Paspalis Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Linda and andy V           

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Here we are in rainy old Devon wishing it was last week and we were still in Scala,having a fantastic time.The two weeks we spent in the Paspalis from 24th Sept till 8th Sept were brilliant,getting married in the town hall at Scala was out of this world and made all the better by all of people who put so much effort in to making our day for us ,so thank you to you all its a day we will never forget.The Paspalis exceded our expectations and the fact that we were lucky enough to get room 43 made it all the better the food here is also exellent.We hope to return SOON.

Pics show the flower girls bobarding us on our return and us cutting our fab cake

Greekstones - (Car Rental in Kefalonia)

Linda and andy V           

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We did not actualy hire a car during our stay but John and Rose did.We made friends with these two as they were staying in the same hotel as another couple Russel and Sally whom we only met at Gatwick waiting for our flight,when they discoverd we were getting married in Scalla John and Rose kindly offerd to use there car to transport us from the Paspalis to the town hall.When the car arrived for us all four of them with the help of others in there hotel had decorated the car for us,after the ceromony they put cans and a banner that they had made saying just married and with help from staff in there hotel it also said it in greek.When Andy and myself got into the car to return to our hotel John drove around the town blaring the horn ,ime sure he enjoyed that as much as we did.

Pic shows John with us and car with cans trailing behind.

Mi Abeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Linda and andy V           

Only ata here the once but that was once to many,lamb chops were not only over cooked but burnt black,none of the food was hot and in all very disapointing,def the worst meal in the two weeks we were there.

Captains Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Linda and andy V           

Wow wat can i say ,had part of my stag nite in here cocktails strong,as far as we can remember that is,i do remember Russel standing on the table in order to reach the top of the strawwould like to do it all over again instead of working.

Skala Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Linda and andy V           

Hi Vera, I see you were after advise on getting married in Scalla if you would like to put a reply with your emale on then i will get in touch with you.Iwould say the paper work is the hardest bit but if you realy want it then go for it it is worth it.