Chinese Dragon

Restaurants in Lassi

Peter H          10/10

This restuarant is now situated on the corner of the square in Argostoli. Same staff and menu as before. The food is terrific and you get ample portions. Great value for money and easily the best meal we had by some distance during our holiday in 2013. Highly recommended even if you are in Greece!

Mrs B

The Chinese Dragon was a fabulous place and we ate there regularly, and for any purists who may say'we dont come to Greece to eat Chinese I would say if you live on Kefalonia its a live saver at times, especially as they opened on occasionally during the Winter months. Alas as some of the reviewers have mentioned that they went recently and it was closed, quite true, and its everyone loss. Alex who had been running it since Arris moved to pastures new, did say at the end of last year that they were moving to Argostoli, but as yet we haven't seen any sign as to where they may be located. If and when I find out more I will post again. Meanwhile we get the wok out and cook our own, but not in this heat.

Joe A

Afer hearing so many good reports about this venue, I thought I would sample their menu, but when I visited it last week, it was closed/shut.

Very disappointing.

Peter H          9/10

We don't come to Greece for a chinese but we are glad we paid this long standing restuarant a visit. Situated on the lower Fanari Road the food was terrific and matched the great views across to Lixouri from the outside balcony. Service was good and Friendly.They have designed set menu's, but you can make your own up to suit your individual palate. The flavour on some of the dishes was sublime! You get loads and virtually everybody who ate the evening we were there took a 'doggy bag ' away.

This restuarant is a must and a unique experience but is the most expensive (set menu for 2 plus carafe of wine was 64 Euro's).
Peter and Tracey Holliman

Julian F          10/10

Chinese?,i don't come to greece for  a chinese?,been to greece 8 times  now and never once went for a chinese until now,don't get me wrong  i love the food,but you haven't tasted chinese like this one,superb i think the word i was looking for the best meal of the holiday in my opinon,we went back twice,if you love chinese you'll love this one,great.

Jenny B

I stayed in Lassi 3 or 4 years ago and saw this restaurant but did not go in although several people recommended it. Why, given the fact that I like to try different food and restaurants ? The reason is simple - I live in a large Northern UK town which has the most excellent chinese food and a large chinese community and restaurants where the Chinese eat themselves so why would I eat chinese food when I go to Greece ?  Long live those restaurants in all parts of Greece that still do PROPER traditional food without giving into the dreaded Roast Beef and English breakfasts and sanitising their food.
However, I wish Mr. Aris continued success with his restaurant.  My daughter and husband are going to Lassi tomorrow - I'll tell them it comes highly recommended.

Mick & lorainne Y          9/10

We have been to this resteraunt meny times.
You only get what you pay for and the Chinise Dragon is well worth paying for.
Never had a complaint about it and i dont think we will.
Keep up the good work Aris and all the staff.

Ian C          9/10

Food and service brilliant even the house wine both red and white were tasty. A bit expensive but worth it for the views and atmosphere.

Stefan N          8/10

I found the food excellent and the staff only to pleased to help. Service was great and i will definately be back next year

Matt S

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I would like to reply to Mr Aris, who kindly responded to my earlier review. As he points out, we are all free to air our views, and it seems mine is very much in the minority. This proves how subjective restaurants and food can be. 

I would also like to apologise for misinformation concerning the Chinese chefs - this is what we were told, however is clearly not the case. At the time we did not consider more detailed investigation into this matter during our holiday.
My review was not timely as I had only just discovered this website, and after re-reading my review it does appear strong - I can assure all however, that it reflects our experience, but also, as Mr Aris points out it is not representative of what other have written, bar a very few.
We will be returning to Kefalonia this summer for the 6th consecutive year, and I would like to that Mr Aris for his invitation to return, which we will kindly decline, but wish him all the best for his restaurant in the future.

Julie B          10/10

I have to agree with previous comment, this was one of the best restaurants in Lassi and wished we had made the effort to go there earlier.

We had two lovely meals there, very reasonably priced and the service and quality were excellent
What better way to spend any evening that watching the sun go down over the Lixouri penninsula, whilst enjoying a great meal.
Keep up the good work and ignore the previous message that has been posted with a grudge I feel  

William T          10/10

I have eaten in the Chinese Dragon each year I return to Kefallonia since discovering the restuarant whilst driving around the island a few years back, and apart from the wonderful view from the terrace, the food is brillaint, comparable to any good chinese in London. Therefore, I would pay no attention to the man who makes disparaging comments and try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed and the staff are so friendly and attentive also. I will be back on the island in 4 weeks time and I will be visiting the Chinese Dragon again and I am looking forward to eating there.

Pat J          10/10

I am surprised to read a negative report about the Chinese Dragon and feel I must support Mr ARIS.

I have used the restaurant during two separate seasons. The food was excellent and authentic. The cost was comparable to anything you'd find in the UK.

John R

My name is LAZARIADES ARIS, I am the owner of the Chinese Dragon restaurant.

I would like to reply to Mr. Matt Smiths' comments.

Our Restaurant is operating for May to October welcoming holidaymakers from all over the world.

Everyone is free to write their comments on our visitor book at the restaurant or to use any internet pages as soon as they return back home. Mr. Smith has taken at least 5-6 months to write his comments on the Chinese Dragon dated 04/04/07 ( we closed end Oct. 2006, and we have not opened for the 2007 season yet.)

This is our first bad comment since we opened in 1994 (13 years). We our proud of the excellent comments we get from our diners, said to us personally and via the many international web sites.

You drove 45 kilometres from the Skala resort to eat at our restaurant, when you returned disappointed, you say you discussed it with other people who told you we did not have a Chinese chef.

Perhaps you should spend some of your energy in getting the facts right.

The staff at the Chinese Dragon consist of Myself, 2 CHINESE CHEFS & 5 Greek staff.

Myself and the staff of the Chinese Dragon will be very happy to welcome you again at our restaurant as we do for 9000 to 9500 satisfied tourists every year and we hope that your opinion will be better next time........

Wishing you and your girlfriend the best.......



Matt S          1/10

My girlfriend and I were really looking forward to our meal here, and we drove from Skala for the privilage.

To start with it looks promising: you really cannot fault the view, it is a spectacular place to eat a meal...
However, for us, this was the only highlight. The service was poor, drinks ordered did not arrive, and the food, was possibly THE WORST chinese meal either of us had ever eaten. Remember you really are paying a premium here...Hot and sour soup was neither hot or sour, and contained no meat/prawn at all. The fried rice was stale, and the meat dishes were akin to cat or dog food.
We were very disappointed, and the only time the staff showed any interest was when they realised we were unhappy and may write as much in their visitor book.
After talking to other people of our experience we discovered this is the only one of the 3 Chinese restaurants in Kefalonia (one other in Lassi, and one in Skala - which is superb) not to employ a chinese chef...Go for the view, but if you pay for this food, you will be ripped off...

Simon H           

The food was superb and we loved it there!!!...the view of the sea is really good as well especially as the Sun goes down!!!.

Really good!!!

Andy P           

What can I say.  This was by far the best meal we had over the two weeks.  The bill was 49 euros for two.  We had three starters and a main course.  The food was red hot and tasted fantastic.  If you can sit outside only so that you can watch the sunset, it is beautiful.  It is probably a good idea to get a taxi there and back.  Absolutely fantastic food.

Sue S           

 Food was excellent, a little expensive but very large portions. We ordered one porton of rice and three meat dishes ( the beef with ginger and spring onion is great) and it would of fed four people. A great place to watch the sun set. Its well worth a try.

Lauren H           

  Best chinese restaurant

Debbie M           

What can i say about the CHINESE DRAGON RESTAURANT!
Well, it was simply the best, 10/10
Aris and George are great guys.
It was good to see George on a recent visit to England.
Charlie and I hope to visit Lassi again one day, maybe in the summer of 2005. We will definately be eating in this restaurant again.

John R           

Just found this web site.
My wife and I are biased. We have been visiting Lassi for over 10 yrs.
We eat at the Chinese Dragon at least 4/5 times in our 14 night stays in June/July. Aris & George, we are booking our 2005 holiday soon and we look forward to eating at your wonderful restaurant again.

Tim B           

My wife Annette and myself had a wonderful meal at the restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary, the scenery was ideallic, the staff were superb, the head waiter out of this world, and the food was well cooked and well presented. We came to this restaurant especially from our hotel in Skala (a round trip of 80 km) and we were not disappointed. We are intending to go to Skala again next May and our anniversary meal will again be taken in the Chinese Dragon. Many thanks for your hospitality.

Gareth H           

We went here on our first night in Kefalonia (21/9/04) and had a really nice evening. The food, service and atmosphere was great.

John C           

Best meal we had in Lassi by far!
The setting is beautiful, peaceful and with a good sunset balcony, the food was well presented and delicious. Good restaurant, clean and tidy with helpful staff.

Susan J           

We went here twice during our one week stay. The food and the service was great. The setting is great with beautiful views. The barbecue ribs are very tasty, and tha chicken szechaun was delicous. Would definately go back there.