Galera - (Restaurants in Skala)

Louise K          10/10

wow,what can we say,lovely,gorgous,,relaxing,and such a good place to eat and drink!

We went their probably 12 nights out of 14 nights,Why,well let me begin.
kotsi:pork on the bone that as soon as your fork hits the meat,it falls off the bone with fresh veg and potatoes,not for a light eater!
kleftiko,gorgous,as above the meat just falls apart and so scrummy. The whole menu,is great,as for the staff,Anne,Rula,Arris,Ellios,Elena,Helena are even better.
We went for two weeks,from 1st july 08,and the year before and before that,and it just gets better,its just heaven!
Cant wait to go back for a week in september,for more lovely nights at the Gallera!

Renieri Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Louise K          8/10

we have just returned from a 14nt holiday at the Renieri apts,and its not nearly as bad as you have read,we were pleased by our tiny clean room that was basic but ok for what we paid,as we have paid more for a lot worse,so if you like greece and you love kefeloniaskala,then dont worry,as we have been back to the same resort 8 times over 5 years,and we have just booked for a week back at the Renieri on the 2nd september 08 so if it was that bad then we wouldnt be going back!

Its in a fab,basic place, you are about a 4 to 5 minutes walk from the sea front,and about 2 to 3 mins from the resort,its cleaned twice weekly.
The only thing l would say is that you ask for a 1st floor room with a balcony if you can get it,but even the
ground floor rooms seemed nice.
We normally stop at the makis studioes at the top of the town,but we had a really nice time staying here.
Dont be put off by the reports you read if you want top notch,then pay for it,but if you want a good basic apartment to kip in and have a cuppa and shower in the morning then go for it. 
If its a big kitchen with all the utensills and matching plates,cups etc dont go!