Olive Tree

Restaurants in Lourdas

Bill S  (August 08, 2006)         

We went on the Greek night and had a REALLY good evening here. The waiters were all very friendly and were only too happy to join in with us Greek dancing. The food was excellent and very reasonably priced. A really nice touch at the end of the evening......one of the waiters asked if we needed a lift back to our apartments (we were staying about a mile away) next thing they got out two cars and drove us back. Greek hospitality at its very best.

Carole W  (July 12, 2006)         

We had some really nice meals here.  The food is good and very reasonable.  Would definitely go back.  Not in a very exciting place (just along the roadside).

Amy W  (September 16, 2004)         

This place was worth the walk (it is nearer Trapeiski than Lourdas) with generous portions of really very tasty food. tThe prices of the specials were particular good.

Mark H  (October 14, 2003)         

Obviously the previous entries didn't try the seafood pasta, which was excellent, and well worth the money. The staff were really friendly and the food really really good. Well worth 25 euros of anybodys money for 2 courses and wine plus tip.

Becky   (September 13, 2003)         

food was very good and place was clean and MOST of the waiters were friendly.We enjoyed our meal very much but when it came to the bill.we were shocked at how expensive it was.But then the food was exeptionally good.The night we went it was very busy and they did seem to leave alot of people waiting for there food or even for a menu.But luckily we werent one of them and as i say ,it was busy.

Barry S  (July 10, 2003)         

Not very impressed. The food was ok but we had much better. The waiters were not as friendly as those we found elsewhere and it lacked atmosphere.
We liked Diana's Taverna. We went twice. Great hostess, lovely atmosphere. Make a booking for the barbecue night. Sadly it does not seem to warrant a section on this site.

Richard B  (July 03, 2003)         

We had two meals here and they were ok but we did have two niggles. The first we booked a table for the music night as we were advised to do, we were even asked which table we would like ! When we arrived our table was free so we sat there, but we could have been anybody, no one checked to see who we were. We ordered our meal and the greek salad contained inedibly bitter cucumber, we complained (pleasantly) but there was no apology or adjustment to the bill. Then by about 10pm we realised that there was to be no music....no mention of it when we arrived and again no apology from anybody. However, to end on a plus note everyone seems to get free brandy or ouzo with the bill.

Harry S  (June 03, 2003)         

There were only two restaurants out of all those that we ate at that in our opinion didn't deserve a second visit and this was one of them . I Had a sword fish stake one half of which was cooked the other half was cold my partners was nothing like anything she had ordered or even wanted. We complained and were offered something else we declined paid the bill and left never to return.

Ronald B  (July 25, 2002)         

I liked the Olive Tree more for its excellent service. They have english and greek waiters, the best waiter i would say is "Mark" !!! Mark makes the best recommendations for the customer and is the friendliest and most knowledgeable about everything that has to do with kefalonia, also just as well his girlfriend, "Rachel" is considered the best bartender who works across the road at the olive tree bar. The bar is simple but Rachel gives it a great pub atmosphere!

Gareth J  (July 12, 2002)         

Bit of a trek from Loudras (45 mins in the current heat). All aspects were great.

Ian W  (June 30, 2002)         

nearer trapazki than lourdas so quite a walk from the main resort area where the other tavernas are but worth it.bit of a hike back up after a good feed but they will get you a taxi which are not expensive.grilled dishes very good,souvlaki etc.they do as most tavernas do insist on giving you rice with your meal as well as chips but at least it was dry and not a watery mess like it normally is.