Airtours (MyTravel) - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Lisa L          5/10

My husband and I visited Kefalonia for our honeymoon in 2006.  We stayed in the Villa Sophia and loved it so much that we soon booked to come back again this year.  We didn't have too many problems with My Travel the first time round, but this year, they have been a total nightmare and we haven't even begun our holiday yet!  After having the holiday booked for almost a year, two months before hand our accomodation has suddenly been cancelled.  The alternative we were offered is very poor and has terrible reviews.  We spent nearly an hour on a premium rate telephone number and when we finally got through My Travel were very unhelpful and told us that we had to go through our travel agent, despite their letter telling us to call My Travel direct.  We telephoned our travel agent, who then had to contact My Travel.  The girl dealing with us spent four hours on the phone as she was in a queue but kept getting cut off after an hour.  My Travel eventually offered us two other alternatives for our accomodation - one was  in the middle of nowhere and the other cost an extra 200, which My Travel insisted that we had to pay!  Fortunately Going Places were very efficient and due to the inconvienience that we had been caused they dropped the price themselves. 

Edited to say that we have just returned from our holiday and after doing some investigating, we discovered that it was the owner of the Villa who cancelled the holiday, not My Travel.  Apparently the Italian holiday companies were offering him more money for the rooms so he took their offer.  However, the My Travel still quite rude on the phone so they haven't totally redeemed themselves!

Makis Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Lisa L          1/10

My husband and I have just returned from our holiday and although we loved Skala, staying at the Makis Studios ruined the holiday.  The first week was fine but during the second week a RAT appeared in our room through a hole in the ceiling!!!! , Mr Makis, the owner of the apartments was less than helpful and only believed that the rat was there when we showed him it's droppings.  Unfortuntaley, we had to threaten to tell the other guests before any action was taken.  He only blocked the hole, leaving the rat trapped in the ceiling. We pointed out that this was not acceptable but were informed that rats/mice around the rooms were a common occurrance! Our Holiday Rep was also verbally abused by Mr Makis when she tried to help.

Symposium Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Lisa L          10/10

What a fantastic place to eat.  The food is gorgeous and the service is second to none.  It's very reasonably priced and the setting is lovely - there's nothing like looking out onto a moonlit beach whilst you eat your dinner.  Definitely my favourite place to eat in Skala.