Messogio Restaurant - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Helen P          1/10

No wonder there aren't any other comments for this place - it was disgusting!  We asked about the fish but when they told us it would be more than 60 euros for a small fish (only enough for one!) and we declined they were rude to us throughout the rest of the meal.  We decided to stick it out (though I'm not sure why) but the food was so salty it made my boyfriend vomit - nice!  I wish we hadn't wasted an evening of our wonderful holiday in this place!

Eryphilli Studios - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Helen P          10/10

What an amazing place - Nikos and Peter are wonderful hosts, great food, good facilities, really lovely pool and the food at the bar and restaurant was delicious.  I hope we'll get the chance to come back to this place again - I can't imagine anywhere else living up to this standard!