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Kefalonia web guides in Kefalonia

Sarah H           

The new Friends of Kefalonia website has just been posted

You will find over 250 pages of resort, beach, region, village, top
trips and taverna reviews from Friends of Kefalonia and our
members as well as hundreds of photographs.

Download a free Mini Information Pack with map, self-guided
trail and wildlife booklet or join us to get a full infomation pack.

Julie H           

lots of information about kefalonia with a nice slant. useful free downloads including some good walks and for members a review of loads of tavernas on kefalonia and discounts in them. can't wait to go

Jan W           

Great site! Excellent information on main site and good extras for members - supports the environment too - what more can I say. Some downloads can take a while but are generally worth it - particularly "Speak Greek".

Sarah H           

The FoI website is designed to help you get to know the islands before you go. It will introduce you to the real Kefalonia in a fun and informative way. With interactive Virtual Villages and Photo-galleries, an interactive guide to the island's tavernas, a run down of resorts and villages, top trips around the island, information on food and drink, wildlife, movies, speak Greek and much more. Friends of the Ionian is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the culture and environment of the islands with the aim of helping to preserve them for the future. FoI produces Island Information Packs including guides, walks and trails, wildlife booklets, maps, children's publications and more. Sa

Maria H           

looks like a very good site which actually covers quite a few islands, not just cephalonia. it has a natty virtual agia efimia page amongst other things. i would recommend a visit.

Ivan M           

excellent site for the ionian islands. very well presented with interesting information to help you find your way around. one of the best in my opinion