greek musicians that plays at Sirtaki every wednesday are really great! Really good entertainment.
The food was great, but a bit expensive..  I recommend the chicken souvlaki, I had it 2/4 times.. Also, the lamb kleftiko is relly great...

Shona W          9/10

We decided to try Sirtaki as it was packed every night and we weren't disappointed, the food was great and the waiters were real charachters!! As below...make sure you get a jacket potato as they wre delicious!!!

Kerrie W          10/10

Just got back from Kefalonia and went to Sirtaki twice. We had 2 fantastic meals there and will definitely be paying them a couple of visits next year. The staff are all really friendly, especially Alex who we have known for some years now. Ask for a jacket potato with your meal as the are out of this world!

Emma R          6/10

We decided on Sirtaki because the place was always full. Meal was great, wine was great. As for the service more staff are needed, all staff are literally running breeding a sense on panic thoughout resturant.

Dont expect the relax greek atmosphere here

Kate           1/10

  Went to this restaurant in July 08 after reading good reviews.  All I can say please do not bother.  The meal was the worst I have had in all the 9 years of visiting different areas of Greece.  The meal was of the standard of Tesco value meal, the garlic bread was stale normal bread with a scraping of garlic butter.  We visited as a family of four, and all of our meals were of a really poor standard. 

The waiter who served us was rude and extremely sweaty.  The sweat was dropping of his face, he looked generally fed up and seemed to dislike the british.  After watching him, I noticed he treated everyone the same,  seemed to dislike people!
Dont throw your evening away.

Georgia B          10/10

i have been there  and loved it at once the sevice was great and the waiters where great and we have kept in touch with Alex and Vladamir! and the aussie guy john was such a laugh! the 'white shirt guy' you meantioned is called Palnose and that shirt never seems to change!! lol  but i still think is great there and i will defo go back.Also the food was great but the portions were a bit big for me though but iam only little!lol but fab all the same.

M S          6/10

When we ate here we had to wait for a table, but they were swift to find us one.  The food was fine, not outstanding and we did have an enjoyable meal.  Our friendly waiter brought us some 'free' wine, but we got charged for two beers we never had on the bill - good thing we can read Greek!  They were quick to sort this out and apologised.

James T          9/10

Great service and the staff are very helpful.  
The food is wonderful, it does get busy because it's so good, if you have to wait for a table they give you glasses of wine

Lisa B

This resturant is alway busy because the reps are told to recommed it and they then eat for free - also they hold a greek night there.
The first time we went the food was fantastic, and come with cheese stuffed jacket potatos, that made a great change from chips.
We returned a second time and will never go back.  The service was very slow, food was cold and there were no jacket potatos left so got 12 chips instead.
We could not get a waiters attention to complain (he was to busy chatting up the first choice reps)when we did they agreed to knock something of the bill, after much discussions, they took of the drinks - 2 cokes and a large bottle of water!!!
While we were complaining I noticed another couple leave half there starters and walk out - they had the right idea.

Graham C          9/10

Sirtaki is a great place to eat. Good childrens menu and will even give you a childs portion of one of the main menu dishes.

Ben C          10/10

wat can i say gd food, friendly service and gd prices

Lauren H           

Ive been coming to kefalonia for about 5 years and still love this restaurant. You might ave to wait a while for ur food but thats because its always so busy as its the nicest restaurant and everyone wants to go there. The waiters work really hard and the food is lovely especially the lamb chops!!!

John M           

We have been to this restaurant more times than enough and ever since "White Shirtman" has been in charge (those of you who have been before know who I mean)  it has gone down hill. They used to do a wonderfull dish called chicken in a clay pot and it was fabulous since white shirtman has been there they have tinkered with the recipe and now it's awfull.You always got a tot of brandy after your meal now you get nothing. They used to look after their guests now they don't.We will not be going here again.

Pat G           

  We found everything ,the food the service the staff excellant had our daughter's wedding reception ther could not fault it.

Chris B           

Slow service, indifferent food and surly staff need I say more?


Michelle F           

Food and service OK first night, but went back couple more nights and both had slipped, and we ended up waiting ages and food was not great when it arrived.

Liz M           

This had to be the worst restaurant in Lassi - we were last waiting for ages (now i don't like to be rushed but an hour wait is just unaccepatble without any explanation)  when our food finally arrived it was cold - probably been sat on side for a while - the service wasn't that great either - i would aviod this place at all costs!!!