Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

H A          1/10

August 2007
There is something VERY ODD about the Casa de Blue Restuarant in Kefalonia.
We were wandering along the main street looking for somewhere to eat and suddenly found ourselves whisked up some stairs and sat at a table before we had had a chance to study the menu outside of the place.  The owner
We were seated and given menus by the owner (who spent a good deal of time looking down my top!) and then ignored as a group of late teen/early 20's girls arrived.  Eventually our order was taken by a young boy who looked about 13 and spoke very little English, he seemed very uncomfortable in the role and really didn't want to be there.
The food, when it eventually arrived as extremely mediocre and not warm.  The Martini cocktail that I ordered was undrinkable and served in a warm glass, my partner had to ask 2 or 3 times to get any attention from the owner - he was busy with the group of girls - to rectify this.  We waited a ridiculous amount of time between courses (I know this is Greece but....) to get any attention and when we asked to pay the bill were given free deserts?  It was all very strange.
The atmosphere in the restuarant was non-existent, with the owner completely focused on charming these grils and completing ignoring other diners there.
We spoke to a local chap the following day who indicated that he had heard many similar comments beforehand and was not at all surprised.
I would not recommend this restuarant to anyone.

La Mer Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

H A          9/10

August 2007

This restuarant is fantastic!
We ate here on the first evening of our holiday and every other place we subseqeubtly tried failed to live up to it, which is why after 3 average other evening meals we went back to Le Mer for the last 2 nights!
The dishes that we had were, without exception, excellent. Starters: Saganaki, spicy sausages, Greek Salad, Feta/Spinach parcels and main courses Red Snapper, Meatballs, Baked Chicken & potatoes, Lamb & Stifado.
The service was excellent, unobtrusive but friendly and the atmosphere was lovely.
Well done La Mer!

Olive Lounge - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

H A          8/10

August 2007

Nice restuarant, good food and lovely view.
Served by a very friendly American Greek lady, who was chatty and attentive.
A very pleasant evening.