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Joanne S           

I don't know what all the fuss was about over this place, we didn't feel that this place was value for money, the meal was quite expensive and the portions were small. There are many far better restaurants in Lassi.

Riccardo S           

Very good restaurant...

Good price, good service and above all, the best KEFALONIAN MEAT PIE in the Island!

Lucie T           

Sirtaki has an absolutely brilliant atmosphere and the food is to die for!!!! Wednesday nights they have a little local band playing traditional Greek music and if your lucky you might even get treated to some dancing a plate smashing too!! By far the best taverna in Lassi. i would recommend it to everyone!

Michelle J           

We found the food and the service here very nice, it was always very busy, which is always a good sign, and we also went for breakfast one morning which was also very good.  My boyfriend had the swordfish and thought it was very nice! i would recommend!

Andy P           

We have just come back from two fantastic weeks in Lassi.  We ate at Sirtakie probably 4-5 times.  The food was very nice however you do get the impression that they try to get as many people in and out as possible.  Having said that we were not pressured to finish the meal and leave.  The waiters obviously have to earn thier money.  The boss wears a white shirt and wanders around telling the waiters off if they arent working as fsat as he would like.  The Austrailian waiter is a good laugh.  The breaded sole is fantastic.  You will have to ask for the bill 2-3 times which contradicts them trying to get you out as quick as possible.  Overall if you can accept they are busy you wont have a bad time.

Emma M           

It was difficult to say whether this place was good or not. So I'll sum up the good and the bad

Good - meal comes with the most scrumptious potato filled with cheese
Bad- service terrible, waiters are adament they are going to empty your pockets (i ordered soup once and the waiter was clearly annoyed and asked why not get something a little bigger, bit more expensive and have a starter)
I'll let you decide. Don't order the swordfish on a night time it has obviously been sitting out all day, order something grilled

K F           

click to enlargePic of Sirtaki exterior from the main road -

Kieran F           

Popular as ever, but a little cramped - bit more elbow room fellas! Reasonable service. Not being a big fan of Feta, I found my Kleftiko overpoweing on the cheese front, but that's not really their fault. Jacket potato with cheese accompanied most dishes. Pleasant surroundings make it OK, but the food was imho, average. Worth a visit though! K

Ann F           

  We ate here at the beginning of our holiday.  It was very busy and although the food was good, the waiters had no time for you just seemed to concentrate on getting as many people fed as quickly as possible. Just before our food was served, I accidently knocked a glass over and it smashed on the floor by my little girls feet. She couldnt put her foot down in case she stepped on the pieces of glass but although the staff noticed, they didnt bother clearing it up as they were too busy serving which annoyed me. I had Lamb Kleftico which was ok but a very small portion.  Cant remember what every one else had. We decided not to visit again but after meeting up with some friends towards the end of our holiday, they suggested we have a drink in the newly opened Sirtaki gardens next door (same people?) we had a lovely evening in there, very relaxing, but just at the end of it my daughter badly gashed her toe, running about on the rocks and the staff couldnt do more, they had a first aid kit and cleaned up her toe, put Iodine on it (ouch) and put a huge plaster on along with some sort of spray. The staff that are here are not the same waiters that are next door but Im guessing it must be all under one ownership so Sirtaki you are vindicated!!

Tracey C           

We ate here 3 times and thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I tried moussaka, spaghetti bolognese and beef stifado, my husband had pork chop all 3 times. The service was good, house wine better than average and atmosphere good - it was always busy when we went - says something! Will definately eat there next time we are in Kefalonia.

Carole P           

Very popular restuarant food good one of the recommended restuarants of lassi staff friendly gets busy late on.

Michelle W           

Went here on our first night and didn;t dare go back. We had overestimated how much food we could eat and ended up leaving quite a bit! The waiters seemed really offended and were quite cross with us, and at the end of the meal when we got up to leave the chef came over to us and asked us very crossly if there was something wrong with our food. They made us feel really bad! Needless to say we ordered smaller portions for the rest of the week, but didn't dare show our faces here again!

Gareth H           

Went here twice during our one week stay (21/9/04 - 28/9/04). A very popular restaurant (we had a slight wait to be seated on both evenings - speaks volumes for the food and service I think!). Recommend the Moussaka and the Chicken in Clay Pot, and the House Wine (Dry White) went down a treat.


The restaurant was ok - smaller portions than most other places. However the bar next door was really lovely - big comfy chairs in a garden setting with a few widescreen tv's littered about showing mtv (sounds awful but it was quite nice - subtle). Waiters were nice and friendly too, however i did order a baileys at the end of one night and it was blatently a cheaper version and not the real thing.

Sarah S           

We went to Sirtaki for the last 4 nights of our holiday and totally loved the food, atmosphere and the friendly service. House wine went down a treat and the rice with seafood and mixed grill were our fav meals.
The service was so friendly and the garden a great place for chilling and drinking ! Will def be back!

Peter D           

A very busy restaurant which gives the impression that it must be good. To be honest it is really about average. When things are a bit quiet the service, particularly after your main course, slows down and the reverse appears to happen if they have people waiting. The restaurant therefore always appears full.

The food is OK but not the best in the area and its prices are at the top end of the market. For this I would have expected something a bit special.

Brad P           

Donny - yo man !! Hanging with the South, South Bronx posse !!! Big up the Sirtaki massive !! Make sure you know your R Kelly from your Matthew Kelly if you dine here !!!

If your lucky you might just get to check out the owners jeep - or take away a rather large rock as a souvenire - but be nice and the odd poetry reading might help with this !!!

One comment - WHAT NO VILLAGE OF FISHES ????????

Eartha K           

We loved Sirtaki - went there twice and the atmosphere was great. I would particularly recommend Christina's Rabbit (very tasty) but if you want to sample a real treat the Chicken Village was absolutely amazing! The waiters were very friendly too - particularly Donny - was a pleasure to talk to him!

Jackie.t. K           

Hi again,

We went to Sirtaki twice when in Lassi. We loved it. Food was lovely, service is great and it is reasonably priced. I agree, house wine was the nicest we'd tasted.
I tried the Stifado - yum!
If you speak to Donny - make sure you brush up on your R'n'B knowledge.

Jessica W           

Didnt go for a meal but recomend the sirtaki garden next door. It should be on bars but isnt. Really peaceful groovy garden-totally chilled out.My favourite bar !!

Simon W           

Very authentic. Only place in Lassi to serve Mythos on draft

Carrie A           

oops, forgot my ratings, so have included them here

Carrie A           

Visited twice last week and had lovely meals both times.
I highly recommend the prawn sagnaki & the lamb kleftico - delicious!
Unusually the house wine is very good too.

Kevin W           

Really liked this taverna ,ate there 5/14 nights.very family friendly-both menu and staff.get there early as it fills up from about 8.30.Loved the draught beers and the house wines.good starters ,main meals and especially the desserts,"creme brullet""panotoner2 and special waffles with ice cream.
After eating try their garden next door for cocktails,beers and a lovely atmosphere.

Mike R           

Sirtaki is a nice restaurant and the food is quite good, although I find it disappointing that most dishes are served with rice chips and frozen veg! It seems to be busy most nights but in particular Mondays & Thursdays when a group of local musicians are playing and singing. The prices are fairly OK too. Check out the new Sirtaki garden bar next door, it's pretty cool and set amongst lots of olive trees.


oops! forgot to rate I have added comments again with the correct rating..:)

This is another great restaurant, it does get very busy and sometimes you have to wait for a table but trust me the wait is worth it..the food here is excellent! also good service and a nice atmosphere.

A must to visit in Lassi

Steve J           

This is always busy, any day of the week. So we thought it must be good.
Waited a while for our food and was disappointed when it came. Small portions, little taste. Expensive.
A good atmosphere there though.

Rob B           

This place was recommended to us, unfortunately previous comments apply.

Poor food, and poor service. With a hefty bill at the end.

Only nice thing, was traditional greek singing with guitars on certain nights.



Abi W           

Lovely atmosphere, lovely food, lovely service. Just don't go there if you have a young child/baby, they aren't that welcoming/providing to them!

Joanne V           

Sirtaki has to be the most over rated of all of the restaurants in Lassi. We had noticed how busy it was so thought this must be a good sign, this was not the case. My boyfriend had probably the most expensive dish (steak) and that was just average, and I had the cheapest(Souvlaki)and I am sure that it wasn't real chicken , it was like rubber. Also, I have never come across such miserable staff, they virtually threw the food at us, however we did notice that when a greek customer came in, they would bend over backwards for them.

Gill B           

During our 2 week stay we visited Sirtaki's on a couple of occasions. The first time was loevely, food good, good selection and service was good. However upon our second visit it was a different story.

Angharad L           

What an outstanding restaurant! Having read positive and negative comments I am eager to have my say. Whilst holidaying in August, myself and 2 friends spent many nights eating at Sirtaki. The food was out of this world (try the chicken fantango), the waiters were humourous, polite and entirely professional (rather handsome too!)and the atmosphere accompanied by the traditional music was to die for. Having dined out every night of our holiday and sampled most of the main road restaurants, Sirtaki is heaven itself!

Steve A           

Spent 6 nights out of 14 at Sirtaki's having tried 3 others that didn't compare, Olive Press - not bad, Sto Psito - why No.1? Panorama.. enough said.
Staff were brilliant and very polite and efficient working so hard.
Food was very good trying different Greek dishes each visit.
Would recommend it to anyone.
House Wine was very nice and hope to go back next year for a few more visits!!!!!

Wayne H           

Very good restaurant - decent service and also had an "adaptor seat" for our baby so he could sit with us at the table rather than using a high chair. Becuase this place is so busy, the only criticism would be it was that the service was a bit rushed. However, the food was excellent - the 2nd best restaurant in Lassi!

Fay W           

Have left all categories unvoted for as we never had a meal in
Sirtaki. Just reading their menu totally put us off, completely

Steve R           

My Girlfriend, Avis and I visited the restaurant in our 1st week and really enjoyed the meal. Very busy and had to wait for a table but given complimentary glass of wine while we waited. Had mixed platter for two to start and trad greek chicken/veal snitzel for main. Enjoyed it so much we decided to return for our last night. We were not dissapointed! We had Kleftiko and steak and received a complimentary dessert and a liquor again! Staff fantastic, Live music on-you cannot beat it in Lassi! Go and try it!


Although we had to wait for a table it was worth it. Food excellent and the service good. Good value for money.

Chris B           

Very poor meal, the moussaka was appalling and they couldn't even get the greek salad right. Waiters were obnoxious. Don't believe the hype it is very over rated.

Jackie S           

After reading all the comments on this page we were eagerly anticipating our meal at Sirtaki`s. Unfortunately we were very disappointed. Out of the 6 of us only 1 nearly liked it. The mixed grill was poor,(didn`t know half a beefburger was a regular ingredient of a mixed grill)the grilled shrimp had seen better days and the pasta bounced. To top the night off we found the waiters to be sarcastic and unhelpful. Maybe we just went on a bad night. Unfortunately the experience put us off returning.

Sara P           

Food and sevice good here. We visited 3 times in 2 weeks. Only thing I would fault is that the meal is a bit rushed - you feel as if they know they can use the table 3 times in a night if they get you in and out. Would definitely recommend though. The Sirtaki Garden bar, which is next to the restaurant, was lovely for a drink or too before dinner. Plus, if you eat at the restaurant, they give you a card to use in the garden bar which gives 10% off. Worth having if there's a large party of you and you stay for a couple.

Trevor M           

If you like loads of lamb in your kleftico, then this is the place,although there was a lot of garlic in it, it was the best we had all holiday.
It was always busy,but you could tell who was in charge and he ran the place very well.
All the food we had was very good and the chocolate brownie pudding is highly recommended.

Gail K           

We were very disappointed with the food in this restaurant. The fish was not fresh (obviously straight out of the freezer), the wine warm and the waiters extremely abrupt with a 'couldn't be bothered attitude'. Needless to say, we did not go back. It was expensive for what it was.

Laura A           

My boyfriend and I enjoyed a few lovely meals in Sirtaki. We would say it is one of the best eating places in the resort.

Rob M           

I was expecting much more from this restaurant having seen it busy most nights and advertised in several magazines. Though I was very disappointed all round. The food was nothing special I ordered Spinach filled Ravoli and received 4 squares, my partner ordered lemon chicken but I suspect the Chicken never saw the lemon. What more the waiters never cracked a smile all night long they were more interested in chatting up two English girls behind us. All in all we
were greeted by grumpy waiters, small portions of dull food and none of the hype I was expecting. Much better available elsewhere!

Hm B           

The food was good in the Sirtaki, although I had stuffed peppers which didn't look like any stuffed peppers I'd had before. The kleftiko was very good but the stifado wasn't really anything special.

The only really outstanding thing about the restaurant, on the night we were there, was the table with a Greek family obviously celebrating a birthday and they all ordered the chips (while we were desperately trying to find a meal that didn't come with them!!).

Adrian H           

2nd time in 9 months to Kefalonia and we havn't found a better restaurant than this one. Have tried most of the kefalonia main course dishes (Stifado, Kleftiko, Kefalonian meat pie etc) and found them all really tasty & great value. The stuffed tomato starter is excellent and the chocolate brownie pudding is well worth trying. Learn a little greek (thankyou, please, the bill etc), use it, and the waiters will teach you more. All round excellent friendly service in great surroundings. If your going late in the evening it's worth booking as you sometimes have to queue for a table such is it's popularity.

Gemma M           

Me and my friends went her twice on our holiday to kefalonia last week. It was gr8! Service was great food was yummy..... Everything you could have asked for.... and more We will be back there soon !!!!!!!!! (nxt june hopefully!!!!)

Jackie G           

fantastic, best restaurant in town. also the locals favourite

Alison W           

didn't manage to visit Sirtaki on our first visit to Lassi, but had heard such good things about it that we made a point of giving it a go this year - have to say we were not wrongly informed. the food was excellent and was extremely good value for money. would definitely go there again if/when we go back to Kefalonia

Kieran F           

Sirtaki is one of the smarter restaurants on the Lassi Strip. Smart staff, nicely laid tables and good service meant that our mixed age group (age 1 - 60+) returned a few times during our stay. A good variety of food - seafood was excellent - and there was usually a queue waiting to be seated as the evening went on - many of whom took advantage of what appeared to be complimentary wine to ease their wait. Recommended!

Carolyn M           

We visited on a music night, think it was Thursday, excellent music - the male singer has a beautiful voice, plus the food was excellent. Highly recommended.

Scott B           

Food was very good here. Good choice on the menu too. The music was nice but don't sit near where they play because the singer is so good that you can hardly hear yourself think! We loved it once we had been moved a little away from the singer. Can be very busy so get there early!

John L           

Cannot see why this place has been given 10/10 Found the food average and smothered in garlic. Service was poor. Greek music good.

Helen M           

We went to this restaurant 3 times and I had the same meal all 3 times! You have got to try their Mousaka which is truly the best I've ever had. The service was friendly and the prices were reasonable. We never had to queue as we went early but we saw some queuing later in the evening but they didn't mind as they were given a free glass of wine!

Giles M           

Food was good, we got baked potatoes with our mains instead of chips like everywhere else which made a change! Gets very busy, we didn't have to queue thankfully, I don't know if it's that good!

James P           

This was the best place we found to eat on the island. It has a great atmposphere and the food is quality. If you are going you really should try this place. If you go on a Monday or Thursday they have locals playing music which is good whilst still allowing you to have a conversation with the people you are with.

Emma L           

The food in this restaurant was very well priced and extremely nice.

Patricia A           

this is a restaurant we returned to again and again they have a very good menu the the greek food in particular was excellent,if you are very lucky thier friends from argostoli may visit and entertain you with thier songs, try the local kefalonian starter of mashed potato and garlic

Dave P           

Superb food, friendly efficient service, great on Mondays and Thursdays "Live low key music" with occasional dancing by the gardener!


This was my favourite restaurant in Lassi. The service was outstanding and the food delicious. I am really shocked to hear someone have any complaint with it. When we went there was no queue, maybe if you go early you have to wait. We went about 9.30pm and it was fine. I only went once but wish I'd gone back again.

Eileen F           

This place is always raved about and I've tried it twice. The first time I had a really poor meal, can't remember what it was but it was cold greasy and uninspiring. My second visit when I went along with friends who wanted to try it because of it's reputation proved a more pleasant experience, but the meal, swordfish was uninspiring, and the swordfish a bit dry. There is always a queue to get in, and the service could improve if they escorted you to a bar to wait for a table. When we were there they expected you to queue outside which you don't want to do on holiday, or indeed anytime. I may have been unlucky twice judging by the popularity of the restaurant, but I prefer other restaurants in Lassi.