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Stella P           

Very glad to hear of this organisation, as I have always been hesitant to visit greece or her islands due to their dreadful record on animal protection (stories of mass culls of street cats once the tourists go home). will definitely be making a donation to elati whilst in kefallonia & will be able to enjoy my holiday without feeling that i'm compromising my beliefs - thank you elati!!!!
One thing - the weblink give on this site for elati does not work - does anyone know the new site address?

Williams C           

Just returned from your wonderful island. We stayed at the White Rock Hotel in Lassi. I can only express great delight in your project. During our seven day stay, my husband and I fed the cats daily, morning and evening, we fell in love with a special little tortishell kitten who seemed to be isolated, living in the bushes by the feeding station in the gardens, so we were delighted to find a collection box in the hotel reception. Knowing that you are doing something to help these unfortunate animals left me hopeful that perhaps some will survive the coming months. Knowing that there are dedicated/caring people who do their utmost to care is very commendable. I wish to send a donation to this wonderful charity, I have all details and will sort out payment. Lastly I would also like to comment on how friendly all the Kefalonian people were, especially in the hotel. This is a holiday that I will be recommending to friends/colleagues and family. Good luck for the future.

Mike O           

I think this is a grand idea. Anything that saves wild animals from extinction gets my vote. Mike

Sue T           

Last winter saw the birth of a new charity on the Ionian island of Kefalonia. The charity, called, ELATI came about because of two neglected areas of great concern. Firstly, the increasing threat of extinction facing the Wild Horses of Mount Ainos, and secondly the difficulties of stray and homeless animals that wander the streets of towns and villages all over the island. The situation of the cats and dogs has been known about and talked about for years but, apart from a few isolated activities, the problem has been ignored in the hope that it would go away. The charity, has brought the plight of the Wild Horses into real focus by showing the world that it is witnessing the decline of this majestic breed for no good reason other than bureaucracy. No one was prepared to admit to the responsibility for their welfare and well being. For this reason the BLONDIE PROJECT was started. ELATI pronounced ‘Elatay’ means COME IN, and is also the old (katharevousa) name for the rare Kefalonian fir tree. ELATI'S aims is to help significantly with the treatment and well-being not only of animals of Kefalonia, but also the environment that they live in. ELATI is a small group of local Greek and European volunteers whose aim is to raise awareness on Kefalonia to the problem of strays. The group intends to raise money to treat the sick. Neuter stray cats and dogs. To raise awareness to the problem of ‘leaving’ unwanted animals to roam the streets. Re-housing animals wherever possible. Provide food stations during the winter months. To enhance the existence of the horses of Mount Ainos (The Blondie Project) Kefalonia is fortunate enough to have a vet, Eleftherios Psarros who was trained at the Veterinary School in Thessaloniki and has been running his own practice here for five years. He is genuinely concerned about these street animals and has offered his services to ELATI at a reduced rate. The neutering of just one single animal can make a huge difference. Fund raising of course plays is a big part in any charity's life, donation boxes will be placed all around the island at hotels and local shops and supermarkets as well as the airport. Money we can collect from willing tourists, local fund raising and the selling of tea shirts etc, will pay for basic treatments for the strays. It is hoped we can raise enough money to continue this essential work. So your donations as well as support either from your homeland or when you're on holiday here will help. Donate as much or as little as you can but please do it now - Send your donations to Elati P.O. Box 142, Kefalonia 28100 Greece. The charity bank account is with The Commercial Bank branch 701, Argostoli. Account Name Elati. Account Number: 53426212. Charity Number 813/2001

Maria H           

trying to save the wild horses of kefalonia. a very good cause