Ionio Restaurant

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Ann F           

  Just got back and we went to Ionio 5 times in 2 weeks as it was so good. Food was lovely and if you get there at the right time you can watch the lovely sunset. you must try their Lamb Kleftico, my favourite, its the best Ive ever tasted. All the food was perfect and they did a good kids menu which was very reasonable, kids meals about 2 euros each. The staff were so friendly, only wish we had got their names, we were usually served by the 2 male waiters  who were lovely, they always made a fuss of our 2 kids and gave them a cap with Ionio on it and on another visit a plastic  egg with a toy in it.The prices are good, you seemed to get more for your money and you always got a complimentary shot of ouzo with some sweet flavouring in to take the sharpness away, even the kids! Just wish we had more meals there as none other in Lassi was as good although Il Gabbiano came a close second!

Jane C           

Having recently returned from Lassi, one of our best memories is enjoying a relaxing meal in this lovely restaurant watching the sunset.  During our two week stay we ate there a few times and rate it as the best place to eat in Lassi.  After our lovely meal we would walk two doors down to the Eden bar were we were served by the lovely George, who always had a smile for us and kept the drinks flowing.  On a Tuesday and Thursday they have a traditional greek dancer from Argostolli (arranged by Linda - fantastic lady from Bradford!) everyone gets up and has a go, definitely one of our holiday highlights.

Michelle W           

Lovely food, very friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere. Wasn;t quite prepared for the intensity of the garlic mash (more garlic than potato), the effects of which lasted several days!

Nigel C           

Tried several restaurants and without doubt Ionia was the BEST. Good menu, reasonable prices, nice staff, lovely setting. Well worth the extra few minutes walk to "the other end of the resort".

Andrea O           

 My husband (Mick) & I have just returned from Kef and ate several times at the Ionia Taverna, it was fantastic. The Beef Stifado was delicious as was all the food. This is a place you must eat at if you visit Lassi. Andreas and all the staff are so friendly and helpful. See you all again soon.

Annemarie L           

We had a lovely meal here,I had chicken souvlaki(yummy) and my mother in law had the chef's salad but only managed half of it as there was so much! The waiter was fab and kept coming over to tickle my baby and amuse my little girl. Best strawberry milkshakes ever are served here.The service was prompt, the waiter was funny and helpful, the food was top class and the prices were good too. 8/10!

Richard J           

damn fine place - sidewalk tout - louche - like Den Watts - promised 'good product' - and he delivered

Jane B           

Our first impression was good as a waitress recommended choices from the menu without any pressure for us to eat there (unlike some other restaurants in Lassi). We ate there on our first night and subsequently went back 3 more times. The staff are helpful and friendly, food is excellent, prices are fantastic compared to the UK and the house wine was great. We would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Clare H           

had a brill time in the ionia,the boys where great,we ate there about 10 times!!! you cant fault the sevice ...
and the good news is were going back in ten weeks,so look out labros,stelas,andreas.......................

Paul C           

We really enjoyed this restaurant. Only went on the penultimate night of the holiday which was a shame as this is just about this best one.

Fay W           

This was my second favourite restaurant (nothing compares to
Monte Nero!) we loved the traditional taverna setting, the waiters
and waitresses were friendly as were their little helpers (two six
year old Greek girls) and the food was exceptionally good (fresh
stuffed squid to die for!!) no frozen food here. prices were
excellent for quality of food and wine. Eat here at least once on
your holiday!

Clive S           

We found this restaurant to be consistantly good food and sensible prices, where else can you have a fresh grilled sea bass for less than 10 Euro? Freindly service on every visit.

Joanne V           

This would be our second choice out of all the restaurants we tried in Lassi over 2 weeks. We went here twice. We both had steaks, which were well cooked,and good quality. The sauces we tried during both visits were very similar, but still very good. The staff were very friendly but not over the top. One night instead of bringing us complimentary Ouzo with the bill, they brought us nearly half a watermelon, which was deliciously mouthwatering in that heat. Would recommend to anyone. The chocolate cake (Chocolatina) here was also the best kefalonian chocolate cake we had tasted. Well worth a visit.

Paul B           

didn't like the food her thought it was abit pricey for what you got


Went to this restaurant a few times throughout the holiday and found the food to be excellent & the staff are friendly and polite.

Hm B           

The Ionian is the best restaurant in Lassi. We tried it on our 3rd night and went back again after that. The food is excellent - we had fried calamari and the Kleftiko (which came flaming!!). And on the last night I tried their Moussakka which was fabulous. Also their house wine was the best we had in the resort.

The staff are also genuinely friendly.. highly recommended

Louise W           

Hi there

Sorry to be a moaner but I had spagetti bolognaise here and it was not very nice (i.e its put me off it for quite a while!), nevertheless to say, we didn't go there again.

By the way Kefalonia is about the same, if not more expensive than the UK.

Craig S           

We have only just returned and as it was late in the season not all of the restaurants were open however this was the only one we returned to on more than one occasion.The waiters were fast and efficient and friendly,service is included in the menu price but we always left them extra as they were so good and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals here.The food was delicious and always piping hot and out of all of the ones open they were the only ones to give you a complimentary glass of ouzo with your bill.There was also no pop music or tvs blasting out sky sports like in some of the others,music was typically greek and not too loud just in the background as how it should be.

Carol P           

When ever we visit Kefalonia we always return to Ionio and this time was no exception. Ate here twelve out of the fourteen nights and couldn't fault a thing. The family and staff were, as always, welcoming and even though we hadn't seen them for two years they recognised us instantly. They all work extremely hard to make sure their customers are happy and even this late in the season they are still smiling.

Tanya C           

Good food. Definately the best for children. High chairs provided which is rare and the staff are very child friendly. Our toddler loved all the attention.

Giles M           

We liked it - friendly people, good food, didn't try to overcharge us which happened at several other places. The only place we went back to three times.

Emma L           

The food in the restaurant was ok. We did think that it was a little pricey though.

Beverley P           

Great sunsets, friendly service and excellant with the kids. Chicken a la creme mouth watering

Susan B           

excellent food and good friendly service