Mythos Apartments - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Elaine B          3/10

I can only say that as we were located at the back of the site we had the rooms that were of a lower standard - I really do not rate these apartments as 3 star at all.  Also regarding the bbq, whilst we were at the Mythos there were no signs posted around the pool advertising the bbq, I suspect this is the reason why it was cancelled due to lack of interest!

Food and pool bar are a little more expensive than the bars in the area (but not much).  We only had a couple of bar snacks, and i have to say what we did get was really nice and reasonably priced.
If you want a quiet holiday then this is the place to go - there are about 15 or so restaurants near the beach area, but these are all located on the same road, so it gets a little boring visiting the same place each night - after 2 weeks you will possibly have been in most of them, if not all - they serve good food at reasonable prices.
There are only a few bars to visit, but we wanted a relaxing holiday and that is what we had.
We hired a car during the 2nd week, we are so glad we did, it is a beautiful island and they are really friendly people that live there.

Mythos Apartments - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Elaine B          1/10

Sorry Eleni P - No it is not that Elaine Benson is bored, I am simply letting people know exactly what to expect - isn's that what this forum is for ??

Due to the fact that I personally don't rate these apartments and other people do, that does not mean that I am not entitled to air those views.
Perhaps an idea would be that if you choose these apartments specifically ask that you are not put in the apartments on the ground floor, at the back of the bar, that overlooks the garden and wooden pallets.  Perhaps if we had been put in a spacious first floor room with a balcony then we would feel a little different.