Dionysios Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Charlotte W          9/10

We spent the first week in October at the Dionysios and thought they were lovely. The room was spotless - she changed the beds and towels mid-week and the toilet bin every day. The studios/apartments were situated on a "road" more like a wide path which cars and motorbikes did pass but not excessively and certainly didn't stop me from sleeping or relaxing and we were on the ground floor. The only bad side was they were quite a few cats mooching about but they didn't take much shooing away - apart from the deaf kitten that was always on our patio. There was a kettle, fridge and hob in the room which was ok if you were only doing sarnies like us but not if you were intending to do meals. The owners were great and if you did have any problems they were always on hand. There are not many rooms so there was a friendly atmosphere as all the guests were great and always stopped for a chat and a laugh.  I would definately recommend this accomodation and hopefully one day we'll return.

Galera - (Restaurants in Skala)

Charlotte W          8/10

We ate here one night out of our week stay due to the rave reviews on this site. The restaurant was very popular so there was a nice atmosphere and the food was beautiful but unfornately we were put off by one of the over friendly waiters - I like to be left alone while I'm eating and I also felt rushed when ordering my dessert.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Charlotte W          10/10

This was our favourite restaurant and ate here most nights as the food was gorgeous especially the taz kebab which I'm still dreaming about and the home made desserts were an absolute must from greek specialities to cheese and chocolate cake.  The staff were friendly and waved when we went past even if we weren't eating there that night. We liked the atmosphere here as they didn't rush or bother you, it was very relaxed, you could sit there ages after your meal chatting with a coffee. It is situated by the roman villa, if you walk down the road passed Kaliva and Gallera, it's right at the end. I don't know whether because of the location it seems quieter than the other restaurants but it is no reflection on the food as it is the best by far - please don't let it put you off and going in. Once you've tried their food, you'll be going back again and again.  

Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Charlotte W          9/10

We ate here on our last night and both had mousaka (apologies for the poor spelling) and it was very tasty and an absolute bargain at 6 euros. The restaurant was spotless, table cloths were bright white and the staff were very well presented. I couldn't comment on the atmosphere as we went early but according to our neighbours it gets very busy with people waiting for tables. Her favourite was the chicken in a mild curry sauce which was so delicious she went and had it the following night too!!