Amalia Apartments - (Accommodation in Agia Efimia)

Alan D          7/10

The Amalia Sofita although small was a good accomodation and is central to Agia Efimia.  The balcony where we spent a lot of time had a lovely view of the harbour.  The bathroom was small and caused some hilarity when you had to sit with one foot in the shower to use the loo.  Don't let that put you off though.  The bedroom had air conditioning and double glazing which was great for a good nights sleep once we figured out the remote control for the air conditioning.  Because of that we had no mosquito bites during the night at all.  Being woken up in the morning by the smell of bread from the bakers down below was wonderful.

Poseidon Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

Alan D          8/10

A lovely resturant with good views of the harbour entrance.  Good service, good food at reasonable prices.  Its cheap to eat in Greece anyway.

To Perasma Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

Alan D          6/10

Food was okay here and prices were okay too.  The only thing that put us off was the one waiter that looked like he was chewing a wasp and didn't smile at all.  Maybe needs a change of livelyhood.