Aris Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Teresa G           

Disgusting......Dark to say at the very least, the window in the kitchen was not secure and would not close. The only other window was in the Bedroom - well it must have been 12.5 inches wide with barbed wire on the outside and overgrown weeds! The bathroom was very unsafe with exposed electrical cables and plenty of mould. The decor was very very bad and well used. The outside was also unpleasant. Towards the back their were plenty of weeds and to the front there was a pile of rusted metal chairs that have been dumped 50 metres from the apartment doors. The building was half built with Scaffolding on the top part of the apartment. Mini Market? No way it was an ablsolute shack, very very dirty it looked like a shanty built disaster. Reception - what reception?